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Does minnesota vikings stadium have a roof

does minnesota vikings stadium have a roof

U.S. Bank Stadium became the first major sports venue in North America to use ETFE, which allowed the use of just one centralized ridge truss. It is the first major stadium in America to have an ETFE roof. US Bank Stadium by HKS. "ETFE, a lightweight and transparent material, comprises. U.S. Bank Stadium in Minnesota has interesting tech from its huge doors to its Lucas Oil Stadium, built for the Indianapolis Colts.
does minnesota vikings stadium have a roof

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U.S. Bank StadiumRevealing True and Redefining Sustainability, a Mixed-Use Stadium Basks in Connecting With the People

Case Study

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

The Santander auto finance payoff phone number create a stadium that connects and celebrates the people of Minnesota, offering an unparalleled fan experience inside the stadium while driving economic development in the surrounding neighborhood.

The Design Solution

Home to the Minnesota Vikings NFL team, U.S. Bank Stadium is a multi-purpose venue known as “The People’s Stadium.” HKS designed the building to reflect the culture, climate and context of the city, drawing inspiration from ice formations on nearby St. Anthony’s Falls as well as Scandinavian design such as Viking longboats. The stadium provides Minneapolis with a year-round venue for concerts, baseball, high school and college athletics, conventions, festivals and more, driving economic and real estate development in the city. Two of the stadium’s notable design innovations include The Legacy Gate, comprised of five, pivoting glass doors ranging from 75 to 95 feet tall, and the first ETFE roof in a U.S. stadium. When open, The Legacy Gate connects the stadium to its adjacent urban plaza. The translucent ETFE roof withstands the brutal weather of Minneapolis’ climate, while flooding the interior with natural daylight, creating the feeling of being outdoors without subjecting players or fans to the elements.

The Design Impact

Since U.S. Bank Sf marin food bank donations opened inmore than $2 billion in private and public investment has been injected into its surrounding neighborhood, according to Minneapolis’ East Town Business Partnership. InU.S. Bank Stadium hosted Super Bowl LII and init will host the NCAA Final Four.

Project Features

  • million square feet (, sm)
  • suites
  • 66, seats
  • 7, club seats
  • Party plaza
  • Hall of Fame Museum
  • LEED Gold certified


  • AIA Dallas Chapter, Built Awards, Juror Citation, Large Projects Category
  • The European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies, American Architecture Award, The Chicago Athenaeum
  • American Public Works Association Project of the Year Award
  • Minnesota Meetings + Events Magazine Readers’ Choice Award, Best Sports Venue
  • American Institute of Steel Construction IDEAS2 Over $75M Merit Award
  • Los Angeles Business Council Los Angeles Architecture Award, Beyond LA Category
  • World Architecture Festival Building of the Year (Completed Projects: Sports)
  • Stadium Business Awards, The David Vickers Award
  • Athletic Business Facilities of Merit
  • ACE Alpha Awards, Architect Award for Best Infrastructure

"Clear is the new retractable. I love the fact that you’re inside in a temperature-controlled environment but feel the elements. You feel like you’re outdoors, you see the sky and the city and the weather. "

Mark WilfOwner and President, Minnesota Vikings

Innovative new materials have been creeping into sports stadium construction around the world, providing both practical and aesthetic benefit. Now, those innovations are finally coming to US soil, giving stateside sports fans a fresh take on a stadium roof.

When the Minnesota Vikings host the Green Bay Packers at the new US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis on September 18, does minnesota vikings stadium have a roof will be the first regular-season NFL game played under a roof made of a material called ETFE. The translucent plastic lets enough daylight in to bring an outdoor feel to the 66,seat building, but it also gives Vikings fans a fully indoor stadium.

"We arrived on the ideal solution for this market, that indoor-outdoor experience," says Vikings executive vice president of stadium development Lester Bagley. "A stadium for all seasons."

Commonly used in everything from greenhouses and skylights to solar cells and groundbreaking architecture, Ethylene tetrafluoroethylene film is durable, translucent, and much lighter than glass, so engineers can use it to form roofs, windows, and facades with much less structural support. Its elasticity and strength allows designers to stretch the film across large expanses, like the Estadio Cuauhtémoc soccer stadium in Puebla, Mexico and the Allianz Arena soccer venue in Munich, Germany. Those whimsical bubbles on the facade of the "Water Cube" at the Beijing Olympics? Also ETFE.

Looking Up

Sixty percent of the roof, square feet in totalis clad in translucent ETFE pillows, bathing the playing surface in natural light even on overcast days. Air supply units within the three-layer ETFE foil pillows maintain a minimum pressure. Held in place by an aluminum frame connected to the steel brackets of the roof, the triple layering helps control the thermal needs of the stadium.

If you've ever been to Minnesota, you'll know that snow is a very big deal. The Vikings' old home, the Metrodome, collapsed under the weight of accumulated snow from a storm in The ETFE roof was specifically designed to dispatch snow efficiently. Its outer ETFE foil is printed with a silver ink to create a glaze that deflects sunlight and melts snow. The pitch on the roof is also sharp, matching the Northern European strategy of encouraging snow to slide off. Architect Bryan Trubey of HKS also added a snow gutter, which lines the top of the stadium with a snow-melting system to further limit any concern of the snow's weight collapsing the roof.

Snow weight wasn't the only concern in building such associated bank checking account large indoor venue. A large truss span sticks out on one side and gives the US Bank Stadium the appearance of a ship's prow. Construction costs on a stadium with a foot-long single-ridge truss would have ballooned if it had been made with steel and membrane. Trubey says shifting to ETFE not only cut costs and gave Minneapolis a unique motif, but it took the stadium's roof from what was projected to be one of the heaviest in the world for its size to one of the lightest.

Other Roofs

Minnesota isn't the only city with a polymer-swathed stadium on the way. For the Atlanta Falcons' new Mercedes-Benz Stadium, set to open in Junearchitects at HOK designed an eight-panel retractable roof that mimics a pinwheel. Also, a single layer of ETFE drapes the outside of Mercedes-Benz Stadium, making it the first single-layer use of the material at a US sports facility.

With the intricate angular geometry of the architecture, the ,square-foot sheet of material is supported by thin steel cables and provides a view of Atlanta's skylinesomething that would have required bulky steel beams and vastly inflated engineering costs if attempted with glass.

Other lightweight polymers are in favor as well. Architecture firm Rossetti went with Polytetrafluoroethylene or PTFE, commonly known as Teflon, to provide norton antivirus chat customer service solution for the the world's largest tennis stadium, the USTA's Arthur Ashe Stadium in New York. Built on a former dump site inthe ground under the nearly 24,seat venue couldn't support any more weight, so designers created a tent-like structure out of roughly 6, pounds of steel. Workers drilled eight column supports feet through suspect soil straight to bedrock. The structure planted atop the columns holds two giant panels of PTFE fabric that open and close over the stadium.

"It is more of an umbrella that is open and the fabric is all stretched out," says Rossetti principal Jon Disbrow. The lightweight solution not only helps with foundational concerns, but it reduced cost on the project, he says.

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The Minnesota Vikings currently play in one of the NFL&#;s nicest stadiums: U.S. Bank Stadium. It wasn&#;t always that way, however. For many years, the Vikings played at a colossal structure known as the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome. The Metrodome had a very distinctive look. It also featured a weak roof that easily collapsed, usually due to excess snow. 

Inthe Metrodome dakota community bank phone number its final collapse. This one was slightly more memorable than others as a camera crew recorded it. Here&#;s the story of the many collapses of the Metrodome roof. 

The history of the Metrodome

The Vikings Metrodome after the roof collapsed

According to Ballparks of Baseball, the Metrodome hosted the Minnesota Twins for over 27 years. It was the third domed stadium to ever open. The Twins began playing there in but due to the shoddy quality of the stadium, they were already attempting to build another park by the mid-&#;90s.

Both the Vikings and the Twins shared the stadium until The last baseball game played at the Metrodome was a Twins-Yankees playoff tilt in the postseason. The Twins began playing at Target Field in while the Vikings continued to play at the Metrodome until  

The many collapses of the Metrodome

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The Metrodome&#;s roof collapsed four times in the s. According to the Christian Science Monitor, the first collapse came in due to heavy snow. The Teflon and fiberglass roof collapsing makes a ripping noise as air shoots into the stadium, sending the roof plummeting toward the stadium seats. 

The fifth, and worst, collapse came many years later in It was the most famous of the roofs many collapses, due in no small part to the event being caught on camera. The cave-in represented the beginning of the end for the aging stadium. 

According to, December saw a massive snowstorm hit the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, leaving 17 inches of snow on the ground. The Vikings were set to play the Giants on Monday night, but the league postponed the game due to the potential issues with the roof.

A Fox camera crew was setting up in the stadium when they noticed leakage in the roof. Unsure of what was going to happen, they decided to leave their cameras running overnight. 

The crew captured one of the Metrodome&#;s defining images. The snow caused the roof to collapse and it was all caught on tape. The Vikings had to play their final home game of the season metro bank login the Detroit Lions&#; home stadium of Ford Field. The Metrodome had to have its roof replaced and would not be used again until August  

The final collapse of the Metrodome came inwhen it was demolished. By that time, the Vikings had already vacated for greener pastures. 

Where do the Minnesota Vikings play today? 

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The Vikings currently play at U.S. Bank Stadium. According to Stadiums of Pro Football, the stadium opened in The Vikings played two seasons at the Minnesota Golden Gophers&#; stadium before making U.S. Bank their permanent home.

The massive structure seats over 66, people. The futuristic building features a slanted roof that allows the sun to light the field despite their being a ceiling. Both end zones have gigantic LED scoreboards. 

Viking games aren&#;t all the stadium hosts, however. It also hosted the Super Bowl and the NCAA men&#;s basketball Final Four. It cost over $ billion to build, but it appears to be worth it.

The stadium is state of the art, and as of now, it has yet to see its roof collapse due to snow. In that respect alone, it&#;s got a major advantage over the Metrodome. 


Many people in the Midwest remember when the roof of the Does minnesota vikings stadium have a roof, football stadium for the Minnesota Vikings, collapsed in The video from the collapse made national news and the Vikings were forced to play in a college stadium while a new facility was built. The Metrodome had a very unique roof structure, but even conventional roofs on commercial buildings can, and do, collapse. An example from one of our claims involves a strip mall. The gutters became clogged with leaves and debris. During a heavy rainstorm, water ponded on the roof does minnesota vikings stadium have a roof eventually caused the roof to cave in, resulting in serious damage to the stores below.

roof collapse - otherA roof collapse may seem like a very unlikely event, but it happens more often than one would think. We get a handful of roof collapse claims every year, and they always cause a devastating amount of damage. Uib edd, with a consistent roof maintenance plan, businesses can avoid the destruction from a roof collapse and extend the life of their roofs.

Roof Maintenance

  • Regularly inspect the roof of the building; this is best done by a professional.
  • Don’t ignore issues that come up on an inspection: minor damage can be easily repaired before turning into a big problem.
  • Keep the roof as clean as possible: remove debris, ensure tree limbs are trimmed and not hanging over the roof, check gutters and downspouts to make sure they’re not clogged.
  • Clear snow off the roof in winter as much as possible. Many roof collapses happen due to very heavy snow piling up on the roof later in winter.
  • Inspect all equipment on the roof on a regular basis (AC units, heating systems, vents).
  • Only hire roof professionals to repair any issues. This ensures repairs are done properly and keeps employees safe.

U.S. Bank Stadium

Here's How

We used sophisticated parametric modeling to carefully configure U.S. Bank Stadium’s steeply lofted roof to shed as much snow as possible. This singular profile is supported by a single steel ridge truss running feet down the length of the field. On the south (sunny) side of the ridge, a transparent, ethylene tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE) system covers 60 percent of the stadium. Atsquare feet, it was the first ETFE roof in a northern climate and, when built, the largest ETFE roof in North America. ETFE’s minimal weight allowed for a slender framing system – which creates an airy feel while reducing the stadium’s cost and carbon footprint.

Healthier and Better for the Environment

Part of a coordinated sustainability strategy, the see-through roof offers a better overall visitor experience. Panoramic views, abundant natural light, and solar heat gain (a bonus in winter) increase comfort, and fresh air circulates throughout – from the operable doors to louvers in the roof ridge opposite – to avoid excess heat. This efficiency – in both structural design and energy-use offsets (%) – contributed to the venue’s LEED Gold certification. For a stadium that’s million square feet, that’s no small feat!

Bridging the Gap Between Inside and Out

The roof doesn’t open m huncho youtube a tinted glass end wall does, with five enormous operable panels that let in light, air and downtown views. Instead of typical sliding technology, we turned to hydraulic pistons to create the largest pivoting doors in the world. The panels – each the size of two railroad boxcars – rotate up to 90 degrees does minnesota vikings stadium have a roof transform does minnesota vikings stadium have a roof stadium in seven short minutes. Ten smaller doors in the panels let people in and out when the big doors are closed.

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