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The family jewel locate key fragment

the family jewel locate key fragment

You will be able to open it with the previously recovered key (picture). Tip: Use your Odin Sight to locate it more easily. Locate Key fragment, Go through medical bay¶ Use the control panel to open the door and follow the corridors and you'll need to deal with a large group of. To get to the container in The Family Jewel in Voracious Canopy in Borderlands 3, climb up the.

The family jewel locate key fragment -

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  • Use the character finder to search for the name of an artifact.
    • You may be able to exhaust the line of succession of vassals through assassination or granting temples to heirs. Revoking a vassal down to baron tier will force them to use agnatic succession.
    • You may be able to invite courtiers. For important yet destructible artifacts, it is recommended to grant a castle to avoid the 50% chance of artifact destruction.
  • With DLC icon Monks and mynewextsetup.usMonks and Mystics:
  • With either Monks and Mystics or Holy mynewextsetup.usHoly Fury:
    • Artifacts can be stolen by sieging capital holdings (warfare).
  • With either Monks and Mystics or Jade mynewextsetup.usJade Dragon, use the "Search for a smith" decision.
  • With Jade Dragon, use the "Compose a book" decision.
  • Contribute to a Christian Crusade for a fraction of the Crusade War Chest.
  • Some Great works and their upgrades grant artifacts through event chains.

Search for artifacts[edit edit source]

With DLC icon Reaper's mynewextsetup.usThe Reaper's Due, it is possible to get a prosthetic hand or leg. These artifacts are non-stacking and cannot be gifted or inherited.

DLC icon Monks and mynewextsetup.usMNM artifacts[edit edit source]


Borderlands 3 Wiki Guide

This page contains a complete step-by-step walkthrough for the fourteenth chapter in Borderlands 3, The Family Jewel.

The Family Jewel Mission Summary

Montogomery Jakobs left a final message for his son, Wainwright, with a clue to find the Eden-6 Vault Key Fragment. Hopefully they're just in a safety deposit box or something and not nestled deep in the primeval heart of the untamed jungle. Fingers crossed

The Family Jewel Rewards and Requirements

Listed below are the rewards and level requirements for completing The Family Jewel Mission Objectives.

Suggested Level: Lvl 25

Rewards: $3,, a rare Pistol, and 14, XP.

The Family Jewel Mission Objectives

  • Talk to Hammerlock
  • Take the Record
  • Play the Record
  • Go to the Voracious Canopy
  • Locate the Family Jewel
  • Find BALEX
  • Kill the Tyrant
  • Pick up the Pink Plushie
  • Locate the Family Jewel
  • Climb up to the Panel
  • Melee the Panel
  • Cut the Hydraulic Lines
  • Enter the Family Jewel
  • Open the Door
  • Go through the Medical Bay
  • Grab the Wires
  • Go through the Medical Bay
  • Knock off the EMS Bot’s Head
  • Install BALEX
  • Get to the Security Bay
  • Defend BALEX
  • Check out the Freight Entrance
  • Get to the Security Bay
  • Clear the Security
  • Defend BALEX
  • Go to the Security Door
  • Kill the Jabbers
  • Retrieve BALEX
  • Get to the Bridge
  • Get to the Container
  • Disconnect the Container
  • Install BALEX
  • Kill the Ratch
  • Get to the Bridge
  • Kill GenIVIV
  • Collect the Vault Key Fragment
  • Collect BALEX
  • Return to Sanctuary
  • Get to the Bridge
  • Install BALEX
  • Pick up the Hard Drive
  • Give the Hard Drive to Marcus
  • Give the Vault Key Fragment to Tannis

The Family Jewel Walkthrough

Talk to Hammerlock

Talk to Hammerlock inside the lodge at Knotty Peak.

Take the Record

Wainwright has got the record player working, take the record from him and do the honors of playing it first.

Play the Record

Place the Record on the player and listen to what it has to say.

Go to the Voracious Canopy

Head to the marker on screen and enter the Voracious Canopy area.

Locate the Family Jewel

Make your way towards the objective marker and find the Family Jewel.


As you travel through the area, you'll come across a voice on radio. This voice belongs to BALEX, find him by making your way to the objective marker.

Kill the Tyrant

As you near the objective, you'll come face to face with a Tyrant - which is a large dinosaur. In order to find BALEX, kill the Tyrant.

Pick up the Pink Plushie

After killing the Tyrant, you'll soon learn that he had swallowed BALEX, who turns out to be large Pink Plushie. Pick him up from the ground where the Tyrant died.

Locate the Family Jewel

With BALEX's help, continue following the objective to reach The Family Jewel.

Climb up to the Panel

Once you find The Family Jewel, head to the entrance and climb up to the panel.

Melee the Panel

In order to open the door to the ship, melee the panel as indicated on your screen.

Cut the Hydraulic Lines

Kill the Ratch Swarm that spawns when breaking the panel. Once dead, head back to the panel and cut the hydraulic lines as indicated.

Enter the Family Jewel

With the door now open, enter The Family Door.

Open the Door

Directly in front of the main entrance door, you'll find a large door that happens to be closed. Press the button on the control panel nearby to open the door.

Go through the Medical Bay

With BALEX's help, navigate to the Medical Bay. Along the way, you'll encounter Ratch's that can either be taken out or simply bypassed.

Grab the Wires

Now that GenIVIV has started to lock down the ship, BALEX instructs you to grab the loose wires that are hanging out of the nearby console.

Go through the Medical Bay

After BALEX has hot-wired the console, continue through to the Medical Bay.

Knock off the EMS Bot’s Head

Not long after, you'll reach yet another locked door. To help better navigate the ship and stop GenIVIV, BALEX wants you to knock off the head of the nearby security bot - this can be done by meleeing the bot.

Install BALEX

With the head knocked off, install BALEX into the security bot.

Get to the Security Bay

Now that BALEX has been installed into the bot, follow him through the ships corridors and wait for him to open the next door. Upon opening the door, you'll be greet by several Ravagers, Pollygrogs, Fire Grogs, and Security Bots. Once they're all dead, continue up the large ramp and make your way to the next objective marker.

Defend BALEX

Now that you're inside the Security Bay, GenIVIV will get up to her old tricks again and summon several security bots to the area. Defend BALEX as he attempts to bypass her lockdown.

Check out the Freight Entrance

Once the bots have been cleared, BALEX will ask you to check out the Freight Entrance door. Upon the door, you'll find two large turrets, so be prepared to take them out.

Get to the Security Bay

Once the turrets are destroyed, continue through to the next room.

Clear the Security

Upon opening the door, you'll find that the room is riddled in security bots. Clear out the area.

Defend BALEX

While BALEX attempts to open the next door, GenIVIV will summon several Jabbers that need to be taken out.

Go to the High Security Door

With all the Jabbers dead, make your way to the high security door marked on the map.

Kill the Jabbers

As BALEX attempts to open the door, a Badass Jabber will knock BALEX out of his robot body. Take out the Badass Jabber.

Retrieve BALEX

Once the Badass Jabber is dead, collect BALEX off the ground.

Get to the Bridge

Now that we know that GenIVIV has moved the Key Fragment the bridge, you'll now need to prepare for the final battle. However, before heading to the Bridge, BALEX reveals that he wants to be installed into a Mech, just like GenIVIV. Help BALEX by heading to the Engineering room.

Get to the Container

Upon reaching Engineering, you'll need to defeat the Ratch's and other creatures in the room. Once cleared, make your way to the otherside of the room and go up the staircase. Now that you're on the second floor, climb on top of the nearby containers. While standing on top, jump across to each container until you reach the Mech.

Disconnect the Container

Jump across to the Mech and interact with the switch on top to drop the container to the ground.

Install BALEX

Now on the ground, install BALEX into the mech.

Kill the Ratch

With BALEX installed, kill the incoming wave of Ratch and watch what BALEX can do with his new body.

Get to the Bridge

It's now time to gear up for the final showdown against GenIVIV. To do so, make your way to the bridge. When you're ready to begin the battle, drop down into the hole.

Kill GenIVIV

With BALEX's help, defeat GenIVIV to get the Vault Key Fragment. It is important to mention though, that GENIVIV does work similar to the Mechs that you encounter during Skywell and Atlas, At Last. However, she does have a few unique abilities that can deliver some rather nasty blows if you're not paying GenIVIV definitely isn't one of the hardest bosses to defeat in Borderlands 3, we have complied a short list of Tips and Tricks for Defeating GenIVIV in the section below.

Collect the Vault Key Fragment

Once GenIVIV has been defeated, collect the Vault Key Fragment off the ground.

Collect BALEX

Before you can leave, collect BALEX once again from where his Mech had exploded.

Return to Sanctuary

With BALEX and the Vault Key Fragment in hand, make your way back to the Sanctuary.

Get to the Bridge

Once you're back on the Sanctuary, GenIVIV has managed to hack into the ships computer system. Head to the Bridge, where you will soon discover that your Service Bots have turned against the crew - take them out.

Install BALEX

In an attempt to get GenIVIV out of the system, install BALEX in to the console at the front of the ship.

Pick up the Hard Drive & Give IT To Marcus

BALEX manages to successfully overpower GenIVIV and place her on a hard drive. To finally get rid of her, pick up the hard drive and take it to Marcus - who claims that he has a use for her.

Give the Vault Key Fragment to Tannis

With the GenIVIV problem solved, give the Vault Key Fragment to Tannis in the infirmary.

Tips and Tricks for Defeating GenIVIV in Borderlands 3

  • Much like most bosses in Borderlands 3, it's important to keep your distance as this will allow you to better avoid any incoming attacks from projectiles.
  • While downed, shooting the red drones is a fantastic way to quickly get back into battle due to their low hp.
  • Avoid the walls that GenIVIV creates to avoid any unnecessary damage.
  • Try to avoid the large green mines that GenIVIV throws out while zipping around the room as they can deal some rather significant blows when caught off guard. Due to the speed at which they travel, the mines can sometimes be rather challenging to avoid, so one little tip is to hide behind the consoles in the room while they are being thrown. This will help protect you and provide much needed cover from these bombs, as they will more often than not fly over head and explode when hitting the back wall.
  • Try to stay clear of the miniature Mechs that she summons, as they can deal quite a bit of damage when they melee you.

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These artifacts can be created by members of the Hermetic society.

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December 27,

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December 22,

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December 16,

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December 15,

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December 14,

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December 13,

&#; Four Dead After Army Choppers Crash; Downed Drone Now "Iranian Asset"; Sandusky To Face Accusers In Court; Gingrich Surging Ahead In Iowa; The Non-Debate Debate; Payroll Tax Cut Vote; Supreme Court Take Arizona Immigration Case; Corzine Returns To Washington; Proposed Building Too Much Like 9/11?; N.J. Nets Owner to Challenge Putin; Sandusky to Face Accusers in Court; Interview with Third Party Presidential Candidate Rocky Anderson; Drone: Property Of Iran; Sandusky To Face Accusers In Court; Modern Warfare 3 Fastest To $1 Billion
&#; Iran Refuses to Return Captured U.S. Stealth Drone; Preliminary Trial of Jerry Sandusky Set to Begin; Drones on the Home Front; Romney: Newt's The Front Runner; Sandusky To Face Accusers In Court; GOP To Vote On Payroll Tax Cut Plan; Iran: We Own Down U.S. Drone; The Non-Debate Debate; Gingrich Surging In Iowa; One Million To Drop Out Of Race; Sandusky Arriving At Court Soon; Four Dead After Army Choppers Crash; Supreme Court To Hear Arizona Immigration Appeal; Police Arrest Three in FAMU Band Member Beating; Conservative Voices Critical of Gingrich; Jerry Sandusky Arrives for Hearing
&#; Sandusky Arrives at Court; Gingrich Takes Lead in Iowa; Drone Wars; Interview With Sen. Debbie Stabenow; AT&T Puts T-Mobile Deal On Ice; Jerry Sandusky Waives Right to Preliminary Hearing; Sandusky To Go Straight to Trial

December 12,

&#; Gingrich Targeted at GOP Debate; Romney's Gamble; Obama Sizes Up GOP Challengers; AAU Sex Abuse Scandal; McQueary Story Changes; Sandusky To Face Accusers; Reuters: Al Qaeda Prison Break In Yemen; Noriega Extradited To Panama Prison; "Mother Robin" CNN's Hero Of The Year; 8 Suspended for Bloody Hoops Brawl; "RG3" Wins Heisman Trophy; Gingrich Under Attack; NBC/Marist Poll: Gingrich Gaining in SC, FL; RPT: McQueary's Story Changes
&#; GOP Presidential Hopefuls Square Off in Debate; New Question Arise over Testimony in Jerry Sandusky Child Molestation Case; CNN Honors "Hero of the Year"; Murder at Virginia Tech; Obama: GOP Strategy "Sit On The Sidelines"; Ganging Up On Gingrich; Sex Abuse Claims Against Former AAU President; Sandusky To Face Accusers; Romney, Perry Debate Dispute Ends in Bet Offer; Baby Boomers Turn Love of Food into Business; Safeguard Your Kids from Alcohol, Drugs, Depression
&#; Gingrich Soaring in the South; Al Qaeda Prison Break; AAU Sex Abuse Scandal; Eight Suspended For Bloody Hoops Brawl; Gunman Shoots at Strangers in Hollywood; Interview with Co-Founders of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream; Interview with Robert Griffin III; "Mother Robin" CNN Hero of the Year

December 09,

&#; Two Dead In Virginia Tech Shooting; U.S. Drone Lost In Iran; Eurozone Leaders Reach New Deal; Representative To Holder: "Heads Should Roll"; Jerry Sandusky Free on $K Bail; Countdown To A Tax Hike; "Occupy Boston" Deadline Passes; Pujols Big, Big Payday; No Felony Charges In Pepper Spray Attack; Indycar Will Not Return To Las Vegas In ; Molten Lava Oozes From Kilauea Volcano; E.U. Fails To Reach Full Agreement; Well Fargo Settles Bid Rigging Claims; Household Wealth Takes A Hit; Ford Reinstates Dividend; "I Simply Do Not Know"; E.U. Crisis Deal; Deal To Save The Eurozone; EPA Links Fracking To Water Pollution; Texas' New Armored Patrol Boats
&#; Shooter at Virginia Tech Kills Officer and Himself; Iran Displays Allegedly Captured U.S. Drone; Internet Moguls and Hollywood Square Off in Piracy Debate; European Union May Reach Deal on Member Bailouts; EU Reaches Crisis Deal; Two Shot Dead At Virginia Tech; Mitt Versus Newt; DSK Surveillance Video Released; Sandusky Free On Bail; Countdown To A Tax Hike; No Felony In Pepper Spray Attack; Woman Accused Of Mixing Meth In Walmart; Atheist Group Fights Christmas Display; Eurozone Leaders Reach New Deal; Eurozone Leaders Reach New Deal; Did America Lose Its Ethical Way?; Sandusky Free On Bail; Two Shot Dead At Virginia Tech; Drone On Display; EPA Links Fracking To Water Pollution; Prosecutors Want Prison For Bonds; Liz Taylor's Jewels For Sale!
&#; A Divided European Union; Two Killed At Virginia Tech; Eurozone Leaders Reach New Deal; Toyota Cuts Annual Profit Forecast By 54 Percent; Video Emerges of American Gone Missing in Iran; Pakistan May Increase Air Defense System Along Border with Afghanistan; Veterans having Difficulty Finding Employment; Interview with Jay-Z; Spotlight on CNN Heroes; Tweeting While Intoxicated at Work; Atheist Group Fights Christmas Display

December 08,

&#; No Charges In Syracuse Sex Abuse Case; Sandusky Arrested On New Sex Charges; "I Predicted -- He Would Come Back"; Gingrich: "Sure" Campaign Could Implode; The Battle For New Hampshire; Gingrich Opens Commanding Lead; AG Holder On Firing Line; Corzine To Testify About MF Global; New Lead In Serial Killer Case; Plan B Decision; "Blago" Gets 14 Years; Shoe-Ing In New Solutions; Nearing Europe's Moment of Truth?; S&P Warns Europe About Downgrade; Jobless Claims Report Out at AM ET; Buffett Invests In Solar Energy; Astrazeneca To Cut U.S. Jobs; Yahoo Wins Lawsuit Against Spammers; Last-Minute Dangers Leaving Iraq; Holder On Hot Seat; Report: U.S. Troops Dumped In Landfill; Corzine To Testify About Firm's Collapse
&#; Newt Gingrich Surges in Recent Polls; Jerry Sandusky Arrested on New Charges; More Republicans Backing Gingrich; FDA To Hold Hearing On Popular Birth Control Pills; Rare Look Into Combat; Five Killed In Nevada Helicopter Crash; "Blago" Gets 14 Years; Gadhafi's Son Tries To Enter Mexico; Egypt's Islamists Claim Most Seats In Election Runoff; Baldwin's Apology To Passengers, Not, American; Newt Gingrich Rising; Can Newt Gingrich Keep His Lead; Certain Birth Control Pills May Have Dangerous Side Effect
&#; Sandusky New Child Sex Charges; Clinton's Take on Gingrich; Booted Fliers Blame "Bully" Flight Attendant; Vote ON Financial Watchdog Nominee; Serial Killer May Be Targeting Sex Workers in New York; Video Released of Firefight in Afghanistan; Salvation Army Donations Up This Year; Dazzling Donations to Salvation Army; Interview with Bill Clinton

December 07,

&#; Newt Gingrich Surges in Polls; Fact Checking Organization Examines Gingrich's Claims about Food Stamps; Some Conservative Uncomfortable with a Gingrich Presidential Nomination; Gingrich Opens Double Digit Lead; Obama: "Make Or Break" Time For Middle Class; New Accuser: Sandusky Gave Me Alcohol; Drone Down; Blagojevich Sentencing Day; American Killed In Afghanistan Blast; Mine Operators To Pay Victim's Families; Cash For Stage Collapse Victims; Baldwin Booted From AA Flight; Failure Could Cost You $1,; Senators Offer Compromise on Payroll Tax Holiday; , Auto Industry Jobs Coming to Midwest; Kids' Cereal Loaded with Sugar
&#; Gingrich Surging; New Sandusky Accuser; Geithner In Paris To Talk Debt Crisis; Obama: "Make Or Break" Time For Middle Class; Pentagon Acknowledges Drone Lost to Iran; Syrian President Denies Recent Bloody Crackdown; Couple Writes Book about Year-Long Move to Croatia; Running Away to Home; Class Size: Smaller Isn't Always Better; Occupying a New Office
&#; Gingrich Rolling In South Carolina; Romney's Reckoning; Beck Grills Gingrich; Obama: Make-Or-Break Time For Middle Class; New Sandusky Accuser; Blagojevich Sentencing Day; This Is What Happens; Geithner In Paris To Talk Debt Crisis; Citi To Cut 4, Jobs; Lehman Close To Exiting Bankruptcy; A Nosier Credit Score; Romney's Missing E-Mails; Anti-Putin Protesters Clash with Police; American Killed In Afghanistan Blast; Medicare Open Enrollment Ends Today

December 06,

&#; Payroll Tax War; Saving The Euro; Geithner Involved In Debt Crisis Talks; Bombings Kill 54 In Afghanistan; BP: Halliburton Destroyed Key Evidence; Syracuse Accuser Says He Abused A Boy; RPT: All Eight Alleged Victims To Testify; Red Sox Sex Abuse Suit; Rod Blagojevich Sentencing; Newt Surging In Iowa; Gingrich Surging; An Audience with the Donald; Payroll Tax Fight; Geithner Joining Euro Crisis Talks; Blagojevich Sentencing Hearing
&#; Bomb Kills Dozens in Afghanistan; Congressional Democrats Propose New Payroll Tax Cut Deal; FAA's Babbitt Granted Leave Of Absence; Rob Blagojevich Sentencing; Payroll Tax Cut Fight; Newt Versus Nancy; Overweight Kids, Oblivious Parents!; Parents Of Suspected Hazing Victim Speak; New Clashes In Athens; BP: Halliburton Destroyed Key Evidence; An Audience With The Donald; Does Donald Trump Matter on Road to White House; New Study: Some Parents Don't Realize Their Kids Are Obese
&#; Payroll Tax Fight; Gingrich Surging in Iowa; Maxed Out: School Overcrowding; Bomb Kills Dozens in Afghanistan; Rod Blagojevich Faces Sentencing; U.S. Drone Captured by Iranians Identified; Actor Mark Ruffalo to Testify Against Fracking; Fighting Fracking; Tourists Deserting Egypt; Baseball Player Manages Disorder

December 05,

&#; Iran Claims It Shot Down U.S. Drone; Obama Calls Pakistan's President About NATO Airstrike; Courting Cain; Payroll Tax Compromise; USPS To Announce New Plan; Assange Wins Right To Appeal; Syria Faces New Arab League Sanctions; High Winds Spark Fire Fears in Southern California; Courting Cain; New Clues in Murder Mystery; Iran Claims It Shot Down U.S. Drone; Radioactive Water Leak At Fukushima; Pastor Eddie Long Taking "Time Off"
&#; Iran Claims It Shot Down U.S. Drone; Herman Cain Suspends Presidential Campaign; Analysts Speculate on Timing of Cain's Endorsement; Death Sentence for Triple-Murderer?; Iran Claims It Shot Down U.S. Drone; Cain Suspends Campaign; Winter Storms To Hit The West; Can The Euro Be Saved?; USPS To Announce New Plan; New Jerry Sandusky Interview; Assange Wins Right To Appeal Extradition; Biden in Greece; Dems To Offer Payroll Tax Cut Compromise; Ten People Trampled At OSU Game; Radioactive Water Leak At Fukushima; Putin's Party Gets Pounded In Russian Elections; Costly Car Crash; Iran Promises Aggressive Response, Warns Washington Not to Block Oil Exports; Average Workers Saves $ From Payroll Tax Holiday; Credit Card Use Goes Up During Holidays
&#; Iran Claims It Shot Down U.S. Drone; Courting Cain; Crowd Storms Field; USPS: Say Goodbye To Next-Day Delivery; Jerry Sandusky Gives Another Interview; Jury To Decide if Joshua Komisarjevsky Will Get Death Penalty; More U.S. Troops Return from Iraq; Home for the Holidays; Can the Euro be Saved?; 'Tis the Season for Shoplifting

December 02,

&#; Herman Cain: The Decision; Poll: Gingrich Soaring In Florida; Senate Block Payroll Tax Cut Extension; Anger At "Occupy San Francisco"; "Occupy OKC" Fights To Stay; Egypt Expecting Election Results; Camp Victory Handover; Western Wind Damage; DOJ Moneymaker; Senate Adopted Tough Iran Sanctions; Herman Cain Watch; Camp Victory Handover
&#; Herman Cain Considering Ending Presidential Campaign; Congress Debates Payroll Tax Cut; New Audiotape Concerning Indiana State Fair Disaster Released; Is Apple's Siri Pro-Life?; New Perry Campaign Ad; Payroll Tax Cut Extension Blocked; Clinton Meets With Aung San Suu Kyi; Foster Care Kids and Drugs; Herman Cain: The Decision; The Search For Engineers; Engineers Are in High Demand; 7 Percent Return to Former Lifestyle after Layoffs; Foster Kids Prescribed Psycho-tropic Drugs
&#; Herman Cain: The Decision; Senate Blocks Payroll Tax Cut Extension; Feds Seize 32 Tons Of Marijuana; Massachusetts Sues Big Banks; Coke Sees Red Over New Can; Unemployment Rate Drops to Percent; New iPhone Search App Cannot Find Abortion Clinics; Is Apple's Siri Pro-Life?; Emily Post's Holiday Etiquette

December 01,

&#; Camp Victory Tribute; Asia Joins Wall Street's Rally; World Markets Ride Wall Street's Rally; Cain Still "Reassessing" Campaign; Plaguing Cain; New Sandusky Accuser; Egypt Waits For Election Results; Clinton Meeting Aung San Suu Kyi; World AIDS Day; Grammy Nominations; China Hiding Nukes in Tunnels?; Second Day of Hearings for Reagan Shooter; Cain "Reevaluating" Campaign Future; Iraq Tribute Ceremony; Cain Still "Reassessing"; World AIDS Day
&#; Congress Debates Payroll Tax Cut; Herman Cain to Continue Campaign; Occupy Wall Street Moves into Office; U.S. Soldiers Leaving Iraq; Iraq Ready to Stand on Its Own?; Asian Markets Up After U.S. Rally; Cain Still "Reassessing"; Egypt Waits for Election Results; Freedom University; Clinton Meeting Aung San Suu Kyi; Cheerleader's Nasty Tumble; Senator McCain Disses Long Island; Federal Reserve Helping Bailout Europe; 2, Millionaires Received Unemployment Benefits in ; White House Honors World AIDS Days
&#; Will Wall Street's Rally Hold?; Can Cain Continue?; Bachmann: Trump As Possible VP Pick; Republicans Push Payroll Tax Cut Plan; Western Media Disinvited from Event in Iraq Celebrating Soldiers; Georgetown Students Hypothesize Vast Underground Tunnels in China; Man Denied Custody of Adopted Children Because He is Gay; Adoption Fight; Inside "Occupy Wall Street"

November 30,

&#; Police Dismantling "Occupy L.A."; Cain "Reassessing" Campaign; Can Cain Continue Campaign?; Boeheim Not Worried About Job; Dr. Murray Gets Max; Reagan Shooter to Seek Freedom; Giordano Released from Aruban Jail; Powerball Winners Set Up Charity Fund; Clinton Arrives in Myanmar; Millions Walk Off the Job in U.K.; The End of the Iraq War; Cain "Reassessing" Candidacy; Boeheim Not Worried About His Job; Police Move In On 'Occupy L.A.'
&#; Syracuse Coach Speaks About Child Sex Abuse Scandal; Herman Cain Reassessing Campaign; Occupy L.A. Encampment Cleared by Police; Newt Gingrich's Economic Plan; Rick Perry Flubs Voting Age, Election Day; Cain "Reassessing" His Campaign; Clinton Visits Myanmar; Arrests at "Occupy L.A." Raid; White House Launches Obama Campaign; Boeheim Not Worried About His Job; Biden in Iraq; Election Violence in Egypt; Giordano Released From Aruban Jail; Dr. Murray Gets Max; Herman Cain "Re-Assessing" Campaign; Cain Reassessing GOP Presidential Campaign; 35 Million Dread Being Nice for Holidays; Daredevil Races Fighter Jets with Jet Pack
&#; L.A. Unoccupied; Cain "Reassessing" Campaign; Reagan Shooter Seeks Freedom; Millions of Public Workers Go on Strike in U.K.; Interview with Actress Nichelle Nichols; 45th Anniversary of Star Trek; Lipitor Goes Generic; NBA Workouts Tomorrow

November 29,

&#; New Cain Accuser; Syracuse Sex Abuse Scandal; Pittsburgh Police Investigating Fine; Fine's Wife Coming Forward; Sentencing Day for Dr. Conrad Murray; Aruba Judge Releases Giordano; "I Will Miss This Job"; Airstrike Fuels Anger at U.S. in Pakistan; Egypt's Step Towards Democracy; Cain Accuser Claims Year Affair; Cain Denies Affair; Laurie Fine Challenging Tape; Sentencing Day For Jackson's Doctor
&#; Woman Claims Year Affair with Herman Cain; New Charges Introduced in Syracuse Child Sex Abuse Case; Michael Jackson's Doctor Faces Sentencing; Police: Norway Massacre Suspect Insane; Day Two of Egypt's Historic Elections; Sentencing Day for Jackson's Doctor; Aruba Judge Releases Giordano; New Cain Accuser; Woman Claims She Had Year Affair With Cain; Airstrike Fuels Anger at U.S. in Pakistan; Bernie Fine's Wife Challenging Tape; Sandusky Conducts Own Investigation; Occupy L.A. Protesters Declare Victory; Two Dead in Illinois Plane Crash; Brownback Apologizes Over Tweet Tantrum; Egypt's Step Towards Democracy; Egyptians Headed to Polls; "12 Days of Christmas" Gifts Top Out at $; New Health Study on Soccer
&#; New Cain Accuser; Syracuse Sex Abuse Scandal; Anne Hathaway Engaged; American Airlines Files For Bankruptcy; Iranian Students Storm British Embassy in Tehran; New Allegations Emerge in Syracuse Child Sex Abuse Scandal; Partnership Seeks Ways to Reduce Childhood Obesity in America; Fight against Childhood Obesity; No Reason to Stop and Be Sorry

November 28,

&#; Coach's Wife: "I Know Everything"; Syracuse Fires Bernie Fine; More "Occupy" Protesters Out of Time; Angry Pakistan Shuts Supply Lines; Afghans Taking Greater Security Role; Aruba Suspect Headed to U.S.; Shoppers Log on for Savings; Egyptian Elections Begin; NH Newspaper Endorses Gingrich; A Royal Rescue; Sirhan Sirhan Seeks Prison Release; Shortened NBA Schedule Takes Shape
&#; New Tape Emerges in Syracuse Child Sex Abuse Scandal; Pakistan Cuts Off NATO Supply Routes; Egypt Holding Elections; A Royal Rescue; "The Scariest Moment of My Life"; Election Day in Egypt; Pakistan Blames NATO for Attack; Syracuse Fires Bernie Fine; Arrested Students Back in U.S.; Shoppers Log On For Savings; Forecast Says Shoppers Spent $ this Weekend; Revealing Retailer Tricks that Make You Spend
&#; Syracuse Child Sex Scandal; Election Day in Egypt; Summit To Tackle Europe's Debt Crisis; Bloomberg: Banks Earned $13 Billion From Secret Loans; Third Accuser Comes Forth in Syracuse Child Sex Abuse Scandal; Interview with Kal Penn; How the Angels Get Their Wings

November 25,

&#; Black Friday Frenzy!; Black Friday Backlash?; Syria Faces Monitor Deadline; "I Was A Sitting Duck"; Giffords Thanksgiving Appearance; Egypt Protests; A Journalist's Nightmare in Egypt; Saved by His Seat Belt; Egypt Protests; "App-Friday"; Let The Bargain- Hunting Begin!; Egypt In Crisis After Violence
&#; Crowds Hit Stores for Black Friday; Egyptian Military to Name New Prime Minister; Helicopter Pilot Survives Crash; Race; Getting a Jump on Friday; WH: Transfer of Power Must Happen Soon; Awaiting Release of Three Students in Egypt; A Journalist's Nightmare in Egypt; Nail Salon Brawl Caught on Tape; RPT: NBA Resumes Talks; Shots Fired at NC Mall; Ten Injured in Wal-Mart Rush; Occupy Black Friday; Early Sales Booster?; Holiday Movie Season Begins; Dodi Stewart Talks about Movies"
&#; Black Friday Frenzy!; Race; Interview with Best Buy CEO Brian Dunn; Food Delivery To Airport Gate; AT&T Prepares For Merger Failure; Places to See before You Die; CNN Top Ten Heroes

November 24,

&#; Giving Thanks to Our Troops; No Credible Holiday Terror Threat; An "Occupy" Thanksgiving; Egypt Apologizes for Deaths of Protesters; Arizona Plane Crash Caught on Tape; Amish Beard-Cutting Case; Sticky Situation; Turkeys Giving Thanks; How To Prepare Turkey; Thanksgiving in Afghanistan; Macy's Thanksgiving Parade; Happy Thanksgiving To Our Troops; U.S. Students Held In Egypt
&#; Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Underway; Troops in Iraq Served Turkey Dinner; American Students Arrested in Egypt for Protesting; Bagging the Black Friday Bargains; Yemen's President Steps Down; Egypt Apologizes for Protester Deaths; Eltahawy's Tweet: "I Am Free"; No Credible Holiday Terror Threat; Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade; Thanksgiving in Afghanistan; The "Last Supper" in the Lone Star State; Cooking the Bird; American Students about to Be Freed
&#; Black Friday and Turkey Thursday Collide; Americans Students Being Released; James Murdoch Resigns; "Occupy" Activists Target Holiday Shopping; NBA Fans Protest Lockout, Demand Refunds; American Students Detained in Egypt Released; Expert Gives Advice on Carving Turkey; American Students Freed in Egypt; The "Last Supper" in the Lone Star State

November 23,

&#; GOP Candidates Debate National Security; American Students Arrested in Egypt; Fresh Clashes Erupt in Cairo; Penn State Sex Scandal: New Victims?; GOP Candidates Debate National Security; Space Telescope SavedFor Now; Egypt To Question American Students; Yemen President Vows To Step Down
&#; GOP Presidential Candidates Debate National Security Issues; Three Americans Arrested in Egypt For Participating in Protests; Thanksgiving Holiday Travel; Chaos In Cairo Enters 5th Day; Egypt Questions American Students; New Sandusky Allegations; A No-Fly Zone Over Syria?; GOP Candidates Square Off; Breaking Down the GOP Debate; Who Stood Out, Stumbled in GOP Presidential Debate; First-hand Look at Air Traffic Controller Training
&#; Thanksgiving Holiday Travel; GOP Candidates Debate National Security; Interview With Jon Huntsman; Mother of American Arrested in Egypt Interviewed; New Article in "TIME" Examines Roots of Anxiety; The Upside to Anxiety; Egypt: Truce Reached in Protesters

November 22,

&#; Three Americans Arrested in Cairo; Who's Commander-In-Chief Material?; Violence Escalating in Tahrir Square; Egypt's Interim Cabinet Resigns; Do Aliens Exist?; Pres. Obama's Veto Pressure; Plane Filled With Pot Lands In Texas
&#; Riots Break Out in Egypt; Three Americans Arrested in Egypt for Protesting; Newt Gingrich Surges in Recent Polls; GOP Presidential Candidates Prepare for Debate on National Security; $ Billion Missing from MF Global; Three Americans Arrested in Cairo; Flash Flood Warnings; Poll: Gingrich Surges to Top; "Million Man" Sit In; Air Force Base Standoff Over; TSA Worker Charged with Sex Attack; Ex-FBI Director to Lead Penn State Probe; Calls for Chancellor Resignation; South Korea Ratifies Free Trade Pact With U.S.; Plane Filled With Pot Lands in Texas; CNN GOP National Security Debate Tonight; Gingrich Surges to the Top; Gingrich Enters Debate Tonight at Top of Pack; China Dog Snacks Cause Sickness, Death
&#; Interview with Michele Bachmann; $ Billion Missing From MF Global; Delta Cuts International Routes; Anti-Government Demonstrations Break out in Egypt; Three Americans Arrested in Egypt for Protesting; Peace Corps Celebrates 50th Anniversary; GDP Revised Down to Two Percent; Meditate Your Problems Away; Overcoming Obstacles; Recipe for Disaster

November 21,

&#; NYC Pipe Bomb Plot Foiled; On the Brink of Failure; U.S. Imposing New Sanctions Against Iran; Ten Killed in Cairo Clashes; Michelle Obama and Jill Biden Booed at NASCAR; Republicans Prep for National Security Debate; Alleged Cyber Attack on Utility; NYC Pipe Bomb Plot Foiled; Debt Super Committee: Fail?
&#; Man Arrested for Plotting Terrorist Activities in New York City; Congressional Super Committee Unlikely to Produce Deficit Cutting Compromise; GOP Debate on National Security; Jon Huntsman on SNL; NYC Pipe Bomb Plot Foiled; U.K. Hacking Hearing; Peaceful Protesters Pepper Sprayed; Reno Wildfires 80 Percent Contained; Two Runners Die at Philadelphia Marathon; University of Miami Self-Imposes Bowl Ban; Tiger Clinches Presidents Cup for U.S.; Beckham, Galaxy Win MLS Cup; First Lady Booed at NASCAR Race; Gingrich Tops GOP Poll; Gingrich Tops GOP Polls; Avoiding Costly Gift-Giving Mistakes
&#; NYC Pipe Bomb Plot Foiled; On the Brink of Failure; Peaceful Protesters Pepper-Sprayed; First Lady Booed At NASCAR Race; Bipartisan Congress Super Committee Unlike to Strike Debt Reduction Compromise; Interview with Senator Jon Kyl about Super Committee; Interview with Senator John Kerry about Super Committee; On the Brink of Failure; No Woman, No Cry

November 18,

&#; Syracuse Sex Abuse Scandal; Penn State Abuse Scandal Grows; Occupy "Anarchy" in New York City; He Was "Obsessed" With Obama; Cain Gets Secret Service Protection; Obama Announces Historic Move; New Taliban Training Video; Solyndra Hearing; New Accuser in Penn State Sex Scandal; Obama Announces Mission To Myanmar; Demi & Ashton To Divorce
&#; Allegations of Child Sex Abuse Arise at Syracuse University; Penn State; Additional Alleged Victims Coming Forth Charging Jerry Sandusky with Child Abuse; Solyndra Hearing; Syracuse's Fine Accused of Molestation; More Alleged Penn State Victims?; Obama Announces Mission to Myanmar; Deficit Talks; Super Committee Deadline; Super Committee to Work on Budget Through Weekend; Economy Affects Number of Children
&#; Syracuse Sex Abuse Scandal; Penn State Abuse Scandal Grows; Super Committee" Doomed to Fail?; Occupy Wall Street Protesters Have Run-ins With Police; Stocks Down on Worries of Eurozone Economy Weakness; Police Reopen Natalie Wood Death Investigation; : Occupy Wall Street: A Missed GOP Opportunity?; Rigging the Vote?

November 17,

&#; Penn State: When Did Police Know?; Newt's "Freddie" Payday; Penn State Child Sex Scandal; Mother of Alleged Victim #1 Speaks Out; NYT: Missing "Second Mile" Files; Occupy Movement's "Day of Action"; Obama Arrives in Bali; Trash to Treasure; Secrecy at Penn State; Secrecy at Penn State; Suspected W.H. Shooter Arrested; Sandusky Interview Leads Victims To Come Forward; Cities Brace For "Occupy" Protests; Vikings To Use Handheld Metal Detectors; Interview With Mayor Dave Bing
&#; Occupy Wall Street Movement Planning Protest at Stock Exchange; New Alleged Victims Coming Forward in Sandusky Child Abuse Scandal; Man Who Fired Gun at White House Arrested; Occupy Wall Street's "Day of Action"; NYC Braces for "Occupy" Protests; Suspected White House Shooter Arrested; Secrecy at Penn State; Victim #1 Mother on Sandusky; The Tea Party Budget; Obama Talks Quit Smoking Struggle In Ad; Debate Over Controversial School Lunch Bill
&#; Occupy Wall Street's "Day of Action"; Suspected W.H. Shooter Arrested; NYT: Missing "Second Mile" Files; Bill To Help Jobless Vets Passes House; Suspected W.H. Shooter Arrested; Penn State Alum Raises Money for Child-Focused Charity; Interview with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar; NBA Lockout; Get Fit, Join Team CNN; Pilot Gets Trapped in the Bathroom; Penn State Alum Raises Money for Child-Focused Charity

November 16,

&#; Tornado Warning for New Orleans; Penn State Assistant Coach Speaks Out for the First Time; Penn State's Wall of Silence; Temporarily "Occupy" Wall Street; Obama in Australia; Can Perry or Cain Stage Comeback?; Newt Gingrich Back from the Brink; Penn State Child Sex Scandal; McQueary E-mail: I Did Go To Police; "Occupy Dallas" Eviction; Protesting Alabama's Immigration Law
&#; Penn State Assistant Coach Speaking About Child Sex Scandal; Occupy Wall Street Protesters No Longer Allowed to Camp Out in Zuccotti Park; Wall Street Protesters Return; McQueary E-mail: I Did Go To Police; Protesters Return Without Tents; Obama: More U.S. Troops to Australia; Obama in Australia; Newt Gingrich Back From the Brink; Interview with Senators Marco Rubio and Chris Coons; Bipartisan Jobs Bill Unveiled in Congress; Gabrielle Giffords Shows Marked Improvement; Occupy Protesters Return Without Equipment
&#; Wall Street Protesters Return; Coach K Is Number One; Touchdown Jesus?; Penn State Assistant Coach Speaking About Child Sex Scandal; Analysts Debate the Meaning of the Rise of China; China Rising, U.S. Slipping; Newt Gingrich Back from the Brink

November 15,

&#; NYPD Moves In; Police Clear Out "Occupy" Park; Sandusky: "I Am Innocent" Of Sex Abuse Charges; Jerry Sandusky's Attorney Speaks for First Time; Scandal Scars Sandusky's Charity; Cain's "Oops" Moment; Sandusky: "I Am Innocent" of Sex Abuse Charges; Cain's Libya Gaffe; NYC Police Clear Out "Occupy" Park; Panetta Warns Of 'Hollow Military'
&#; New York City Police Clear out Park of Occupy Wall Street Protesters; Jerry Sandusky Admits to Showering with Children; Defense Secretary Warns against Cuts to Military Spending; Health Care Case in Campaign Spotlight; Police Clear Out "Occupy" Park; Abdullah to Assad: "Step Down"; Obama Down Under; Sandusky: "I Am Innocent"; College Sports: A Dirty Business?; Gabrielle Giffords in First Interview; Occupy Protests Cleared Out
&#; Police Clear Out "Occupy" Park; Sandusky: "I Am Innocent"; Buffett Invests In Big Blue; Airline Fined For Lengthy Delays; New York City Police Clear Park of Protesters; Shooting Victim Gabrielle Giffords Continues Her Recovery; Road to Recovery; NYC Police Clear Out "Occupy" Park; Sandusky: "I am Innocent"; "All My Big People Were Dying"

November 14,

&#; Cities Lose Patience with Occupy Protesters; Sandusky's Neighbors on Edge; Obama Calls Waterboarding Torture at "APEC"; Obama Nudges "Super Committee" To Get Deal; Italy Nominates New Prime Minister; Norway Terror Suspect in Court; U.K. Phone Hacking Inquiry Begins; GOP Hopefuls Head to Iowa; Gloria Cain: Herman "Totally Respects Women"; Occupy Protester Serenades President; Italy Nominates New Prime Minister; Cities Crack Down On Occupy Protests; Sandusky Judge Under Fire; Obama Warns Iran
&#; Former Penn State Coach Accused of Child Abuse Out on Bail; GOP Candidates have Another Debate; Man Finds Wife's Lost Ring in Landfill; Italy Nominates New Prime Minister; Obama on Iran: No Options Off Table; Cities Crackdown on "Occupy" Protests; Occupy Protester Serenades President; Jay-Z's "Occupy" Shirts Yanked; Sword Stolen From Lincoln's Tomb; Pelosi Denies Using Position for Stock Gains; PA Governor Wants Tougher Child Sex Abuse Laws; Penn State Grad Blasts School "Culture"; Norway Terror Suspect in Court; Will Wall Street's Rally Continue?; 59 Percent of Parents Support Kids After College; Klout Score Measures Social Media Influence; Congressman Says NCAA Should Be Dismantled
&#; Judge's Ties to Sandusky; Standing By Her Man Herman; Does Race Matter In Silicon Valley?; Italy Nominates New Prime Minister; Evelyn Lauder Dies; CNN Anchor Attempts to Set World Record; Norway Terror Suspect in Court; Italy Nominates New Prime Minister; Pelosi Denies Using Position for Stock Gains; "Occupy Oakland" Street Standoff; Space Crew Blasts Off from Kazakhstan; First Time Look into History; Justine Timberlake Keeps Promise

November 11,

&#; Penn State Bracing For Game Day; Going After Criminal Silence; Paterno Loses "Medal of Freedom" Support; Panetta Orders Review of Dover Case; White House to Release Solyndra Documents; Obama Delays Decision on Keystone Pipeline; Greece's New Interim PM; Crucial Italian Senate Vote; The Top Ten, Rick Perry Excuses; Nixon Tapes Released; Penn State Price Tag; Big Banks Accused of Defrauding Veterans; Silence in the Locker Room
&#; Sandusky Investigated in Texas; Penn State Bracing for Game Day; Big Bonuses for Fannie-Freddie; Nixon, In His Own Words; Penn State Bracing for Gave Day; Sandusky's Lawyer Speaks Out; Paterno Loses "Medal of Freedom" Support; Mayor: Pack and Leave; OWS Holding Veteran's Day Rally; Engine Catches Fire on Delta Flight; McCains On a Mission; Helps Veterans; San Francisco Elects First Chinese-American Mayor
&#; Sandusky Investigated in Texas; Penn State Bracing for Game Day; South Carolina, Next Battleground for GOP Race; Interview with Cuba Gooding Jr.; Some Speculate Kate Middleton is Pregnant; New Greek PM to be Sworn In; Getting Past the White Front Man

November 10,

&#; Joe Paterno Fired; Perry Implosion; Early Snowfall in Iowa; U.S. Markets Tumble; Paterno Fired, Students Riot; Eurozone Crisis Rocks Global Markets; Anger And Shame At Penn State; Ashes Of U.S. Soldiers Dumped In Landfill; NBA Talks Resume Today
&#; Students Riot After Penn State Football Coach Joe Paterno Fired; Rick Perry Makes Gaffe at GOP Debate; "I Stepped In It"; Joe Paterno Fired; Cain Accusers Considering News Conference; Fatal Quake in Turkey; Ashes of U.S. Soldiers Dumped in Landfills; "Occupy" Protest at UC Berkeley; Jacksons Outraged by Murray Interview; NBA Talks Resume Today; Emergency Alert Test Hits Glitches; Eddie Murphy Drops Out of Oscars; Perry's Brain Freeze Moment; Can Cain Overcome Sexual Harassment Allegations; Republican Candidates Seek Endorsement of Sheriff Joe Arpaio
&#; New Greek Prime Minister Named; Joe Paterno Fired; Alabama County Files Largest Municipal Bankruptcy; Reports Of Sluggish Blackberry Mail; Rick Perry Makes Gaffe at GOP Debate; USAA Posts Map of Best Places for Veterans to Find Employment; Where's the "Black Mark Zuckerberg"?

November 09,

&#; Penn State Sex Abuse Scandal; Cain Denies Sexual Harassment Allegations; Second Cain Accuser Goes Public; Cain Chief of Staff Makes False Claim; Election Day ; Italy's Berlusconi to Resign; Should Joe Paterno Resign?; Holder on "Fast & Furious": Never Again; Penn State Sex Abuse Scandal; Show Of Support; Cain Won't Cave; Berlusconi Agrees To Resign
&#; Former Penn State Football Coach Accused of Child Molestation; Identity of Woman who Accused Herman Cain of Sexual Harassment Revealed; Rallying Around Paterno; Cain Fights Back; Borrowing Blow for Italy; Obama and Sarkozy Caught on Tape; Election Day ; Cain Denies Sexual Harassment Allegations; Where Does Cain Go From Here?; Brain Size Is Possible Key to Autism Cause
&#; Penn State Sex Abuse Scandal; Interview with RNC Chairman Reince Priebus; Stranded On A Deserted Island; Apple Security Flaw; Students Protest Tuition Hikes in London; American Youth Unemployment Higher than National Average; Making Digital Media More Diverse; London Students Storm Streets

November 08,

&#; Cain Accuser Alleges Sexual Harassment; Report: Fifth Woman Questions Cain's Behavior; Michael Jackson's Doctor Guilty; Is Cain Accuser's Statement a Game-Changer?; Penn State Sex Abuse Scandal; Are Berlusconi's Days Numbered?; Cain Accuser Goes Public; Miss. To Vote On "Personhood" Measure
&#; Woman Publicly Accuses Herman Cain of Sexual Abuse; Michael Jackson's Doctor Found Guilty of Involuntary Manslaughter; Former Penn State Football Coach Accused of Child Molestation; Is Cain Accuser's Statement a Game-Changer?; Berlusconi Faces Key Budget Vote; Awaiting New Greek Prime Minister; Joe Frazier ; Dr. Conrad Murray Found Guilty; Penn State Sex Abuse Scandal; Study: School Soda Bans Don't Work; Study: Higher Earners Eat More Fast Food; Substance Abuse High in Native American Teens; Sharon Bialek Interviewed Regarding her Allegations Against Cain
&#; Cain Accuser #4 Comes Forward; Are Berlusconi's Days Numbered?; Buffett Goes On A Stock Buying Spree; RPT.: Wall St. Bonuses Down This Year; Bank Of America To Pay Customers $M; Woman Publicly Accuses Herman Cain of Sexual Abuse; Michael Jackson's Doctor Found Guilty of Involuntary Manslaughter; Interview with Erin Brockovich; Teaching Technology

November 07,

&#; Child Sex Abuse Scandal Rocks Penn State; Michael Jackson Death Trial; Greek Prime Minister to Resign; Record Quake Rocks Oklahoma; Penn St. Rocked By Child Sex Abuse Scandal; Greece Prime Minister To Step Down; Players Reject NBA Offer; Cain Defiant; When Does Life Begin?
&#; Media Continues Questioning Herman Cain about Sexual Harassment Charges; Former Penn State Football Coach Accused of Child Molestation; Greek Prime Minister Steps Down; Penn State Rocked by Scandal; Record Quake Rocks Oklahoma; Big Apple's Big Gamble; Greece Prime Minister to Resign; Berlusconi Clings to Power; Child Sex Abuse Scandal at Penn State; Women Only Tent at "Occupy Wall Street"; Casino Comes to Big Apple; Lindsay Lohan In and Out of Jail; Mark Zuckerberg Heads Back to Harvard; Bank of America Crusader Out Of Work; Europe in Crisis; Interview with Niall Ferguson on European Debt Crisis; Most Americans Have $5, Held in Checking Accounts; It's a Great Time to Refinance a Mortgage; 20th Anniversary of Magic Johnson Announcing He Has HIV
&#; Penn State Rocked by Scandal; Berlusconi Clings to Power; Mississippi to Vote on Controversial Anti-Abortion Bill; Ohio to Vote on Controversial Public Employee Collective Bargaining Measure; Changing the World on the Web; Casino Comes to the Big Apple; Cain Defiant; Stores Slashing TV Prices; RPT: De Niro To Play Madoff

November 04,

&#; Cain Fights Back Against Harassment Claims; Perry: Our Campaign Had Nothing To Do With It; Perry Defends New Hampshire Speech; Greece Dominates G Agenda; G Summit: All About Greece; Michael Jackson Death Trial; Setback for Palestinians at U.N.; , Homes in Connecticut Still Without Power; JetBlue Refunding Stranded Fliers; "Occupy Oakland" Protesters Trash Stores; Texas Judge Taped Whipping Daughter; Asteroid Fly-By; Wealthy Corporations Paying Zero Taxes; Why Do Women Make Less?; Greek Debt Crisis Tops G Agenda; Ireland Closing Vatican Embassy; New James Bond Movie Titled "Skyfall"
&#; Woman who Accused Herman Cain of Sexual Harassment Wishes to Speak Out Publically; Greece Parliament Holding Confidence Vote on Current Government; Closing Arguments Wrap up in Trial of Michael Jackson's Doctor; Greece Bailout Dominates G Agenda; Ireland Closing Vatican Embassy; Jury Deliberations in Michael Jackson Death Trial; , Homes in Connecticut Still Without Power; JetBlue Refunding Stranded Passengers; The Unemployable Generation?; Jon Corzine Resigns as CEO of MF Global; Can Herman Cain Survive Scandal?; Sexual Harassment Allegations Around Herman Cain Are Not Going Away; $ Billion is Price Tag for Hours Waiting for In-Home Service Technicians; Kids Remain in Pain After Surgery
&#; Jon Corzine Resigns as CEO of MF Global; Texas Judge Taped Whipping Daughter; Michael Jackson Death Trial; No Public Vote on Greek Bailout Plan; Hoyas And Hova; Invasion of the Kudzu Bug; America's GI Janes

November 03,

&#; Herman Cain Sexual Harassment Scandal; Occupy Oakland Clash with Police; Oakland Protestors Hit by Car; Sparks Flying at G Summit; Greek Parliament Backs Bailout Vote; Michael Jackson Death Trial; Texas Judge Admits Beating Daughter; Do We Understand What Constitutes Sexual Harassment; Michael Jackson Death Trial; Cain Scandal Grows; Obama Meets With Sarkozy At G; CBS Wins 'Wardrobe Malfunction' Appeal
&#; New Sexual Harassment Allegations Emerge Concerning Herman Cain; Greece to Hold Referendum on EU Bailout Package; Occupy Oakland Gets Ugly Again; We Understand What Constitutes Sexual Harassment?; Obama Meets with Sarkozy at G Summit; Michael Jackson Death Trial; Luck of the Draw Benefits Bachmann; Boehner to Obama: "Are You Kidding Me?"; Royal Couple Visits UNICEF in Denmark; Lindsay Lohan Heading to Jail; CBS Wins "Wardrobe Malfunction" Appeal; Cain's Campaign Crisis; Third Woman Steps Forward Alleging Cain Harassment; T.D. Bank, Others, to Charge Higher Fees; Study: Chantix Linked to Depression, Suicide
&#; Herman Cain Sexual Harassment Scandal; Woman Posts Video of Father Beating Her; Greece May Reject EU Bailout Package; Herman Cain Sexual Harassment Scandal

November 02,

&#; Herman Cain Accuser May Talk; Wall Street Firm Missing $ Million; G Summit Begins Tomorrow; Conrad Murray: "I Will Not Testify"; Judge: Julian Assange Can be Extradited; Pilot Pulls Off Miracle in Poland; Cheney Said "We're Going to Die"; Could the Occupy Movement Take a Cue from Bank of America Crusader?; Bank of America Drops $5 Debit Card Fee; Occupy San Francisco; Reagan Statue Unveiled; Lawyer: Cain Accuser May Talk; FBI Investigating MF Global's Missing Money
&#; Greece May Reject EU Bailout; Herman Cain Accuser Wants to Speak Out; President Obama Prepares for G Summit; Deadly Duck Boat Crash; Reno Air Show Crash Lawsuit; Miracle Landing in Poland; Crack Offenders Eligible for Release; Wisconsin Pot Bust; Train Track Rescue; Herman Cain Accuser May Talk; David Slays Goliath; Alcohol and Breast Cancer; 60, Small Business Jobs Created Since March; Starbucks Rolls Out Program to Help American Small Businesses
&#; Global Economy in Peril; Herman Cain Accuser May Talk; Cheney Said We're 'Going To Die'; FBI Investigates Wall St. Firm; Europe Faces Possible Currency Crisis; Captain "Sully" Sullenberger Interviewed about Polish Airlines Plane's Emergency Landing; Occupy Oakland Strike; Cain Accuser May Talk; The Evolution of Mississippi

November 01,

&#; Cain: "I Was Falsely Accused"; Cain's Sexual Harassment Scandal; Presidential Debates Scheduled; Obama Gets Clean Bill of Health; First Lady Remains Popular; Shooting on Bourbon Street; JetBlue Apologizes to Stranded Travelers; Severe Flooding in South Florida; NYC Halloween Parade; Trial of Michael Jackson's Doctor; Will Sexual Harassment Allegations sink Herman Cain?; Operation: "Ghost Stories"; White House Targeting Romney; Cain: "I Was Falsely Accused"; Million People Without Power; Hillary Clinton's Mother Becomes Ill
&#; Herman Cain Facing Past Allegations of Sexual Harassment; Some House Lawmakers Urging Super Committee to Cut More than Originally Asked; Will Sexual Harassment Allegations Sink Herman Cain?; Deadly Shootings on Bourbon Street; "Occupy" to Target Iowa Vote; Cain: "I Was Falsely Accused"; Trial of Michael Jackson's Doctor; The Global Gender Gap; Herman Cain Defends Sexual Harassment Allegations; $ Kardashian Wedding Price per Day of Marriage; Bracelets Used for Smoking Pot; Study Says Happy People Live Longer
&#; Cain's Shifting Story; JetBlue Apologizes; G20 Leaders Gather In France; FBI Releases Tapes of Spy Rings in U.S.; Occupy Wall Street Protestors Not Racially Representative of Country; We are the 99 Percent; Fatal Shooting on Bourbon Street; Cain: I was Falsely Accused; Will Dr. Conrad Murray Testify; Occupy Iowa Caucuses Planned; Cold Water Burns Calories; Overcoming the Voices in Her Head

October 31,

&#; Rare, Deadly October Nor'Easter; Blackouts Could Last Days in New England; Get Updates on Connecticut Outages; Passengers Stuck 8, 9 Hours in Hartford Tarmac; Cain Denies Sexual Harassment Claims; Bob Schieffer Comments on Herman Cain's New Ad; Occupy Wall Street a Trademark? Herman Cain Tops the Latest Poll
&#; Herman Cain Campaign Dealing with Sexual Harassment Controversy; East Coast Hit by Unseasonal Nor'easter; Occupy Wall Street and the NBA; Chemical Weapons Sites Found in Libya; NATO Mission in Libya Ends; Cain Denies Sex Harassment Claims; Four Million Without Power; "You Just Have To Hold It"; "Occupy Oakland" Protesters Call For General Strike; Pursuing A Passion In A Down Economy; Operation: "Hero Miles"; Heroes Miles Helps Hospitalized Servicemember, Family Members; Tips on Keeping Kids Healthy, Their Teeth in Tiptop Shape; East Coast Stunned By Rare, Deadly October Nor'easter
&#; Rare, Deadly October Nor'easter; Cain Controversy; Survey: Microsoft Best Place To Work; "Occupy" Trademark?; Thousands Without Power After Storm Hits Northeast; JetBlue Strands Passengers in Airplane for Hours; "Jet" Magazine Celebrates 60th Anniversary; The Seven Billion Question

October 28,

&#; "I'd Spit In His Face"; Gingrich: Obama Student Loan Plan a "Ponzi Scheme"; Santorum: I'd Never Skip a Debate; Cain's Fundraising Surge; Tea Party Group Wants Bachmann Out; If Hillary Clinton Ran; Edwards Facing January Trial; Tunisia Election Violence; Boy Rescued From Rubble in Turkey; Oakland Mayor Sorry for Tear Gassing; Statue of Liberty Turns ; We'll See You Tomorrow Night; Texas Snow to the Northeast; Exotic Pets Remain in Quarantine; Michael Jackson Death Trial; Should Cities Prevent Occupy Protesters from Camping Out?; U.S. Markets Surge; Stalking: There's An App for That?; Gourd Gorging; "Occupy Oakland" Damage Control
&#; Mayor of Oakland Apologizes for Violent Clash Between Police and Protestors; Ruth Madoff Claims She Attempted Suicide; NYPD Union Threatens to Sue Protesters; Boy Pulled From Rubble Alive; "Occupy Nashville" Deadline to Leave; Oakland Mayor Sorry for Tear Gassing; Exotic Pets Remain Quarantined; Never Say Die Cardinals; Too Soon to Celebrate?; "Zombie Rob"; Haunted Attraction Industry Earns Big Bucks; Complications from New Forms of Birth Control; Aspirin May Reduce Risk of Colon Cancer; Science Explains Difficulty of Losing Weight
&#; Obama's Approval Ratings Rising; "Occupy Oakland" Damage Control; Bold Billboard Campaign; Year-Old Wine Bet; Shark Populations Plummeting Around the World; Game Six of World Series Ends Dramatically; A True Fall Classic; Zombie Rob

October 27,

&#; European Bailout Deal; Closer Look at Europe's Debt Deal; Polls: Romney on Top in First Four States; Perry May Skip Some Debates; "Occupy Wall Street" Arrests; "Occupy Oakland" Vigil; "We Decided To Kill Ourselves"; Defending Conrad Murray; Pentagon Experiencing Espionage Aimed at Stealing Underwater Drone Technology; Women Protesting in Yemen Against Government Crackdown on Demonstrators; A Year of Historic Upheaval; Polls: Romney On Top In Early States; Two Survivors Rescued In Turkey; Floodwaters Rising In Bangkok
&#; Mitt Romney Holds Leads in First Four Republican Primary States; Hurricane Rina Losing Strength as it Approaches Mexico; Trial of Michael Jackson's Doctor Continues; Super Committee Stumped?; "Occupy Wall Street" Arrests; ; More Survivors Rescued in Turkey; Reporter Who "Ambushed" Biden Speaks; Biden Goes After Conservative Journalist; Measles Making a Comeback
&#; European Bailout Deal; "We Can't Wait"; Blackbeard's Legacy; Dino-Mite!!; Hillary Clinton's Foreign Policy Moves Profiled; Foundation Seeks Genetic Secret to Healthy Life; Economy Growing at Faster Pace in Third Quarter; How to Live to ; Lindsay Lohan's Dad Arrested Again

October 26,

&#; New "Occupy" Clashes; Police Arrest Occupy Atlanta Protesters; Obama to Offer Student Loan Relief; Obama on "The Tonight Show"; Woman Rescued in Turkey After Quake; Why the U.S. Should Care About Europe; Can Rich Politicians Relate to Ordinary Americans?; Gadhafi's U.S. Victims Demand Justice; New Occupy Oakland Clashes; Paul Ryan To Slam Obama In Speech
&#; Police Break Up Occupy Wall Street Protest in Oakland, California; President to Use Executive Authority to Promote Parts of Economic Plan; Trial of Michael Jackson's Doctor Continues; Bracing for Hurricane Rina; Can Rich Politicians Relate to Ordinary Americans?; "Occupy" Chaos; Obama to Offer Student Loan Relief; Bracing for Rina; Gadhafi's U.S. Victims Demand Justice; Joe Versus The Reporter; Cain Gains; Dust Storm Crashes Wedding; Moving Halloween?; Creating Jobs in America; Interview with Rep. McCarthy; Obama Wants to Speed Up Forgiveness on Student Loans; Things Than Can Go Wrong with MRIs
&#; "Now or Never" to Resolve Euro Weakness; New "Occupy" Clashes; Interview with Education Secretary Arne Duncan; CNN Source: Ex-Goldman Exec To Face FBI Charges; IBM Hires First Female CEO; President Appears on "The Tonight Show"; Journalist's Question Provokes Angry Response from Vice President; California Home Elaborately Decorated for Halloween; Waiting for a Bone Marrow Match

October 25,

&#; Rick Perry's Flat Tax; Help for Struggling Homeowners; No Silver Bullet to Housing Market; Immigration Reform in the Works; Baby Rescued from Earthquake Rubble in Turkey; Killed in Turkey Earthquake; Gadhafi Buried at Dawn; Deadly Explosion Outside Bus Station; Wikileaks Close to Shutting Down; Season on the Shrink; Should the President Bypass Congress to Help the Economy?; Baby Rescued From Earthquake Rubble In Turkey; Perry's Flat Tax Proposal; Cain To Debate Gingrich; Baby Rescued from Earthquake Rubble in Turkey; Fixing America's Housing Crisis
&#; Rick Perry Proposes Flat Tax Plan; President Fundraises in California; Moammar Gadhafi's Body Buried; Baby Rescued from Quake Rubble; Obama's Mortgage Relief Plan; RPT NBA To Cancel More Games; Gadhafi Buried in Secret Desert Grave; Conrad Murray Defense Case Begins; HPV Vaccine for Boys Sparks Controversy; Search Continues for Earthquake Survivors in Turkey; Baby Found Alive in Earthquake Rubble
&#; Infant Rescued from Rubble; Rick Perry's Flat Tax; Help for Struggling Homeowners; Police Surround "Occupy Oakland"; U.S. Facing Second Credit Downgrade; Vatican: Global Economy Needs Oversight; Halloween To Cost You More; Rescue Operations Underway in Turkey; Defense Presenting its Case in Trial of Michael Jackson's Doctor; Expert Discusses Post-Gadhafi Libya; Overweight Teen to Beauty Queen

October 24,

&#; Death Toll Rising in Turkey; Liberating Libya; Tunisians Go to the Polls; Clinton Warns Iran; Arraignment in Iranian Terror Plot; Airline Doubted Pilot's Ability; Nevada Caucus Change; President Obama's Western Tour; Texas Ties World Series at Two; Search for Baby Lisa; Hunt for Killer Great White; Historic Day in Libya, Tunisia; Criticizing Cain; Earthquake Devastates Eastern Turkey; Liberating Libya; U.S. Meets With North Korea
&#; Death Toll Rising in Turkey; Michael Jackson Death Trial; Wal- Mart's Christmas Price Guarantee; Survey: Start Your Day With A Smile; U.S. Ambassador To Syria Recalled; Some Hollywood Stars Criticizing President; Hertz Fires Muslim Workers For Not Clocking Out For Prayer Breaks; BPA and Pregnancy
&#; Turkey Hit By Large Earthquake; President to Announces Plan to Help Ongoing Housing Crisis; New Suspect Emerges in Missing Baby Case; Airline Doubted Pilot's Ability; Floods to Ravage More of Thailand; Conrad Murray Defense Begins; Giffords in North Carolina; Country Legend Loretta Lynn Hospitalized; Obama Losing "Star Power"; History in Arab World; Biographer: Jobs Avoided Surgery; Biographer: Jobs Avoided Surgery; Paying for College; Earthquake Devastates Eastern Turkey; Liberating Libya; Colgan Air Crash Pilot Worries; Search for Baby Lisa; Ferrell Wins Funny Prize; BPA and Pregnancy

October 21,

&#; Libyan Prime Minister: Gadhafi Killed in Crossfire; U.S. Dept. of Defense: Gadhafi Survived Airstike; Libya to Declare War Over Tomorrow; A Promise Kept; Five Mistakes That Cost You Money; Libyans Cheer Gadhafi's Death; Cain Speaks About Plan; Occupy Wall Street; Gadhafi Killed; Population: 7 Billion
&#; Moammar Gadhafi Killed in Libya; Last of Moammar Gadhafi's Sons Being Tracked Down in Libya; Brother of Pan Am Bombing Victim Interviewed; Interview with Rep. Ruppersberger; Libyans Cheer Gadhafi's Death; What Happens to Gadhafi's Money; NATO's Role in Post- Gadhafi Libya; Police: All Animals Believed to be Accounted For; Romney Says He has a "Good Shot"; Sarkozy-Bruni Baby Named "Giulia"; Lohan Late for Morgue Duty; Gadhafi Death New Notch in Obama's Feign Policy Belt; Are You Part of the 1 Percent; Dramatic Testimony in Michael Jackson Trial
&#; "Mad Dog" Down; Interview with Senator John McCain; GE's Profit Climbs 57 Percent; Girl Scouts Adds Money Badges; Occupy Wall Street Movement Taking Donations To Sustain Protests; Moammar Gadhafi Killed in Libya; Owning Exotic Animals; Inside "Kiss Inc."

October 20,

&#; 49 Wild Animals Shot Dead in Ohio; Contaminated Cantaloupe; Perry Proposes Flat Tax; Cain on the Attack; Secretary Clinton in Afghanistan; The Fight for Sirte; Fourth Arrest in Philly Kidnap Case; Michael Jackson Death Trial; Lohan Probation Revoked; Sarkozy Welcomes Baby Girl; "Don't Screw Around With Me"; How to Make Money With Your Money; Perry Unveil Flat Tax; Clinton Meeting With Afghanistan's President; Happy Days Lawsuit Tossed
&#; Ohio Farmer Releases Exotic Animals before Committing Suicide; Protests in Greece Against Government Austerity Measures Continue; Prosecution to Rest in Trial of Michael Jackson's Doctor; Moammar Gadhafi Captured

October 19,

&#; GOP Debate Gets Nasty; Perry and Romney Rumble; A Debate Game Changer?; Huntsman Skips Vegas "Game Show"; Obama Criticizes GOP Over Job Crisis; Bears, Tigers, Cheetahs on the Loose; Greece Strikes
&#; GOP Presidential Candidates Spar at Las Vegas Debate; Herman Cain Interviewed; Animals on the Loose in Ohio after Farm Owner Found Dead and Animals' Cages Opened; Fact Checking Candidate Statements in GOP Debate; Herman Cain's Battle with Colon Cancer
&#; Exotic Animals Loose in Ohio; The Morning After; Protests Turn Violent in Greece; "Unruly" Passenger Arrested; GOP Presidential Candidates Square off in Debate; Rick Perry's Campaign Communications Director Interviewed; Joanne Herring Interviewed; Diplomacy and Diamonds

October 18,

&#; Western Republican Presidential Debate; Day Two of Obama's Road Trip; Israel-Palestinian Prisoner Swap; Still Betting on Las Vegas; Firefighter Catches a Young Boy; Sec. Clinton In Libya; Pharmaceuticals Look Like Candy; Interview with Jon Porter
&#; GOP Presidential Candidates Prepare for Debate in Las Vegas; Herman Cain Polling Neck and Neck with Mitt Romney; Israeli Soldiers Held by Hamas Released; Interview with Henry Blodget; Hillary Clinton in Libya; Berlusconi Acquitted in Tax Fraud Case; Iowa Caucuses Slated for January 3; Pizza Man Turned Politician; Report: President's Podium, Prompter Stolen; McCain: Obama's Bus is Ugly; Senator Claire McCaskill Sets, Meets Pound Weight-Loss Goal; Red Sox Starters Ate Chicken, Drank Beer; China 3rd-Quarter Growth is Percent, American, percent; Giuliana Rancic Breast Cancer Linked to IVF?
&#; Cain on the Fence; Day Two of Obama's Road Trip; Hillary Clinton in Libya; Captive Israeli Soldier Released in Prisoner Exchange; Ron Paul Interview; Blackberry Maker Offers Free Apps; Apple's IPhone 4s Sales Record

October 17,

&#; Tragedy On The Track; "Occupy" Protests Go Global; Missing Baby Search; Obama Hits The Road Again; Candidates Prep for GOP Debate; National MLK Memorial Dedicated; Cardinals, Rangers in World Series; Tragedy on the Track; Cain Surging as Debate Approaches
&#; IndyCar Racer Dan Wheldon Dies in Racing Accident; Search for Missing Baby in Missouri Continues; One Health Care Reform Law Program Dropped; Cardinals, Rangers in World Series; Arrest After Boston Apartment Blaze; Mentally Ill Adults Held Captive; Indy Car Tragedy; Speed That Kills; Who is Herman Cain?; Obama Administration Drops Part of Health Care Plan for Long-Term Care; Researchers Say Money Can't Buy Love; Low Interest Rates Make Great Time to Refinance
&#; Tragedy on the Track; Disabled Adults Locked in Basement; Interview with Sheriff Joe Arpaio; Two NFL Coaches almost coming to a Blow; Dan Weldon Killed in a Race; Doomsday on Friday, October 21st; Indy Racecar Driver Dan Wheldon Dies in Racing Accident; Famous Photographer Published Book of Iconic Photos; Stuck Without a Shuttle

October 14,

&#; Showdown Looming at Zuccotti Park; Rice Meets with Iranian Counterpart; Solyndra CEO Resigns; Democrats Call for Bank Fee Investigation; Perry's Plan to "Energize" Jobs and Security; Parachute Fail Lands Guy in Jail; Is Reality TV Becoming Too Real?; Should Companies Require Interviews with Minority Job Candidates?; "Occupy" Park Cleaning Postponed; Guilty Verdict in CT Home Invasion; TSA Misses Deadline To Inspect Non U.S. Cargo
&#; Interview with Rick Perry; Occupy Wall Street Protests Continue; Transcript of Final Two Minutes from Crashing Air France Plane Released; ; Can Two Movements Coexist?; Fed Up with Bank Fees; Switching Banks Hard; Some Parents Suffer from Baby Naming Remorse; Interview with Brad Miller
&#; Occupy Wall Street Showdown Averted; Fashion Backstage Pass; Report: Gas Bill For $2,; A Father on a Mission; Gap To Shut 21 Percent Of North America Stores

October 13,

&#; BlackBerry Blackout; An Unlikely Terrorist?; Underwear Bomber Pleads Guilty; Rising Cain; Congress Passes Free Trade Deals; Rangers One Win From Series; Hurricane Jova Hits Mexico; Bank of America Responds to Fee Outrage; What Should the United States Do about Iran?; Amtrak Trains Crash In California; Wall Street Protest Park Needs Cleaning; New Hampshire Primary In Early December?; Jury Gets CT Home Invasion Case; Legal to Abuse Your Spouse in Topeka
&#; Research in Motion to Restore Internet Service to Blackberries; Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, may Declare Bankruptcy; Herman Cain New GOP Frontrunner in Some Polls; What Should the United States Do about Iran?; Bali Shaken By Quake; Radiation Concerns in Japan; Storm Floods Mexico's West Coast; Amtrak Trains Crash in California; BlackBerry Blackout; Jackson's Doctor on Trial; Gacy Victims' Bodies Exhumed; Eight Killed in Salon Shooting Massacre; Accused Hollywood Hacker Charged; Un "Occupy Wall Street" Park; Bank of America Responds to Fee Outrage; Cash-Strapped Capital; Harrisburg, P.A., Files for Bankruptcy; Scientists Solve Puzzle of Black Plague; Blackberry Losing 16, Customers Per Day; Study: Fewer Teenagers Having Sex; Paula Dean Voted Sexiest Female Chef on TV
&#; BlackBerry Blackout; Inside Cain's "" Campaign; Turner Loses Land Crown; AirTran Adding "Large Passenger" Policy; Topeka, Kansas City Government Falls Short of Money to Prosecute Domestic Abuse Cases; "Sesame Street" Airs Episode Focused on Bullying; Disease Expert Discusses Possibility of a Global Pandemic; Inside the Shoe Laboratory

October 12,

&#; Alleged Iranian Terror Plot Foiled; GOP Candidates Debate the Economy; Does Romney's Changing Position on Health Care Matter to You?; Alleged Terror Plot Foiled; U.S. Foils Alleged Iranian Terror Plot; Cain In The Crosshairs; Fly To Japan For Free?
&#; Man Arrested in Plot to Assassinate Saudi Ambassador on U.S. Soil; Iran Accused of Backing Assassination Plot; Herman Cain Targeted at GOP Debate; Does Romney's Changing Position on Health Care Matter to You?; U.S. Foils Alleged Iranian Terror Plot; Six Bombings Rock Baghdad; Obama Plans to Break Up Jobs Bill; Cain in the Hot Seat; Conrad Murray on Trial; "Austin Powers" Actor a Murder Suspect; Missing Baby; Fast and Furious Subpoenas Expected; Giuliani: "It's Too Late For Me"; Christie Endorses Romney; Romney Responds to Pastor's "Cult" Comment; The Oil Cleanup "X Challenge"; Donnie Wilson Wins Oil- Cleanup X Challenge; Study: Vitamin E Increases Prostate Cancer Risk; Sex Can Cause Temporary Memory Loss
&#; An Act of War?; Herman Cain's Race Card?; Pepsico. Earnings Miss Estimates, Revenues Up; 10, Jobs Expected To Be Cut On Wall Street; Study: Groceries 50 Percent More Expensive At Drugstores; Herman Cain Targeted in GOP Debate; Program Uses Dogs to Reduce Bullying in Schools; Fashion has to be Right for the Moment

October 11,

&#; Underwear Bomber Trial; NBA Cancels First Two Weeks of Season; Wall Street Protesters Plan "Millionaire's March"; Drones Still Fly Despite Virus; Steve Jobs Died of Respiratory Arrest; iPhone 4S Presales Hit One Million; "Keep the Change"; Gas Station Robbery Backfires; Hurricane Jova Approaches Mexico; Are you Sold on the President's Jobs Bill?; Need a Job to Get a Job?; Battling Back Against Bullies; Underwear Bomber On Trial; Vote On Obama's Jobs Bill; Oil Spill Off New Zealand Coast
&#; Underwear Bomber Trial Commences; Senate Holding Procedural Vote on Jobs Legislation; Wall Street Protests Continue; Economy in Peril; Egypt Erupts in Violence; Drones Still Fly Despite Virus; Huntsman Fires Back; Senate Votes Today on Obama's Jobs Bill; Need a Job to Get a Job?; Let's Make a Deal; Pencil Lodged in Boy's Eye; Pencil Lodges In Boy's Eye, Close to Brain; 49 Percent Have Not Heard of Occupy Wall Street
&#; Underwear Bomber on Trial; "Thirty-Three Men"; NBA Commissioner Cancels First Games of Season; Occupy Wall Street Blogger Interviewed; Who Will Be Dior's Next Designer; Eating Right to Fight Cancer

October 10,

&#; Senate to Vote on Jobs Bill; "Occupy Wall Street" Movement Growing; Riots Erupt at Christian Protest; "Fast and Furious" Fallout; NBA and Players Union Meeting Today; Paul McCartney Gets Married to Nancy Shevell; Pilot Ditches Plane in Ocean; Why is Herman Cain Surging in the Polls?; "A Culture of Corruption"; "A Culture of Corruption"; The Politics of Romney's Religion; Key Vote On Jobs Bill This Week; 23 Killed During Cairo Protest; Teens And Tanning
&#; Senate to Consider President's Jobs Bill; Occupy Wall Street Demonstrations Continue; Ron Paul Wins Values Voters Summit Straw Poll; Helping Foster Kids Find Work; Americans Win Nobel Economics Prize; Senate to Vote on Jobs Bill; "Occupy Wall Street" Movement Growing; Missing Baby Search; The Future of the World's Oil; U.S. Household Incomes Fall; Smaller Needle Makes Flu Shots Less Painful; Senate Expected to Vote on President's Jobs Plan
&#; Senate to Vote on Jobs Bill; The Politics of Romney's Religion; Dexia Bank Secures $ Billion Bailout; Netflix Scrapping 'Qwikster' Rebranding; Veteran Successfully Sues Health Care Company for Medicaid Fraud; Author Discusses Book about Bullying; "I Have It in the Blood"

October 07,

&#; Top Energy Official is Out; "Occupy Wall Street" Goes Viral; Three Women Share Nobel Peace Prize; Screening for Prostate Cancer; "Mile on the Moon"; Was ESPN Right to Part Ways with Hank Williams Jr.?; Resignation At Energy Department; Jobs Bio Moved Up; Three Women Win Nobel Peace Prize; When Parents Text
&#; Wall Street Protests Gain Strength; Top Energy Official Leaves Obama Administration in Wake of Solyndra Scandal; Federal Government Guarantees Loan to Another Solar Energy Company; Was ESPN Right to Part Ways with Hank Williams Jr.?; Entire Town Evacuated After Train Inferno; Entire Town Evacuated After Train Inferno; Anger at Wall Street Spreads; Energy Department Loan Official Leaving; Three Women Win Nobel Peace Prize; Message from Gadhafi; Doctor Facing Treason Charges After Bin Laden Raid; Michael Jackson Death Trial; Fighting Back Against Bank Fee; Chicago Bears Finally Go To White House; Men Warned Against Getting Prostate Cancer Screenings
&#; Interview with Senator John Barrasso; Where are the Jobs?; Entire Town Evacuated After Train Inferno; U.S. Economy Adds over , Jobs in September; U.S. Unemployment Remains at percent; Previous Month Job Growth Revised Up; Actor John Ratzenberger Interviewed about American Manufacturing Jobs; William Shatner Discusses Politics

October 06,

&#; Apple's Steve Jobs Remembered; The Legacy of Steve Jobs; Palin Will Not Run in ; Thousands March In Wall St. Protests
&#; Steve Jobs Dies; Friends, Colleagues, and Competitors Reflect on Jobs' Legacy; Thousands March in Wall Street Protests; Democrats Push New Millionaire Tax; Palin Won't Run
&#; Steve Jobs Has Died; Interview with Steve Wozniak, Apple Co- Founder; Sugar Ray Leonard Gives Boxing Consultation to Hugh Jackman

October 05,

&#; Amanda Knox Back Home in Seattle; Deadly Chopper Crash in NYC; Arizona Dust Storm; Michael Jackson Death Trial; Ambassador Walks Out of U.N. Meeting; Citi Hikes Fees on Checking Accounts; Christie Says "No" to White House Bid; Boat Leaves Scuba Divers Behind; "Occupy Wall Street"; Wall Street Protesters Be the Dawn of a Liberal Tea Party; Deadly Chopper Crash in NYC; Rick Perry's Unlikely Nemesis; Knox Back Home In Seattle; Thousands Protest In Greece; Democrat Wins West Virginia State House
&#; Amanda Knox Arrived In Seattle Today; One Died, Three Survived In A Helicopter Crash In New York City; A Woman won $25Million; Boat Leaves Scuba Divers Behind; Could "Occupy Wall Street" Be the Dawn of a Liberal Tea Party?; Thousands Protest in Greece; Deadly New York Chopper Crash; Arizona Dust Storm; Wildfires Hit Texas Town Again; Knox Back Home in Seattle; Rick Perry's Unlikely Nemesis; NBA Loses Millions Due to Game Cancellations; Murray Stockpiled Propofol for Jackson
&#; Deadly Chopper Crash in NYC ; Madoff Victims Get First Checks; State of the Race; Consulting Dr. Google; Civil Rights Versus Tribal Rights

October 04,

&#; Knox Heading Home to Seattle; Amanda Knox Heading Home; Michael Jackson Death Trial; Will Christie Run for President; Obama Embraces "Underdog" Role; ESPN Yanks Hank Williams Jr.; Chemical Mixing Sparks Massive Fire; Search for Highway Gunman; "Occupy Wall Street"; Apple Unveils New iPhone Today; Bear Chases Dog into Home, Attacks Couple; Christie "On The Verge" Of Announcement; Early Concerns About Solyndra
&#; Amanda Knox Freed by the Italian Judge and Jury Today; Ralph Steinman Winner Of Nobel Prize Dies Days Prior Awarding; Bear Chases Dog into Home, Attacks Couple; ESPN Pulls Hank Williams Jr.; President Pushes for Vote on Jobs Plan; Will Christie Run for President; iPhone 5: The Rumors Before the Debut; Search for Highway Gunman; Chemical Mixing Sparks Massive Fire; TSA Testing New Technology; Synagogue Gets Hands-Free Crossing; "The Book of Man"; 57 iPhones Sold Every Minute; Study: Mother's Healthy Eating Reduces Risk of Birth Defects
&#; Amanda Knox Coming Home; Emails Reveal Solyndra Worries; UBS Expects "Modest" Profit; Amanda Knox Coming Home; Pres. Pushes For Vote On Jobs Plan; Appetite for Investment; Something to Sing About

October 03,

&#; Knox Awaits Verdict in Murder Appeal; Will Christie Run?; "Occupy Wall Street"; Turbulence on Two Flights Injures 18; Panetta Warns of Israeli Isolation; Rick Perry's "N" Word Controversy; Murray Trial Resumes This Morning; Supreme Court Opens New Term; Till Do Us Part?; Knox's Fate In Jury's Hands; Greece Approves Preliminary Budget
&#; Amanda Knox Awaits Italian Jury's Decision; Hundreds of Wall Street protesters arrested; Chris Christie may be Reconsidering a Run for President; Sesame Street Brought To You by STEM; Jury Deliberating Knox's Fate; D.C. "Jihad" Terror Plot; Planes Rocked by Turbulence; Hurricane Ophelia Threatens NewFoundLand; Will Chris Christie Run?; Is Double Dip Recession Coming?; Not All Children Getting Vaccinated in U.S.; Jury Deliberates Amanda Knox Case
&#; Rick Perry's "N" Word Controversy; "Occupy Wall Street"; Interview With Sen. John McCain; Eastman Kodak Shares Drop To 78 Cents; Lockerbie Bomber Interviewed by Reuters in Libya; Tech Expert Reviews Useful Smartphone Apps; Reaching for the Stars

September 30,

&#; Terror Leader Al-Awlaki Killed; Trial of Michael Jackson's Doctor Continues; Bank Of America Debit Card Fee; Florida Creating Primary Frenzy; Judge: Loughner May Be Fit To Stand Trial
&#; Terrorist Leader Killed in Yemen; Trial of Michael Jackson's Doctor Continues; Bank of American Introducing New Debit Card Fee; Terror Leader Al-Awlaki Killed; Amanda Knox Dancing in Prison; Giant Fan Beating; Michael Jackson Death Trial; Issue No. 1 For Re- election; States Obama Needs for Reelection Hit Hard by Recession; 58 Percent of Working-Age U.S. Population Is Employed
&#; Interview with Rep. Peter King; Terror Leader Al-Awlaki Killed; Checks Delayed For Madoff Investors; GM To Add New Air Bag; Al Qaeda Leader Killed in Yemen; Trial of Michael Jackson's Doctor Continues; Major League Baseball Set to Begin Playoffs; New Fee for Using Debit Cards; Anwar al-Awlaki Killed in Air Strike

September 29,

&#; Feds Bust Pentagon Drone Terror Plot; High Court Asked to Rule on Health Care Law; Michael Jackson's Doctor on Trial; Last Chance for Knox Lawyers; Judge: Loughner Can be Made Fit for Trial; No Decision on Casey Anthony Jail Tape; Monument Inspection Begins; Baseball's Fantastic Finish; Herman Cain Claims African-Americans Brainwashed into Voting Democratic; Hackers Obtain and Publish Personal Information of Goldman Sachs Officials; On the Run for 41 Years; Witness: Murray Made Frantic Calls; House Votes On Govt. Funding Bill
&#; Fed Foil Terrorist Plot Involving Drone Strikes; Trial of Michael Jackson's Doctor Continues; Major League Baseball Finishes Regular Season; Germany Passes Bill to Overhaul European Bailout Fund; "Jihad" Drone Plot; Chaos on the Day Jackson Died; Hikers' Iranian Lawyer Detained; McCain in Libya; Release Bin Laden Death Photos?; Cain: Black Voters "Brainwashed"; GOP "Maybes" Face Halloween Deadline; High Court Asked to Rule on Health Care Law; Alabama Immigration Law; Washington Monument Inspection; Why is Washington Broken?; Why is Washington Broken; David Gergen, George Clooney Skinny Dip; Amazon Introduces Kindle Fire, Cheaper than iPad; Brazil to Ban Gisele Ad
&#; Feds Bust DC Drone Terror Plot; Michael Jackson's Doctor on Trial; Germany Votes On European Bailout; Nokia To Cut 3, Jobs; Herman Cain Suggests African-Americans are Brainwashed into Voting Democrat; Comedian Looks at Presidential Politics; Surprise Flash Mob Proposal

September 28,

&#; Chris Christie and Sarah Palin Noncommittal Regarding Presidential Run; Trail of Michael Jackson's Doctor Enters Second Day; Trial of Michael Jackson's Doctor Enters Second Day; U.S. Stock Futures Up; Iran Navy Ship Threat; Will Christie Run?; Jackson's Personal Assistant to Testify Today; Seven Arrested in SAT Cheating Scandal; Protesting Wall Street; Wall Street Protesters Give Confusing Messages; Listeria Outbreak Deadliest in a Decade; Insurance Costing More for Families; Teen Lack of Sleep Could Cause Risky Behavior; Iran's Navy to Send Ships to U.S. Coast
&#; Conrad Murray on Trial; Jackson Audio Played in Court; Knox Compared to "Jessica Rabbit"; Cantaloupe Outbreak Kills 13; Targeting the Haqqani Network; Israel to Expand Settlements; Iran Threatens to Move Ships Near U.S.; The President's "Titanic Struggle"; Will Christie Run?; On the Road Again; Wall Street Protests Enter 13th Day; Manhunt Ends After 41 Years; Jurors Hear Drugged-Up Jackson Tape; Israel To Expand Settlements; Bolivians Protesters Tear-Gased
&#; Iran Sending Ships Near U.S. Coast; Trial of Dr. Conrad Murray, Michael Jackson's Doctor; Gas Leak Sprouts Flames On Road; New Numbers On Economy's Pulse; Amazon Expected To Unveil Tablet Today; Wanted Convicted Killer Arrested in Portugal; Taye Diggs Interviewed about hew New Children's Book; "Chocolate Me"; Florida's Reptile Invasion

September 27,

&#; Trial of Michael Jackson's Doctor Beginning; Congress Averts Shutdown; Engineers Assessing Structural Soundness of Washington Monument; Trains Collide in Shanghai; NTC Forces Reportedly Seize Sirte; Senate Reaches Bipartisan Budget Deal; Why is Our Government Broken?; The Internet's Billionaire Entrepreneur; Justin Parker is Internet Trailblazer; How Quickly Propofol Works, Killed Michael Jackson
&#; Conrad Murray on Trial; Senate Reaches Bipartisan Spending Deal; Perry Still Top Pick Among Republicans; Obama Health Care Law Constitutional?; Egypt Pipeline Blast; Transportation Strike in Athens; Meteor Shower Danger; Ozzie Guillen Goes Down Talking; Libya's NTC Controls Port in Sirte; Washington Monument Shaken; Obama Outreach; MJ Trial Begins; Government Shutdown Averted; Terror Inside The Washington Monument; Conrad Murray's Trial; Amanda Knox Murder Appeal
&#; Senate Reaches Bipartisan Spending Bill; Buffett Buyback; Macy's Adding 78, Temporary Jobs; "Is Marriage for White People?"; Grabbing Life with Two New Hands

September 26,

&#; Shooting At U.S. Embassy in Kabul; Five Days to Government Shutdown; Romney Captures Michigan Straw Poll; Cain Captures Florida Straw Poll; Obama Keeps Focus on Jobs; Two Years of "Lies and False Hope"; Amanda Knox Appeal Wrapping Up; Saudi Women Gain Right to Vote; Stacking the Deck for ; Government Shutdown Looming; Five People Found Dead In Indiana; Groupon IPO Trouble; NYT: Netflix Strikes Deal With Dreamworks
&#; Attack at American Embassy in Kabul Kills One; Freed American Hikers Criticize Iranian Government for Detention; American Convicted of Murder in Italy Undergoing Retrial; Federal Government Faces Shutdown over Disaster Relief Funding; Bill Clinton Claims President Should Not Raise Taxes; Shooting at a U.S. Embassy in Kabul; Obama's Big Sell; Government Shutdown Looming; Why is Our Government So Broken?; Romney Captures Michigan Straw Poll; Cain Captures Florida Straw Poll; An Interview with Herman Cain; Rules to Dating in a Tough Economy; Hurricane, Fire Victims Hang in Balance of Budget Debate
&#; Government Shutdown Looming; Obama Keeps Focus on Jobs Saudi Women Gain Right to Vote; Smokers Need Not Apply; Larry King Interviewed; UCLA Student Goes to Libya to Interact with Rebels; Federal Government Faces Shutdown over Disaster Relief Funding; Bill Clinton Claims President Should Not Raise Taxes

September 23,

&#; Global Markets Reeling; Yemen's President Returns; Perry, Romney Clash at GOP Debate; Abbas to Address General Assembly; Ahmadinejad Speech Triggers Walkout; Tensions Rising Between U.S. and Pakistan; Partial Government Shutdown Looming; NASA Satellite Falling to Earth; Markets in Chaos; The New Face of Poverty; State TV; Yemen's President Returns; Solyndra Execs Invoking 5th Amendment; Faster Than The Speed of Light?
&#; Republican Candidates Debate in Orlando; Palestinian Authority to Seek Statehood Recognition for U.N.; Republicans Face Off in Debate; New Fighting in the West Bank; Abbas to Address General Assembly; Dugard Suing Federal Government; Severely Beaten Fan is Talking; Nyad Trying Again; The New Face of Poverty; Circles Hopes to End Cycle of Poverty; "Eat This, Not That" Gives Report Card on Fast Food
&#; Statehood Showdown; Perry, Romney, GOP Rivals Attack; Missing Moon Rock Found; Credit Card Debt Back Up; Many Children in U.S. Malnourished; Bo Derek Lobbies U.N. To Protect Ecuadorian Rain Forest; Saving a Modern Day "Garden of Eden"; Latino in America: "In Her Corner"

September 22,

&#; World Markets Plunge; Davis Executed for Officer's Murder; American Hikers Headed Home; Ahmadinejad to Address U.N.; Obama on Iran; Looking to Libya's Future; House Spending Bill Rejected; Tacoma Teachers Strike Deal; Storms Pound Japan; Should Patriotism Be a Political Tool?; Texas Executes White Supremacist; Ahmadinejad To Address U.N.; Falling Satellite; Free at Last
&#; Convicted Cop Killer Troy Davis Executed; American Hikers Released from Iranian Prison; Palestinian Statehood Showdown; Davis Executed for Officer's Murder; Palestinian Statehood Showdown; Deadly Storm in Japan; The Ahmadinejad Interview; Justice Department Spending Probed; Interview with Senator Chuck Grassley; Study Finds Adequate Omega 3 Fatty Acids Levels Contribute to Good Mood
&#; Davis Executed for Officer's Murder; Ahmadinejad to Address U.N.; Interview with Hanan Ashrawi, PLO Executive Member; R.E.M. Calls It Quits; UBS Rogue Trader In Court; Segment Examines Food Insecurity in America; All-Time "Jeopardy!" Champion Writes Book on Maps; Got Latitude?; Earth to Satellite: Where Will You Hit and When?

September 21,

&#; Lawyer: Iran to Release U.S. Hikers Today; Obama to Meet with Abbas Today; Palestinians to Seek Statehood Friday; Waiting to Die; Reno Air Show Disaster: New Video; Lawyer: Iran to Release U.S. Hikers Today; Is it Time to Rethink the Death Penalty?; Clinton Praises Huntsman and Romney; Lawyer: Iran to Release U.S. Hikers Today; Typhoon Hits Japan; U.S. Hiker Freedom Watch; Obama To Meet With Abbas; Bennett Blames U.S. For 9/11
&#; Two American Hikers Held Prisoner in Iran May Be Released Soon; Oman Playing Pivotal Role in Securing Release of American Prisoners in Iran; Palestinian Authority to Seek Statehood Status from U.N.; Hikers, Lawyer Arrive at Prison; Troy Davis Waiting to Die; Is it Time to Rethink the Death Penalty?; Lawyer: Iran To Release U.S. Hikers Today; Obama-Abbas Meeting Set; U.N. Accepts New Libyan Leaders; Deadly Home Invasion Trial; Connecticut Home Invasion Trial; Reno Air Show Disaster: New Video; Government Shutdown Looming Again; Rick Perry Criticizes President's Israel-Palestine Policies; American Hikers Held Prisoner in Iran Released
&#; Iran Releases U.S. Hikers; Obama to Meet with Abbas Today; Interview With Rep. Phil Roe; Will Fed Offer Short-Term Stimulus?; Poker Site Accused Of Ponzi Scheme; Oman Playing Pivotal Role in Securing Release of American Prisoners in Iran; Georgia Death Row Inmate Denied Clemency by Parole Board; Islamic Center Opens Near Ground Zero; U.S. Delivers Ultimatum to Pakistan

September 20,

&#; U.N. General Assembly Convenes; Governor Perry in the Big Apple; "Not Class Warfare, It's Math"; Delivering Help to the USPS; "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" Formally Ends; Bus Explosion Rocks Ankara; Ten Dead in Nevada Plane Crash; American Missing in Aruba; Dunta Robinson Fined $40, by NFL; Yanks' Rivera Sets Saves Record; Higher Tax on Millionaires Class Warfare?; Yemen Violence Escalates; Best & Worst Countries for Women; "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" Over; Police Retrace Missing Woman's Steps; Falling Satellite Headed For Earth
&#; Military Now Accepting Openly Homosexual Applicants; Controversial New Book Depicts Infighting in Obama White House; Interview with Rep. Jake Flake; Obama Meeting Libyan Leaders at U.N.; Georgia Parole Board to Decide on Troy Davis Appeal; Sea World Accused of Endangering Workers; The Real Sarah Palin?; Neighbor Writes Book About Sarah Palin; Link Found Between Diabetes and Dementia, Alzheimer's Disease; U.N. General Assembly Focuses on Non-Communicable Diseases
&#; A Message from Gadhafi?; Obama at U.N. General Assembly; "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" is History; Palestinians Seeking Statehood; Interview with John Negroponte; Military Now Accepting Openly Homosexual Applicants; New Book About Palin Family Hits Bookstores; Controversial New Book Depicts Infighting in Obama White House; "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" is Done; Brazil's President Fights Cancer; Clemency Denied for Troy Davis

September 19,

&#; Obama's Plan to Tax the Rich; Air Show Disaster; Strauss-Kahn Breaks His Silence; And the Emmy Goes To; Second Trial in Home Invasion Murders; Palestinians Seeking U.N. Membership; Federal Reserve Meeting Tuesday; Netflix Splits Into Two Services; Vick Hurt In Atlanta Return
&#; Air Race Plane Crash Kills Nine in Reno; Emmy Awards Show Largely a Repeat Previous Year; New Children's Book about Evolution Stirs Debate in U.S.; President to Unveil New Deficit Reduction Plan; Warren Buffett Calls for Tax Hike on the Rich; Kara Kennedy ; Eleanor Mondale Dies from Brain Cancer; Could Job Crisis Spark Riots; LEDA Focuses on Finding Future Leaders
&#; Obama's Plan to Reduce Deficit; Interview with Jay Powell, Former Treasury Undersecretary; Air Show Disaster; Supporters of Man on Georgia Death Row Claim his Innocence; Black in America, What It Means Today; TV's Best in Show; Anderson Cooper's Jersey Report

September 16,

&#; Geithner Tries to Calm Eurozone Crisis; Boehner's Jobs Plan; Supreme Court Stops Texas Execution; Source: Top Al Qaeda Leader Killed; "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" Ends Tuesday; Bachmann Says She's "Not a Doctor"; Motorcyclist Thanks Rescuers; Planet with Two Suns, Just Like Star Wars; Putting God in His Corner; Medal of Honor Firefight; Interview with Economist Jeffrey Sachs; Tacoma Teachers Strike
&#; Michele Bachmann Controversially Links Vaccine to Mental Retardation; Jennifer Hudson Loses Weight; Rebel Forces in Libya Prepare Push into Gadhafi's Hometown; Interview with Thomas Friedman; Obama "Very Confident" About ; Biden Touring Pennsylvania Flood Devastation; Palestinians Seeking Statehood; iPhone Fixer; Some Fans Not Happy with Jennifer Hudson Weight Loss; Sneak Peak of "Diana Nyad, Xtreme Dream"
&#; Flirting with an Economic Downturn?; FBI Training Called "Anti- Islam"; NTC Fighters Enter Sirte; PR Expert Discusses President's New Message; Some Small Businesses Complain of Government Overregulation

September 15,

&#; Solyndra Stimulus Loan Investigated; Battle for Libya; Libya: New Hot Spot for Terrorists?; Negotiating Jailed U.S. Hikers Release; Rogue Trader Costs UBS $2 Billion; Tacoma Teachers Strike; Hero Marine to Receive Medal of Honor; Cruise Liner Catches Fire; Perry and The Donald Dine; Rick Perry on a Roll; Congress Taking a Pay Cut?; "It's Been a Rocky Flight"; Interview with Senator Sherrod Brown
&#; U.S. Officials Worry Libya May Become Terrorist Haven; Investigation into Bankrupt Solar Company Continues; Interview with Stephen Moore; Congress Taking a Pay Cut?; White House Under Fire; New Negotiations to Free U.S. Hikers; Cameron, Sarkozy Visit Libya; The Jackie Kennedy Tapes; SAT Scores Drop; California Schools Use Solar to Save Money; Going in Depth on Rise of Rick Perry
&#; Rogue Trader Costs UBS $2 Billion; Solyndra Stimulus Loan Investigated; Rapper Common Interviewed about New Book; Rachel Zoe's New Project

September 14,

&#; GOP Wins Weiner's House Seat; Republicans Hold Onto Nevada Seat; Pressure's On to Pass Jobs Plan; PA Health Care Ruling; Attack on U.S. Embassy in Afghanistan Over; New Doubts About Hiker's Release; Rescued Motorcyclist Recovering; Record Million Americans in Poverty; Poverty in America; Government's Responsibility to Those in Need?; Richardson Leaving Cuba Empty-Handed; Perry & The HPV Vaccine Order
&#; Republican Wins Anthony Weiner's Old Congressional Seat; President On the Road Selling Jobs Plan; Casey Anthony's Parents Break Silence; Attack on U.S. Embassy Over; Record Poverty in America; Heroes Rescue Motorcyclist; Fewer Pat-Downs for Kids; NTSB Wants Trucker Cell Phone Ban; Anderson Gets Waxed; Recall for Immigration Law Sponsor; Ethnic Teachers Fight Ban on Ethnic Studies in Court; USDA Takes New Steps on Food Safety
&#; Record Million Americans in Poverty; Perry Under Attack; UAW, Ford Extend Contract Talks; President's Approval Ratings Sinking; Solar Energy Company Backed by Government Loans Bankrupt; Education Expert Discusses Future of American Schools; Iconic J. Crew Brand Hot Again

September 13,

&#; U.S. Embassy in Afghan, Under Attack; Iran to Free Jailed U.S. Hikers; Perry Takes Punches at Debate; Perry Under Fire at Tea Party Debate; Should President Obama's Jobs Plan be Funded by Limiting Tax Deductions?; Social Security: A Lie and A Failure?; Republicans Go After Perry; U.S. Embassy In Afghanistan Under Attack; Iran To Release Jailed U.S. Hikers; Tacoma, Washington Teachers Strike
&#; Taliban Forces Attack U.S. Embassy in Afghanistan; Rick Perry Endures Criticism in Tea Party Debate; Battle Lines at Tea Party Debate; Perry Under Attack at GOP Debate, Mainly by Romney; HPV Virus Front and Center in GOP Debate
&#; Perry Takes Punches at Debate; Bystanders Lifted A Burning Car Off A Motorcyclist; Obama Hits The Road To Sell Jobs Bill; Taliban Forces Attack U.S. Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan; PolitiFact Rates Claims Made by Candidates in GOP Debate; Menswear Booming

September 12,

&#; New Poll: Perry Widens Lead; Obama to Send Congress Jobs Plan; Bank of America May Slash Jobs; 77 Troops Hurt in Taliban Truck Bombing; Investigators Following Terror Leads; A Nation Remembers; Tea Party: No Talking Points Tonight; Rick Perry's Stand on Social Security; Obama To Send Jobs Plan To Congress; Report: Bank Of America Planning Jobs Cuts; Search For Kidnapping Suspect; Bank of America May Slash Jobs; New Poll: Perry Widens Lead
&#; Bank of America Announces Major Restructuring; Rick Perry Criticized for Remark on Social Security; GOP Presidential Hopefuls to Debate in Florida; New Poll: Perry Takes Big Lead; Poll: Perry Widens Lead; Terror Threat Investigation Ongoing; DSK Questioned by French Police; Who Can Get the Economy Moving?; Williams Loses Cool in U.S. Open Upset; Cyndi Lauper Flubs National Anthem; Serena Williams Loses Match, Loses Temper; Nadal, Djokovic Face Off; Maine Kindergarteners Get iPads
&#; New Poll: Perry Widens Lead; Interview with Herman Cain; Report: France Nuclear Plant Explosion; Hockey Team Crash Survivor Dies; Gadhafi Son Flees Libya; GOP Presidential Candidate Jon Huntsman Interviewed; A Nation Remembers; Rare Interview with Marc Jacobs

September 09,

&#; New 9/11 Terror Threat; Millions Left in the Dark; Obama Unveils $ Billion Jobs Plan; Bachmann on Obama's Plan; How has 9/11 Changed You?; The Children of 9/11; Obama Unveils Jobs Package; Millions Of Americans Without Power; Near History Floods Drown NY, PA
&#; Authorities Warn of Possible Terror Threat in New York City; Massive Power Outage Hits Southern California; Near Record Floods Drown NY and PA; The President's Jobs Plan; New 9/11 Terror Threat; "Lights Out" on Millions of Americans; Texas Wildfire 30 Percent Contained; Arrest Warrant Issued for Gadhafi; 9/11 Survivor Stories; 9/11 Memorial Update
&#; New 9/11 Terror Threat; Power Back In San Diego; Economists Like Obama's Jobs Plan; Political Analyst Assesses President's Jobs Package; Building at World Trade Center Site Continues; The 9/11 Fund: Putting a Price on Life

September 08,

&#; Perry and Romney Square Off; Obama Lays Out Jobs Plan Tonight; Russian Hockey Team Killed in Plane Crash; Jury Selection in Conrad Murray Trial; Debt Super Committee Gets to Work; Texas Burning; Is the Middle Class Unraveling; Arrests In Possible Germany Bomb Plot; Richardson's Mission In Cuba; Intruder Arrested At Dion's Home; Teaching 9/11
&#; Republican Presidential Candidates Square off in Debate; Three Storms Threatening East Coast; Sounds of a Terror Attack; Security Tight for 9/11; East Coast Flooding; Conrad Murray Trial; Awaiting Galliano Verdict; Obama Lays Out Jobs Plan Tonight; Grading the GOP Debate; Grading the GOP Debate; NASA Aims To Unlock Moon Mysteries
&#; Obama Lays Out Jobs Plan Tonight; Perry and Romney Square Off; U.S. Drops To #5 On Competitiveness List; Teaching 9/11; Class Focuses on Terrorism; AFL-CIO President Interviewed about President's Jobs Speech; NASA Delays Moon Mission; Conrad Murray Jury Selection

September 07,

&#; Flames Moving Fast; Fires Destroy Homes in Texas; Sources: Obama's Jobs Plan to Cost $B; Romney Unveils Jobs Plan; Will Rudy Run?; Nevada Shooting: "It Was Just a War Zone"; India Court Bombing; Mubarak Trial Resumes; Searching for Gadhafi; Changing Paths After 9/11; Sources: Obama's Jobs Plan to Cost $ Billion; The Deadly Dust from 9/11; Yale Wrongful Death Suit; Airport Screening, Shoes On
&#; Wildfires Burn Down Hundreds of Homes in Texas; President Prepares Jobs Speech; Mitt Romney Comes out With 59 Point Jobs Plan; Man Goes on Shooting Rampage in Carson City, Nevada; White House Moves to Save Post Office; Governor Perry: "Monstrous Storm of Smoke and Fire"; Four Killed in Nevada Ihop Shooting; Sources: Obama's Jobs Plan to Cost $B; Job Creators on Obama's Plan; National Infrastructure Bank; Aruba Suspect Appeal Hearing; Amanda Knox Could Walk; 9/11 1st Responders Still Getting Sick
&#; Fires Destroy Homes in Texas; The Schultz Plan; White House Trying To Save Postal Service; Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz Out; Oil Industry Pushes For More Drilling For Jobs; A 9/11 Widow Discusses her Husband's Battle with Cancer; U.S. Likely to Leave 3, Troops in Iraq; Dick Cheney Interviewed; One-on-One with Dick Cheney; I Saw My Hand on the Ground; Madonna Hates Hydrangeas

September 06,

&#; Texas Fires Burn Nearly Homes; Homes Damaged in Suburban Atlanta; Flooding Shuts Down Mississippi Roads; Katia Now a Category 3 Hurricane; Bachmann Campaign Shake Up; GOP Hopefuls Tout Conservative Principals; Is Postal Service Obsolete?; Wall Street Braces for Losses; Dueling Jobs Plans; Wildfires Destroy Nearly Texas Homes; Bachmann Campaign Shake-Up
&#; Two Bachmann Campaign Managers Step Down; President Preparing to Give Jobs Speech; Libyan Convoy Spotted in Niger; IPhone 5 Prototype Lost in San Francisco Bar; Sixty Plus Wildfires Burning in Texas; Is Postal Service Obsolete?; Obama's Plan to Create Jobs; Texas Burning; Peace Deal in Bani Walid?; Petraeus Starts at CIA; Obama's Jobs Plan Preview; New Questions in Hacking Scandal; Postal Service Budget Woes Threaten Post Offices; Studies on 9/11 Dust Could Help First Responders; Fires, Tornadoes, Flooding Create Chaos Across the South
&#; Texas Fires Burn Nearly Homes; Man Sues Coworkers Over Lottery Share; Big Banks Reportedly Offered Deal; CNN Special Examines Stories About 9/11; Mitt Romney Names Economic Advisers; President Prepares for Jobs Speech; Star Trek's Lt. Uhura; Family Turns Pain Into Crusade

September 05,

&#; Tropical Storm Lee Downgraded to Tropical Depression; Massive Texas Fire Threatens Homes; Deadly Plane Crash Sparks Fire; President Obama Views Irene's Aftermath; Rebel Forces Prepare for Fight; Report: China Tried to Arm Gadhafi; Knox Appeal Resumes in Italy; Explosives Stolen in Phoenix; Passenger Plane Skids Off Runway; Postal Service Nears Default; Romney Courting Tea Party; Do Unions Help or Hurt America?; Aruba Missing Woman Case; Romney Addresses Tea Party Rally; Lee Brings The Rain; Massive Texas Wildfires Threaten Homes; Obama; Biden Hit Labor Day Trail
&#; Tropical Storm Lee Heads Towards Louisiana; President Obama to Give Jobs Speech in Detroit; "March for Jobs"; Rebels Poised to Attack; Lee Soaking the South; Palin Slams Obama at Tea Party Rally; Romney Courting Tea Party; Bachmann's $2 Gas Pledge; China Tried to Arm Gadhafi; "Ready to Negotiate a Cease Fire"; Amanda Knox Appeal Resumes; DSK Returns Home to Paris; Tropical Depression Lee Heads Towards Gulf Coast; Fires Threaten Hundreds of Homes in Texas; Over Four Job Seekers Compete for Each Available Job in America
&#; Lee Soaking the South; Deadly Fires Across Texas; USPS Approaching Default; Starbucks CEO More Politically Involved; Tropical Depression Lee Heads for Gulf Coast; President to Propose Infrastructure Spending as Part of Jobs Speech; Senator Jim DeMint Holds Forum for GOP Presidential Hopefuls; Actor George Lee Andrews Ends Broadway Run; "Phantom of the Opera"; Happy Feet Back in the Waters

September 02,

&#; New Orleans Facing Tropical Storm Warning; Texas, Oklahoma Wildfires; 9/11 Firefighters Increased Cancer Risk; Big Banks Could Face Lawsuits; The August Job Report; Fuel Shortages in Libya; Criticism against Chaz Bono and ABC Fair?; Turkey Downgrades Israel Ties; A Plan to Create Jobs; Texas Wildfire 50 Percent Contained; Feds Raid Gibson Guitar Factories
&#; Tropical Storm Heads for Louisiana; Earthquake Near Bering Straits Triggers Tsunami Warnings for Alaska; ABC Criticized for Inviting Transgendered Contestant on "Dancing with the Stars"; Defiant Message Reportedly From Gadhafi; Wildfire 50 Percent Contained; Increased Cancer Risk for 9/11 Firefighters; Report: 16, Guns "Missing" Since ; GOP In Giffords' District Raffles Gun; Murder Charge Against Van Der Sloot; No Tea for Romney?; Which GOP Presidential Candidate Appeals to Tea Party; Perry Under Fire for Education Cuts; Undergrads Earn More than Those Without College
&#; A Plan to Create Jobs; New Orleans Facing Storm Warning; After Irene; White House Forecasts Sluggish Economic Recovery; American Economy Added No Jobs in August; Tennis Great Jim Courier Interviewed; U.S. Open Timing Enters Third Round; Heart Attack Proof Your Life

September 01,

&#; Only Way Back by Boat; Obama Backs Down, Aftershock in Virginia; Venus Williams Out Of U.S. Open; Obama To Visit Flood Ravaged N.J.; War Report: U.S. Wasting $12 Million A Day
&#; President Changes Speech Date to Accommodate Republican Debate; Homes Flooded in Wake of hurricane Irene; Fires Rage uncontrolled in Texas and Oklahoma; Farmers at Carolina Affected By Hurricane Irene; Airlifts to Vermont, Obama to New Jersey; Obama Backs Down; Venus Williams Out of U.S. Open; Gadhafi's Son: "My Father is Fine"; Schumer: Turn Over Lockerbie Bomber; Aruba Suspect Remaining in Custody; Santorum on Same Sex Marriage; The Safest Drivers; Little Girls Kidnap Baby Goat; Obama Reschedules His Jobs Speech; Both Political Parties Move in Opposite Directions as Obama Polls Numbers Fall; New 9/11 Commission Reports Says Lingering Security Gaps in U.S.; AT&T Mobile Traffic Up 8, Percent
&#; Texas and Oklahoma Wildfires; Only Way Back By Boat; Obama Backs Down; Trouble Brewing For Tea Party; Danger: Automation Addiction; President Moves Speech Date to Accommodate GOP Debate; Museum to Open Exhibit on 9/11; First Lady Michelle Obama Profiled in "Essence", Michelle Obama Power Player; America's Sugar High

August 31,

&#; Forty Three People Now Dead in Irene; Boats Save Families as Rivers Surge; Homes Sheared in Half; Texas Wildfire Out of Control; Wildfire Threatens Oklahoma City; New Orleans Covered in Smoke; Aruba Missing Woman Case; Conservative Women Stereotyped; Romney Reverses Course; Forgotten Victims of Libya War; Obama Disaster Declarations; Texas Wildfire Burns Out Of Control; Matthew Fox Accused Of Assault
&#; Paterson, New Jersey Experiences Severe Flooding; Some Connecticut Resident See Homes Destroyed by hurricane Irene; FEMA Chief Surveys Hurricane Damages; Obama Declares Disasters in North Carolina, New York; Texas Wildfire Out of Control; Libya's Food Crisis; Are Unions Losing Their Voice?; New Jersey Battles Floods; New Jersey Battles Floods; Cure Heart Disease With Food; Do Companies Pay Less Taxes
&#; Homes Sheared in Half; Reach Homes Crumble In Conn.; Fed Stimulus Buzz Pushes Stocks Higher; Interview with Governor Dan Malloy; Suspect in Disappearance of American Woman in Aruba May Be Freed; Paterson, New Jersey Flooded; Young Conservative Women Profiled in "Elle"; Mad as a Mamma Grizzly; Libya Food Crisis

August 30,

&#; Hundreds Stranded After Irene; Families Stranded by Irene Saved; Beachfront Homes Shredded in Connecticut; Gadhafi Family Manhunt; Alabama's Immigration Law Blocked; Vick Signs $ Million Deal; Courtroom Attack Caught on Camera; Warren Jeffs Hospitalized; Obama's Uncle Arrested; Perry's Double Digit Lead; Does Religion Matter during Elections?; Dick Cheney Unplugged; Hurricane Hype?; Dumbing Down the Debate; Most Train Service Is Back; Gadhafi Family In Algeria; Nineteen Miners Rescued; Three Still Missing
&#; Damage From Hurricane Irene Assessed; Hurricane Analysts Discuss Science Behind Forecasting; Rick Perry's Leadership Style; Does Candidate's Religion Matter during Elections?; Dick Cheney Tells All; FEMA Funding Troubles; "Hundreds" Stranded After Irene; Water Pouring Into Homes; U.N. Warning: New Strain of Bird Flu Virus; Deadly Bear Attack at Yellowstone; BART Protest Arrests; Tennis, Twitter and Nightlights; New White House Economic Adviser; Ideological Divide in Washington Over Creating Jobs, Unemployment; Dr. Sanjay Gupta's New Documentary Tells How to Keep Heart Healthy
&#; Irene Death Toll Rises to 36; Rafael Nadal Interviewed; Five Year Old Plays Weather Reporter; New Strain of Bird Flu Virus; A Petite Powerhouse

August 29,

&#; Irene Kills At Least 20; California Wildfire Grows To 4, Acres; California Wins Little League World Series; Devastating Floods in Vermont; Families Stranded in New York Mountains; Irene Hammers Outer Banks; Getting Back on Schedule; What Will Cheney Legacy Be?; Record Flooding Inundates New Jersey; Pan Am Bomber Still Alive
&#; Devastating Floods in Vermont; Flash Floods Shock Upstate New York; Irene Hammers Outer Banks; Libyan Rebels Gadhafi Still a Threat; No Extradition for Lockerbie Bomber; California Wildfire Grows to 4, Acres; Recovering from Hurricane Irene; Lessons Learned from Irene; Lockerbie Bomber Lies In Coma
&#; Irene's Damage Estimate; Irene's Affect On Gas Prices; Hurricane Irene Devastates Parts of Eastern U.S.; Flooding Shuts Down Transportation Along East Coast; Tea Party Express Kicks off Multi- State Bus Tour; Cut off in Carolina; Inside the Gadhafi Children's Villa

August 26,

&#; Hurricane Irene Closing In; Is New York City Ready?; Hurricane Warning for Coastal North Carolina; Hurricane Irene Takes Aim at New York; Irene Heads for North Carolina Coast; Irene An "Extreme" Path; Irene Evacuations Spread
&#; Hurricane Irene Expected to Hit Carolinas; New York and New Jersey Prepare for Worst Case Scenarios; Bomb Blast Rocks U.N. Building in Nigeria; The Manhunt for Gadhafi; Irene Evacuations Spread; Airlines Make Irene Plans; Hurricane Irene Closing In; Irene Heads for North Carolina Coast; New York and New Jersey Prepare for Worst Case Scenarios; Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke To Give Speech on Economy
&#; Hurricane Irene Closing In; Is NYC Ready?; Bomb Hits U.N. Building In Nigeria; Rebels Claim To Find Gadhafi's RV; Federal Reserve Chief Ben Bernanke Speech; Hurricane Irene Expected to Hit Carolinas; New York and New Jersey Prepare for Worst Case Scenarios; What if Michael Vick were White?; Children on the Edge

August 25,

&#; Irene Batters Bahamas; New Cracks in Washington Monument; National Cathedral Damaged by Quake; Steve Jobs Resigns as CEO; What Should Happen if Gadhafi's Captured?; Trapped Journalists Were "Living In Fear"; Bracing For Irene
&#; Hurricane Irene Threatens East Coast; Steve Jobs Resigns as Apple's CEO; Rebels Put Bounty on Gadhafi's Head; Magnitude Aftershock in Virginia; Two Hurt in LAX Jetway Collapse; Russian Cargo Rocket Crash; Escalade is the Most Stolen Car; The Last Heart Attack
&#; Bracing for Irene; Two Hurt In LAX Jetway Collapse; Russian Cargo Rocket Crash; Hurricane Irene Threatens East Coast; Rebels Put Bounty on Gadhafi's Head; Parts of Tripoli Still not Under Rebel Control; Turning Words into Speech

August 24,

&#; Rebels Control Gadhafi Compound; Inside Gadhafi Compound; East Coast Earthquake; Should Perp Walks be Public?; Power Restored To Nuke Plant; Bracing For Irene; Nancy Reagan Doing Fine After Fall; Where's Gadhafi?
&#; Fighting Continues Inside Gadhafi Compound; Journalist Kept in Hotel in Tripoli; Hurricane Irene Threatens Southern States; Power Restored to Nuclear Plant; Man Dies in Fall at Yosemite; New Airport Passenger Rules
&#; Battle for Tripoli; Bracing For Irene; East Coast Earthquake; Fighting Continues Inside Gadhafi Compound; Journalists held in Hotel in Tripoli; Libyan Ambassador Interviewed; Life in Libya after Gadhafi; East Coast Earthquake; New Fighting at Gadhafi Compound, Airport

August 23,

&#; Reports: Explosions Near Gadhafi Compound; Gadhafi's Son Emerges; Saif Gadhafi: Father Safe in Tripoli; Hurricane Irene Heads Toward U.S.; Case Against Dominique Strauss-Kahn to be Dropped; Stock Futures up; Banks Continue Mass Layoffs; Philly Extends Teen Curfew.
&#; Libyan Rebel Forces Surround Gadhafi Compound; Case Against Dominique Strauss-Kahn to be Dropped; Stock Futures up; Banks Continue Mass Layoffs; Concerns Surface over Control Of Weapons Stockpiles in Libya; Concern Over Libya's Weapons; Hurricane Irene Heads Towards U.S.; NATO Jets Flying Low Over Gadhafi Compound; Saif Gadhafi on The Town in Tripoli
&#; Battle for Tripoli; Obama To Gadhafi: "Get Out"; Gold Prices Keep Rising; Libyan Rebel Forces Surround Gadhafi Compound; Rebel Leader Interviewed

August 22,

&#; Explosions at Gadhafi's Compound; Libyan Rebels Enter Capital; Obama: "Tripoli Slipping From The Grasp of a Tyrant"; Gunfire in Tripoli; Families of Jailed U.S. Hikers Plead For Compassion; Teachers Fight For Facebook; Scientists Cite Gains On Lou Gehrig's Disease
&#; Libyan Rebels Take Tripoli; Gadhafi's Sons Captured; What's Next in Libya?; Some Gadhafi Forces Put Up a Fight; Explosions at Gadhafi's Compound; Families of Jailed U.S. Hikers Plead for Compassion; Case Against Dominique Strauss-Kahn; Irene Now a Hurricane
&#; Libya Uprising; Case Against Dominique Strauss-Kahn; Libyan Rebels Enter Tripoli; Pentagon Denies U.S. Troops Will Take Part in Libyan Transition; Gadhafi Regime Crumpling; The Battle for Tripoli

August 19,

&#; Brutal Day for the Markets; Markets Across The Globe Hammered; Global Markets Hammered; Twin Blasts Hit British Council; U.N. Mission Headed To Syria; Stage Collapse in Belgium; Sugarland Takes The Stage; While the President's Away; Stealth Fleet Grounded; Interview with Bruce Bartlett, Former Treasury Official; The New Harlem Street Game; "Speedo" Suit; Hazare Leaves New Delhi Jail; Papal Visits Triggers Protests In Spain
&#; Terrorist Attack Kabul, Afghanistan; Terrorists Attack Mosque in Pakistan; Stock Markets Plummet Around the World; President Criticized for Vacationing; West Memphis Three May Be Freed; Omaha Hit by Twin Hail Storms; White House to Unveil Immigration Plan; Former Yankees Bat Boy Writes Tell-All Book; Saying "No" to Heart Attack
&#; Interview with RNC Chairman Reince Priebus; Stealth Fleet Grounded; Deal For 'West Memphis Three"; West Memphis Three May Be Freed; White House to Unveil Immigration Plan; Former Yankees Bat Boy Writes Tell-All Book; ADHD on the Rise

August 18,

&#; Truck Bomber Targets U.S. Base; Report: S&P Under Investigation; Obama's Jobs Plan Outlined; Perry: I'm a Job Creator; Scandal Rocks University of Miami; Christine O'Donnell Walks Off; World Markets Sell-Off; Bus Attack In Israel; We Have A "Fitchuation"
&#; Bus Attack in Israel; Football Players of University of Miami is under investigations; O'Donnell walks out in a show; David Letterman with Death Threats; "Who are the Job Creators?"; Multiple Attacks in Israel; NYT: Justice Department Investigating S&P; Blood Connection in Aruba; Van Der Sloot Trial; School Bomb Plot Foiled; Scandal Rocks University of Miami; Keeping the Beat
&#; Bus Attack in Israel; Scandal Rocks University Of Miami; Chavez To Nationalize Gold Industry; The New Greatest Generation; Bitter Pill; Foursquare, New Social Network

August 17,

&#; Perry's Campaign Offensive; Obama on Perry: "I'll Cut Him Some Slack"; Giuliani to Enter Race?; Lightning Strike at Sea World; Firecrackers Found on Southwest Flight; U.K. Phone Hacking Scandal; Vegas Hotel Deemed Unsafe; Obama Talks Jobs; Perry Vs. Bernanke; Lightning Strike At SeaWorld; Defense Contactor Charged
&#; President Interviewed; Perry Stands By Comment Regarding Fed Chairman; Michele Bachmann Releases Net Worth; Gay Marriage Woes; Gay Marriage Woes; Obama Wraps Up Bus Tour; Obama: Concern About Lone Wolf Terror; First Responders Not Invited; Perry's Fighting Words; "A Very Wild Place"; Unexpected Signs of Heart Disease
&#; The Gift of Rest; Interview with Joe Lieberman; Sugarland's Memorial For Fans; Back To School In Joplin; Over a Dozen People Die a Year at Yosemite; Rebels Making Progress on Tripoli; Author Discusses U.S. Educational System

August 16,

&#; Obama's Heartland Bus Tour; Obama, Interrupted; Perry on Obama; Ron Paul: "They're Afraid of Me"; Biden Heads to Asia; Stocks Erase Last Week's Losses; Officers Run Down During London Riots; NHL Player Found Dead; American Woman Missing in Aruba; BART Trains Up and Running; Latino "Day of Action"; Ali Velshi on "The Daily Show"; American Kidnapped in Pakistan; Battle for Libya; Fliers at Risk?; Defense Wants New Trial In Sweat Lodge Case; South Korea And U.S. Begin Military Exercise; Biden Heads To China
&#; Aruba Holds Suspect in American Woman's Disappearance; President has Run-in with Tea Partyer; Warren Buffett Calls For Higher Taxes on the Very Rick; The Battle for Libya; Soul Food and Success; Arrest in London Riots; North Sea Oil Spill; Flash Mob Robs Maryland ; A Call for Change; Teen Swept Over Niagara Falls; Bishops Sue to Block Immigration Law; The Last Heart Attack
&#; Interview with Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack; Mourning The King; Life After Atlantis; Cancer Survivor's Mission

August 15,

&#; Tragedy at the Indiana State Fair; GOP Winners and Losers; Obama Job Performance; Mubarak Back in Court; Ruth Madoff Cutting Ties with Bernie?; "Be Ready For The Fight"; Syrian Navy Launches Attack; Jordan's Push For Equality; Indiana State Fair Tragedy
&#; Stage Collapses at Indiana State Fair: Michele Bachmann Wins Iowa Straw Poll; Rick Perry Enters GOP Presidential Race; "This is the Kitchen of Life"; Indiana State Fair to Reopen; Iraq Attacks Kill at Least 69; Obama Begins Bus Tour; Did China Study Stealth Chopper?; Small Town Gems!; Autism Runs in Families
&#; Obama Job Performance; Starbucks CEO: Stop Political Contributions; Recession Worries; Federal Courts Make Contradictory Rulings on Health Care Law; New Hotline Provides Answers to Questions About Islam; Economy Entering "Danger Zone"?; "Worm" in the Basketball Hall of Fame; GOP's New Presidential Field

August 12,

&#; Perry to Announce White House Bid; GOP Debate; "Corporations are People"; U.S. Markets Bounce Back; "Super Committee" Set; U.S. ID's Troops in Downed Chopper; Cameron to Rioters: "You Will Pay"; Anthony "Responsible" for Daughter's Death; , Post Office Layoffs?; Tiger Roars, Then Unravels; Google Me Bachmann; Five Americans Killed In Afghanistan; Michael Jackson Tribute Line Up; Fight Against Flash Mobs
&#; Rick Perry to Enter GOP Presidential Race; GOP Presidential Hopefuls Square Off in Debate; Congressman Calls for House to Reconvene; PGA Championship Round Two; Gay Characters on Children's TV?; Slugfest in Iowa; Overseas Markets Mostly Up; Perry Getting In; GOP Debate; Iowa Face-Off; What America Makes and Spends; China's Push to be a Superpower
&#; GOP Race Comes Alive; East St. Louis The New "Wild West"; Fight Against Flash Mobs; Rick Perry Expected to Announce Presidential Bid; New Documentary Examines Mountain Top Mining; Battle for Blair Mountain; Unlikely Animal Friendships

August 11,

&#; Fear Returns to Wall Street; Markets in Europe Rally; Nine Down, Three to go: Budget "Super Committee" Nearly Complete; Homemade Bomb Tied to Gas Line; Cop Snared in U.K. Hacking Probe; Obama Hosts Iftar Dinner; Rioting in Britain; PGA Championship Tees Off Today; Desperate for Drinking Water; Cameron Speaks on Riots in Britain; Gauging The GOP Race; Cameron Addresses Parliament On Riots
&#; Stock Up in Europe; Some Calling for Congress to Cut Short Recess; Hollywood Making Movie on Killing of Bin Laden; Increased Police Presence Reducing Rioting in London; Verizon Sabotage?; Mini Congress, Same Problems?; Wild Market Ride; Super Committee Staffing; Cameron: Won't Put Up with Violence; Cancer's Serial Killer?; Super Committee Selections; Desperate for Drinking Water
&#; Interview with Senator Pat Toomey; "Perfect Storm" Hits NYC; Drama At 30 Rock; Let Bert And Ernie Marry?; Yale Graduate Teaches Underprivileged Children; Tiger Woods Plays in PGA Tournament; Mistakes in Scientific Research

August 10,

&#; Rioting in Britain; Koreas Exchange Fire; Markets Bounce Back; Three Democrats Picked for Super Committee; President Obama Honors Fallen Troops; Polygamist Leader's Life Sentence; GOP Holding On to Power; New Riots Overtake England; . to Tell Syria's Assad "Get Out"
&#; Increased Police Presence in London Responds to Riots; Names of Fallen SEALs Not Released; New Poll Indicates Americans Prefer Higher Taxes to Entitlement Cuts; GOP Holding On to Power; China Unveils First Aircraft Carrier; States May Now Opt Out of No Child Left Behind; Keeping It Green
&#; Three Dems Picked for Super Committee; American Woman Vanishes In Aruba; "Dougherty Clan" Manhunt; Giants Fan Beating; China Unveils First Aircraft Carrier; States May Now Opt Out of No Child Left Behind; Original Skin

August 09,

&#; Stocks Dive After Downgrade; U.K. Riots Spreading; Perry Ready to Run?; Stock Markets in a Tailspin; Cameron Speaks on Riots in Britain; All Eyes on the Fed Today; "Always Will Be A "AAA" Country"; S&P Downgrades Fannie and Freddie; Hundreds of Municipalities Downgraded; Rioting In Britain; Selloff Continues Across the Globe; Perry Ready to Announce; Teen Curfew In Philly; Paterno Injured During Practice
&#; Stock Markets Around the World Continue to Tumble; Some Claim Conservative Women Treated Unfairly in Media; Wisconsin Voters Head to Polls; Selloff Continues Across the Globe; Perry Ready to Announce?; Famine in Somalia; Youth Gone Wild; Worldwide Selloff Continues; Fallen SEALs Return Home; Record Swim Try Falls Short; Rioting in Britain; U.S. Booted From AAA Club; World Markets Comeback Fades
&#; Stock Markets in a Tailspin; Obama Approval Rating at 44 Percent; Perry Ready To Run; Republican Presidential Candidates Courting Evangelicals; Riots Continue in London

August 08,

&#; High Anxiety Over Economy; Geithner Stays on; Investors Fear Credit Downgrade; Geithner Staying on the Job; Ohio Shooting Spree; Police Shooting Sparks Riots; Man Dies Swimming NYC Triathlon; Deadliest Blow of the War; Nyad Attempting Mile Swim; Markets React to Credit Downgrade; Downgrade's Impact on Housing
&#; White House Reacts to S&P's Downgrading America's Credit Rating; Timothy Geithner to Remain Treasury Secretary; Navy SEALs Killed in Helicopter Crash in Afghanistan; Economic Woes Because of Poverty?; Where Are The Jobs?; Giving the Poor a Voice; Keep Sack Lunches Cold
&#; Anxiety Rocks World Markets; Deadliest Blow of War; Financial Expert Analyzes Investment Opportunities in U.S. Economy; Governor Rick Perry's Call to Prayer; Hunger Crisis in Somalia

August 05,

&#; Stock Markets Slide; World Markets Reeling; Stocks Take a Beating Worldwide; Deal to End FAA Funding Standoff; New Jobs Push for Vets; Biden Heading to Asia; Penalty Phase for Warren Jeffs; So Much Heat, So Little Rain; Heat Wave Claims More Lives; How Safe is Our Food?; Syrian Crackdown In Hama; Obama's Jobs For Vets Plan; Teachers March For Education Reform
&#; Markets Around World Tumble; U.S. Jobs Report To Be Released; Syria Cracks Down on Protestors; Coming Home; Coming Home; Bus Shooting Caught on Tape; Power Limits Pushed; Stocks Slide South; "Operation: Shady Rat"; The City That Never Shines
&#; Stocks Take a Beating Worldwide; Heat Wave Claims More Lives; NYT Poll: 82 Percent Of American Respondents Are Angry With Both Republicans And Democrats, And Both Congress And White House; July Produces Better than Expected Jobs Gains; Unemployment Rate Falls Slightly; New Book Reveals FBI Secrets

August 04,

&#; Americans Off to Work; Salmonella Outbreak; Burning Up; "Come Back, Congress!"; Ground Turkey Recalled; Historic Heat in South; "When is it OK to Vacation in Washington?"; David Cassidy Says Sony Cheated Him; Obama: End FAA Funding Dispute; Japan Fires Top Nuclear Officials
&#; FAA Workers Furloughed; Contaminated Ground Turkey Causes Salmonella Outbreak; Heat Wave Hits Southern Plains; New Counterterrorism Plan Unveiled; Cities in Crisis; David Cassidy Says Sony Cheated Him; President Obama Celebrates 50th Birthday Today; Meet London's Super Cop
&#; Heat Breaks Records, Cars; "Come Back, Congress!"; Kraft Foods To Split Into Two Companies"; President Celebrates His 50th Birthday; Tiger Woods Returns to Pro Golf; Want to Live to ?

August 03,

&#; Debt Deal Becomes Law; Mubarak Trial Begins; The Cop Who Can't be Stopped; Default Averted, Battles Loom; U.S. Keeps Its AAA Credit Rating; FAA Funding in Limbo; Security Breach at the White House; Rhode Island City Files for Bankruptcy; "Negotiate Like Terrorists"; NOLA Police Shooting Trial; NBA Sues Players; Leo's Titanic Payday
&#; FAA Loses Funding as Congress Breaks; Ground Turkey Causing Salmonella Outbreak; Heat Wave Hits Texas and Oklahoma; After the Debt Deal; Mubarak on Trial in Cairo; Another Arrest in U.K. Hacking Scandal; Debt Deal Triggers Global Selloff; Rhode Island City Files for Bankruptcy
&#; Mubarak Trial Begins; Middle East Peace Talks to Resume?; Deadly Degree Heat Streak; Chinese Ratings Agency Downgrades U.S. Debt; Money Expert Gives Financial Advice; New American Citizen Walks Across Country; Walk Like an American; Study: Hospitals Not Supporting Breastfeeding

August 02,

&#; Giffords Brings Down the House; FAA Funding Fight; Default Deadline Arrives; Rhode Island City Files for Bankruptcy; Casey Anthony Probation Order; Drought and Famine Grip Somalia; Putin Calls U.S. A "Parasite"; Ford Recalls Pickup Trucks
&#; Senate to Vote on Debt Bill; Giffords Returns to Vote on House Debt Bill; Syrian Troops Clash with Civilians; Is Compromise a Sign of Weakness?; Saying No to A Debt Deal; Lethal Levels at Damaged Nuke Plant; Reports Finds Angioplasties May be Overused
&#; Senate Vote on Debt Plan Today; Global Rally Fizzles; Randy Moss Retires; U.S. Stock Futures Trading Lower; Senate to Vote on Debt Bill; Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords Votes in House on Debt Bill; Rolling Stone Photographer Publishes Iconic Pictures; Safe Playgrounds, Safe Kids

August 01,

&#; Deal to Prevent Default; A Relief Rally; Washington Reaches a Debt Deal; Global Markets Rally on U.S. Debt Deal; Report: Breivik Shopped on eBay; Bloody Crackdown in Syria; MTV Turns 30; Signing Peyton Manning; Mubarak To Stand trial On Human Rights Charges; Memorial For IW Bridge Collapse Victims
&#; New Hampshire Girl Mysteriously Disappears; White House and Congressional Leaders Reach Debt Deal; Vote Expected on Debt Deal; Bloody Crackdown in Syria; Jailed U.S. Hikers Await Sentence; Mexican Drug Cartel Leader Arrested; Plaxico Burress Signs with Jets; Health Insurance Plans Must Provide Birth Control for Free
&#; Washington Reaches a Deal; Egypt Air Cockpit Fire; HSBC to Cut Thousands Of Jobs; Historians Discuss Presidential Leadership; Plaxico Burress to Play for Jets; Father-Son Bonding Experience; MTV Turns 30

July 29,

&#; House Puts Off Vote on Boehner Debt Bill; Fort Hood Targeted; Donut Burger; Plan B if No Debt Deal; No Debt Ceiling Vote; Ft. Hood Terror Plot Foiled; Tylenol's Lower Dosage
&#; Vote on House Debt Ceiling Plan Delayed; Markets Around the World Falter; Police Stop Potential Killing Spree; Fort Hood Terror Plot Foiled; Tropical Storm Don Moving Toward Texas; Republicans Not Sold on Boehner's Plan; Plan B If No Debt Deal; North Korea and U.S. Talking
&#; House Puts Off Vote on Boehner Debt Bill; Wall Street Pipes In On Debt Ceiling Debate; Boehner Tries To Rally Republicans; Negotiation in House on Boehner Bill Continue; Tech-Free Vacation; F- 16 Skids Off Runway

July 28,

&#; House Votes Today on GOP Debt Plan; Obama Won't Go It Alone; Commission to Investigate Norway Massacre; Bachmann a "No" Vote on Debt Plan; Govt. Can Fund Stem Cell Embryo Research; Warren Jeffs Trial
&#; Congress Still Negotiating Raising Debt Ceiling; Video of Norway Bombing Released; 9/11 Workers with Cancer Receive No Compensation from Fund; "This is an Injustice"; Oslo Bombing Aftermath; Vote on Boehner Debt Plan Today; House Votes Today on GOP Debt Plan; NOTW Staff Offered Jobs in Siberia; Is That You, Julia?
&#; House Votes Today on GOP Debt Plan; Alex Trebek Hurt Chasing Hotel Burglar; Yankees Host Get Together for Kids From Haiti; Michele Bachmann Discusses Her Family; Psychic In Suburbia; Mauled By a Bear

July 27,

&#; Vote on Boehner Debt Plan Delayed; Is August 2nd Really D-Day?; Updates on Recent Trials; Servers Crashing, Switchboards Jamming; Flight from the Dollar; Boehner Debt Plan Vote Delayed; State Dept. Travel Warning; Ciudad Juarez "Under Control"
&#; Boehner Delays Vote on Debt Ceiling Bill; Senator Introduces Bill Prioritizing Federal Financial Obligations; Suicide Bomber Kills Kandahar Mayor; Man Accused of Threatening President; No Vote on Boehner's Debt Plan; "I Wouldn't Raise the Debt Ceiling"; Oslo Train Station Evacuated; Teen Hitman Found Guilty in Mexico; Using the Force on Washington
&#; Vote on Boehner Debt Plan Delayed; America's AAA Rating at Risk; Coach Accused Of Urinating In Public; California Secures Big Loan In Case U.S. Defaults On Debt; Boehner Debt Plan Hits Snag; Congress Still Working Through Debt Ceiling Talks; Dollar Losing Value Against Other Currencies; Nation's Students Less than Proficient in History; 9/11 Health Fund Won't Cover Cancer

July 26,

&#; Debt Crisis Blame Game; A Look at Dueling Plans for Debt Ceiling; Breivik's Father Speaks Out; Strauss-Kahn Accuser to File Lawsuit; Debt Ceiling Deadline: 7 Days Away; Obama Makes Debt Ceiling Plea; Breivik Claims Help From Two Cells
&#; No Deal Yet Reached on Raising Debt Ceiling; Breivik Attorney Speaks Out; Breivik Attorney Speaks Out; Breivik's Father Speaks Out; Obama and Boehner Make Prime-Time Pitches; Debt Crisis Blame Game; Drastically Lower Drug Prices
&#; Debt Crisis Blame Game; NOLA Airport Shooting; 3, Post Offices On Chopping Block; Norway Mourns; Debt Ceiling Negotiations Stalled; Woman Accusing Dominique Strauss-Kahn of Sexual Assault Interviewed; DNA Evidence in Amanda Knox Murder Case Undermined; Back on the Bike After Paralyzing Crash

July 25,

&#; Markets React to Debt Talks; Norway Terror Suspect in Court; Wedding Bells Ring in New York; DSK Accuser Breaks Her Silence
&#; Deadline for Raising Debt Ceiling Looms Amid Stall Negotiations; Norway Bombing and Shooting Suspect to Appear in Courtroom; Same Sex Couples Begin to Marry in New York; DSK Accuser Breaks Her Silence; A Mass Murderer's Manifesto; A Mass Murderer's Manifesto; Congressman David Wu Ethics Investigation; DSK Accuser Goes Public; Obama and Republicans Work on Debt Deals; Debt Crisis Rattles Investors; Asia Markets Down on Debt Fears; Debt Stalemate: How Did We Get Here?; Dodger Stadium Beating Suspects in Court; Heisman Winner Wrecks Car; NFL Lockout End in Sight; Ben Roethlisberger is Marriedj; New Film, Starring You
&#; DSK Accuser Speaks Out; Debt Talk Gridlock; Norway Terror Suspect In Court; Schwarzenegger Son Injured; Amy Winehouse Dead at 27; Debt Ceiling Compromise Not Yet Reached; New Study Shows High Suspension Rate for Texas Schools; Does School Discipline Go Overboard?; Norway Terror Suspect Leaves Court

July 22,

&#; Triple Digit Heat-Wave Spreads; Obama Tries to Sell New Proposal; Perry Attracting Republican Support; Comic-Con Hits San Diego; NFL Owners Approve Deal; Judge To Lilo: Step It Up; Betty's Beethoven
&#; Obama Pushes Compromise Debt Plan; NFL Owners Approve Deal; U.S. Loses $ Billion In Chrysler Bailout; Home Invader Hits Iowa Congressman's Home; Phil Mickelson Discusses Golf, Education
&#; Heat Wave Grips Much of the Country; NFL May be Close to Ending Lockout; Debt Ceiling Deadline Looms; Obama Pushes Compromise Debt Plan; Tiger's Fired Caddy Talks; Pentagon to End Gay Military Ban; Eleven Days to Raise the Debt Ceiling; NFL Owners Approve Deal; "You Don't Fit The Uniform"; Deadly Heat Spreads; Report: New Arrests in Fan Beating; "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" Set to Go

July 21,

&#; Atlantis Touches Down; Obama Optimistic About Debt Deal; Boat with a Brain; No Deal to End NFL Lockout; Hacking Investigation Widens; Final Shuttle Mission Complete; London Fines Obama Over Congestion Fee
&#; Deal Still Not Reached In Debt Ceiling Negotiations; Atlantis Touches Down for Last Time; Investigations Continue Into Newspaper Phone Hacking Scandal; Target Syrian Activists in U.S.; Afghan Female Pilots Training in U.S.; U.K. Hacking Investigation Widens; Final Shuttle Voyage Complete; Space Shuttle Now History; Yosemite Deaths; California Windsurfer Rescued; Shark Attack; New Mammogram Guidelines
&#; "America Will Not Stop Exploring"; NFL Accused Of Concussion Cover-up; Heat Wave Blamed For 22 Deaths; Newspaper Scandals in Britain Expanding; U.S. Women's Soccer Team Goalie Makes "Sports Illustrated" Cover; If You Can't Beat them, Eat Them; How Hot Is It?

July 20,

&#; Prime Minister Cameron Set to Face Parliament; Dueling Debt Plans: GOP Passes House Plan; Sixteen Arrests in Hacking Investigation; British PM Cameron In House Of Commons
&#; David Cameron Questioned in U.K. Parliament; Cameron Addresses House of Commons; Debt Talks Expected to Resume; Taliban Denies Omar's Death, Blames Hacking; 16 Arrests in Hacking Investigation; FBI Targets Hacking Groups; $55 Million or No School; Misleading Menus
&#; Cameron Faces Parliament; Largest Ever Plane Deal; Moody's Warns Five States Of Rating Downgrade; High School Teacher Quitting Due to Low Pay; Rick Perry Considering Presidential Run; NFL Lockout: Economic Fallout; Murdoch's Close Shave

July 19,

&#; Hacking Hearing Set to Begin; Murdoch Out as CEO; Debt Ceiling Deadlock; Rep. Boswell's Home Invaded; Secret U.S.-Libya Talks
&#; Rupert and James Murdoch to Appear Before British Parliament; Debt Ceiling Negotiations Continue; Hacking Hearing Underway; Gay Conservatives Reach Out to Bachmann; House to Vote on "Cut, Cap and Balance"; Atlantis Leaves Space Station
&#; Hacking Hearing Begins; Huge Typhoon Heads For Japan; Murdoch On The Ropes?; Rupert Murdoch To Testify Before U.K. Parliament; Childhood Obesity Number One Concern with Parents; One-Third of Teens are Overweight; Team U.S.A. Is Here

July 18,

&#; Hacking Scandal Widens; Casey Anthony Released from Jail; Dangerous Heat in the Midwest; Debt Ceiling Talks to Resume; World Cup Win Lifts Spirits in Japan; News Corp's Brooks Arrested; Home Invasion At Congressman's Farm; Woman Charged With Groping TSA Agent
&#; Casey Anthony Leaves Jail; Japan Wins Women's World Cup Soccer Finals; Heat Waves Grips Midwest; London Police Commissioner Resigns Amid Scandal; Petraeus Hands Off Afghan Command; Iowa Congressman's Home Invaded; Debt Talks Set to Resume; Berlusconi in Court; Egyptian Cabinet Shakeup; Nelson Mandela Turns 93; Marine Asks Betty White to the Ball
&#; Hacking Scandal Widens; World Cup Win Lifts Spirits in Japan; Slow And Steady Wins The Race; Obama To Nominate Consumer Bureau Chief; Casey Anthony Leaves Jail; Author Discusses Childless Women; Actors Accepting Dates with Marines; Hot Dog!

July 15,

&#; Hacking Scandal's 1s Casualty; Debt Talks on Pause; Delta Clips Regional Jet; Egypt's Second Revolution; Mila Kunis Keeps Date With Marine; Protesters Return To Tahrir Square; Carmageddon Is Near
&#; President Calls for Break in Debt Ceiling Negotiations; Casey Anthony Receiving Threats; Tim Pawlenty Discusses Federal Debt Ceiling; Interview with Tim Pawlenty; "Stone Cold Killer"; Debt Ceiling Talks on Hold; Casey Anthony Out of Jail Sunday; Planning Another 9/11?; News Corp Resignation; Hacking Scandal's First Casualty; Holder Confirms Hacking Investigation; Wild About "Harry"; News Corp Resignation; Shock Trauma Center
&#; Stalemate in Debt Ceiling Talks; CDC: Smoking In Movies Down Sharply; Pot Plantation Bust!; Survey: Americans Plan To Retire Later; U.S. Women's Soccer Team In World Cup Finals; Casey Anthony Facing Negative Publicity; What's Next for Casey Anthony?; One Woman Whose Garden Changed Lives

July 14,

&#; America's Credit Rating on Notice; Fighting Continues in Libya; Borders Books Facing Bankruptcy; Debt Talks Turn Tense; U.K. Phone Hacking Arrest; Search For Mumbai Attackers
&#; Fighting Continues in Libya; Parliament Summons News Corp Execs; Debt Limit Talks Turn Tense; America's Credit Rating on Notice; One Pill with Potential to Prevent AIDS
&#; America's Credit Rating on Notice; Obama & GOP Get Tense in Talks; Getting America Working; Teen Sexting Crackdown In Rhode Island; ConocoPhillips Splitting Up; Hacking Scandal Hits American's Shores

July 13,

&#; Debt Deal Stalemate; Inside the Bachmann Family Business; Summer Swelter; Parliament Wants Murdoch; More Debt Talks; Rodney King, DUI
&#; Loughner Can Refuse Medication; Debt Ceiling Talks; Debt Deal Stalemate; Prime Minister Blasts News Corp
&#; Confessions of Juror Number 3; Can Smelly Socks Save Lives?; U.S. Official: CIA Operatives In Somalia; Search Group Sues Casey Anthony; Debt Debate Warning

July 12,

&#; British Tabloid Scandal Widens; Debt Ceiling and Your Bottom Line; Feeling The Heat; Dealing With Debt; Space Junk Threatens Spacewalk
&#; Debt Talks Deadlocked; Report: Murdock Papers Targeted Former Prime Minister Brown; Obama Challenges GOP; Summer Scorcher; Stun Gun Found on JetBlue Flight; New Gun Reporting Requirements; Harry Potter Fever Hits America; New Calorie Displaying Rules for Restaurants
&#; British Tabloid Scandal Widens; Pakistani Doctor Arrested; Obama Challenges GOP; Decade of Speeches: $75 Million; A Man Flies 10 Million Miles on United Airlines; Soldier Asks Mila Kunis Out Via YouTube; Spacewalk Scheduled for Astronauts; Inside the International Space Station; An Artist Reborn

July 11,

&#; No Deal on Debt Ceiling; The Last Edition; Royals Bid Farewell to U.S.; Pakistan to U.S.: Keep Your Money; Back To The White House Today; Space Junk Alert; Unplug For Safety
&#; "News of the World" Shuts Down Amid Scandal; Panetta Warns of Increasing Attacks on Americans; Mullen Visits China; Heat Wave to Hit Central and Southern U.S.; Casinos Invading Your Strip Mall?; NASA: Space Junk Not a Threat; Deadline to Default; How to Raise the Debt Ceiling
&#; Debt Ceiling Deadline; Tiger Woods Announcement: A.M. ET; Second Quarter Earnings This Week; Student Gives Away Prize Money; U.S. Denies Military Aid to Pakistan; Atlanta School District Caught in Cheating Scandal; School Cheating Scandal; Jaycee Dugard's "Stolen Life"

July 08,

&#; Countdown to the Final Launch; New Debt Talks On Sunday
&#; Countdown to the Final Launch; End of the "World"; Countdown to Final Launch; Fan's Fatal Fall; Berlusconi: No Second Term; What's Next for NASA?: Post Shuttle Plans for Space Agency; The Future of Cancer Treatment?; Final Countdown Continues; Heading to Launch Pad; The World Cup of Science Fair
&#; Launch is Go!

July 07,

&#; Moving Closer to Deb Ceiling Deal? Outrage in UK Over British Tabloid Phone Hacking Scandal; Facebook's Deal with Skype; Art Thief in San Francisco Steals $, Picasso Drawing; Loughner's Forced Medication Hearing; Court: Stop Enforcing Don't Ask, Don't Tell
&#; The "Final Four"; Prosecutors: Not Dropping DSK Case; Audio Tapes from Plane with Hole; Landmark U.S.-Mexico Truck Deal; Bulls Unleashed in Pamplona; The Royals are Coming; Royal Fever Hits America
&#; "I Did Not Say She was Innocent"'; DSK Won't Accept a Plea Bargain; Moving Closer to Deb Ceiling Deal?; The Final Shuttle Launch; Interview with Lead Prosecutor in Casey Anthony Case; Interview with Chris Van Hollen; Interview with Paul Ryan

July 06,

&#; Casey Anthony: Not Guilty of Murder; Breaking the Debt Ceiling Stalemate; Obama To Hold Debt Talks; DSK Attorneys to Meet with Prosecutors; Oil Spill In Yellowstone River
&#; Did Casey Anthony Get Away with Murder?; Breaking the Debt Ceiling Stalemate; Atlanta Schools Cheating Scandal; Terror Suspect Brought to U.S.; Arizona Sandstorm Grounds Flights; Oil Spill Stains Yellowstone River; DSK Attorneys Meet with Prosecutors; Arraignment Day for "Whitey" Bulger; Court Halts Loughner's Forced Medications; Facebook's Awesome Announcement; What Causes Autism?
&#; NASA: Forty Percent Chance Of Friday Liftoff; Facebook "Awesome" Announcement; Al Qaeda Reemerges in Afghanistan; Time Limit Looms Over Debt Ceiling Talks; Casey Anthony Acquited on Murder Charges; Breaking the Debt Ceiling Stalemate; "Progress of the World's Women"

July 05,

&#; Casey Anthony Murder Trial; New Claims Against Strauss-Kahn; Prince William and Catherine in Canada; Suspected Drug Lord Arrested; The General-Turned-Rebel
&#; NFL Talks Resume Today; Firefighters Hurt in California Crash; Casey Anthony Murder Trial; New Accusations against Dominique Strauss- Kahn; All Eyes on the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge; Fireworks Barge Catches Fire in the Charles River; New Warnings for Chantix Patients; Preparations for the NASA's Final Space Launch
&#; New Allegations Against DSK; Casey Anthony Murder Trial; Lagarde's First Day As IMF Chief; Economists Rank Greece As Scariest Risk; Bank Branch Closures Nation Wide; Interview with Rick Santorum; Her Debut International Thriller; Treating Soldiers with Brain Injuries; Space Shuttle: Final Mission

July 04,

&#; Tour Boat Sinks, Americans Aboard; Casey Anthony Murder Trial; Mladic Tossed from Court; Walking Across America; What the World Will Look Like in ; Egypt Pipeline Explodes
&#; Time Ticking on Debt Ceiling Deal; Closing Arguments in the Casey Anthony Trial; Six People Missing After Boat Sank in Mexico
&#; Casey Anthony Murder Trial; The Final Countdown; Hackers Claim Apple Attack; What Makes America Great; Man versus Tornado

July 01,

&#; Dominique Strauss-Kahn Off the Hook?; Casey Anthony's Defense Rests; Gates Awarded Medal of Freedom; Nightmare Mother-in-Law Attacks; Minnesota Government Shutdown; Royal Newlyweds Visit Canada; "The War Next Door"
&#; Defense in the Casey Anthony Trial Rests; Casey Anthony Does Not Testify on Her Own Behalf; Timothy Geithner May Step Down as Treasury Secretary After a Debt Ceiling Deal is Reached; Texas Redistricting Battle
&#; Senate Cancels Holiday Recess; NBA Locks Out Players; Some Fast Food Chains Serving Alcohol; Leon Panetta Takes Over as Secretary of Defense; Problems Arise for the Prosecution in the Dominique Strauss- Kahn Sexual Assault Case; Pizzas 4 Patriots

June 30,

&#; Pakistan Boots U.S. from Airbase; Casey Anthony Murder Trial; Under Fire in Afghanistan, Los Alamos Wildfire; Obama to Lawmakers: Do Your Job; Civil Unions in Rhode Island; Farewell, Robert Gates
&#; "The Best Kept Secret in America"; Terror Leader Taken Out; Arlene Makes Landfall; Nigerian Man Sneaks on Flight; Obama Slams Republicans for Not Raising Debt Ceiling; Popular Breast Cancer Drug May Lose FDA Approval
&#; Pakistan Kicks U.S. Military Off Base; Body In Public Pool; Accidentally Forgotten Tourist; Royal Runaway Bride?; Lung Cancer Scans Save Lives; Most Common Car Repairs

June 29,

&#; Terrorist Attack at Intercontinental Hotel in Kabul; Los Alamos Fire; Casey Anthony Murder Trial; Decision Day in Greece; Sarah Palin in Doc Debuts in Iowa
&#; Casey Anthony Murder Trial; Syria: Not Attacking Protesters; Greece Voting on Austerity Bill; Kabul Hotel Terror Attack; Talks Heat Up Over Raising Debt Ceiling; Newsweek's Diana at Dynamic or Disturbing?
&#; Decision Day in Greece; Terror Attack on Kabul Hotel; Bulger Accuses Of FBI Leaks; Hotel Closes Because of Falling Glass; The Final Shuttle Voyage; Los Alamos Wildfire; Princess Diana: Tribute, or Tacky?; Decision Day in Greece

June 28,

&#; Floods Threaten Nebraska Nuke Plants; Casey Anthony Trial; Blagojevich: "I Am Stunned"; Bachmann Mixes Up John Waynes; "We are Not Targeting Demonstrators"; On the Ground in Yemen; A Hour Strike Paralyzes Greece; Blagojevich Convicted Of 17 Charges; Pet Sale Ban
&#; Wildfire Shuts Down Los Alamos National Lab; Gabrielle Giffords Makes First Public Appearance; Bachmann is In; Violent Protest Breaks in Greece; Student Fired for Wearing Headscarf
&#; Protests Turn Violent in Greece; Bachmann Makes It Officialj; Pipe Bombs Found After Truck Crash; Casey Anthony Set To Resume; Big Win For Video Game Makers; Protecting your Privacy; Paging Dr. Ironman; Protests Turn Violent in Greece

June 27,

&#; River Starts to Recede in Minot, N.D.; Bachmann to Announce Bid; Flooding Threatens Nebraska Nuke Plants; Obama to Hold Debt Ceiling Talks; Casey Anthony Trial Resumes
&#; On the Street and Online; Gadhafi Indictments?; Wildfire Closes Los Alamos Lab; Flood Threatens Nebraska Nuke Plants; Minot's Flood Fight; Gadhafi Indictments; Going too Far? TSA Searches Elderly Woman's Diaper; Electronic Arts Hit by Hackers; Protecting Yourself Online
&#; Flooding Threatens Nebraska Nuke Plants; Casey Anthony Trial; Electronic Arts Hit By Hackers; CitiGroup Hackers Took $ Million; Layoffs Loom For State Workers; Not Paying the Mortgage on Purpose; Same-Sex Marriage Victory Lap

June 24,

&#; Republicans Walk Out of Debt Talks; Cindy Anthony's Bombshell; North Dakota Floods Get Worse; Cell Phone Clues on Bin Laden?; Streaming Bird's Nest
&#; Casey Anthony Trial Continues; Drivers Could Save at Pump; Tales of Brutality from "Southie"; Tales of Brutality from "Southie"; U.S. Citizens Charged in Terror Plot; Obama Backs "Equality," Not Marriage; Republicans Walk Out of Debt Talks; Political Deadlock, Clock Ticking; New York Same-Sex Marriage Vote; Tax Fight Stalls Debt Talks; Futures Trading Up; Stress and the City; Selling Your Prescription
&#; Obama Backs "Equality", Not Marriage; Cell Phone Clues on Bin Laden?; Metta World Peace, Yes!!; IRS Hikes Gas Mileage Tax Break; Lexus, Honda Top Best Cars List; America's Best High School; One-on- One with Michael Phelps

June 23,

&#; Casey Anthony Bombshell; Selling the Plan for Afghanistan; Most Wanted Fugitive Caught; Pilot Rant Caught on Tape; Bloody Crackdown in Syria; After the Speech, the Fight Goes On; Man Allowed To Fly Wearing Only Women's Underwear; Lindsay Lohan Probation Violation
&#; New Airport Rules for Child Pat-Downs; Pilot Rant Caught on Tape; 33, "Surge" Troops Coming Home; After Harry Potter, Its Pottermore; Harry and Pippa: The Next Royal Couple? FDA Report: Breast Implants Safe, Need Replacement After 10 Years
&#; Casey Anthony Bombshell; Drawing Down, With New Focus; Greece Unions Strike; Harry Potter E-Books Launced; Tobey Maguire Sued; Interview with CEO of JetBlue; Your Summer Airfare; Slavery and Human Trafficking

June 22,

&#; Decision Day on Afghanistan; Congress Divided Over Libya; Another Surprise Development in the Casey Anthony Murder Trial; Digging In on the Debt Ceiling; Interview with Sen. Jim DeMint; Search For A Diabetes Cure
&#; The Case Against Casey Anthony; What to Expect from Obama's Speech Chicago Storms; Hockey Rioters Charged; Obama to Announce Afghan Drawdown; Sectarian Riots Rock Northern Ireland; "Beautiful People" Site Hacked
&#; Decision Day on Afghanistan; Interview with Sen. Joe Manchin; Greek Prime Minister Wins Confidence Vote; Spirit Air Adds Boarding Pass Fee; Reuters: Al Qaeda Jail Break In Yemen; Interview with Republican Presidential Candidate Jon Huntsman; Human Trafficking in NYC; Search for a Diabetes Cure

June 21,

&#; Withdrawing from Afghanistan; Three Trapped Kentucky Miners Safe and Sound; Venus Williams Cruises to Second Round at Wimbledon; Supreme Court Blocks Largest Sexual Discrimination Lawsuit; Jon Huntsman, Another Republican Presidential Hopeful ; Banking On A Robbery
&#; Judge Threatens Attorneys; Why Greece Matters; Delta Flight Has "Engine Issue"; Green Card Lottery Lawsuit; Mayors and Military Dollars; The Price of Death Row; Taxing Your Online Purchases; The Mission in Libya; First Lady in South Africa; FDA Unveils Graphic Images for Cigarette Packs
&#; Group Highlights U.S. Sex Trafficking with Billboard Advertisements; Huntsman ; "Enough is Enough"; Opium Farming and Trade Booming in Afghanistan; The Argument Against Coddling; On the Road Again; Making Over "Carson Nation"

June 20,

&#; U.S. Negotiating with the Taliban; Duct Tape Theory?; Syria's Assad Delivering Speech; NATO Airstrike Kills Iraqi Civilians; Rory's The Story At U.S. Open
&#; U.S. Negotiating with the Taliban; Rory McIlroy wins U.S. Open ; Obama Impersonator Gets the Hook; Food Allergies in Children on the Rise; A Pirate's Story; Syria's Assad Delivering Speech; Marilyn Monroe's Dress Sets Record
&#; Talking to the Enemy; Casey Anthony Murder Trial; Federal Reserve Meeting, Economic Data; Sega Pass Web site Hacked; New Web Rules Expand Domain Names; Sex Trafficking in America; Talking to the Enemy

June 17,

&#; Weiner Calls It Quits; Greece Fight for the Future; "We Need Each Other"; Witnesses: No Conclusive DNA Link; N.Y. Same Sex Marriage Vote; Defense Begins Case in Anthony Trial; Taking the Wheel
&#; Casey Anthony Murder Trial; Saving Youth Programs at Risk; Weiner Calls It Quits; Romney: "I'm Also Unemployed"; Trapped! Tram Stalls in St. Louis Arch; Lucky on Long Island; Alien Adventure
&#; Weiner Calls It Quits; Greek Dispute; Casey Anthony Murder Trial Riot; Riots Rock Vancouver After Canucks Lose Stanley Cup; A CNN Member Battles Bladder Cancer; More than a Game

June 16,

&#; New Face of Al Qaeda; White House Defends Libya Mission; Weiner Scandal: Porn Star Asked to Lie; Fans Riot in Vancouver After Loss to Bruins; Prosecution Rests in the Casey Anthony Trial; Syrian Refugees Flee to Turkey; Same-Sex Marriage Bill Passes NY Assembly
&#; New Air Strikes on Gadhafi's Compound; Violent Riots in Vancouver After Stanley Cup Finals; White House Defends Libya Mission; Fiery Exchange on Capitol Hill; Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords Released from Hospital; A Ferris Bueller Sequel?
&#; Gadhafi Compound Targeted; Rangel Sells Condo; Former Porn Star: "Weiner Told Me To Lie"; Illegal Hiring Crackdown; Fran Drescher is Happily Divorced

June 15,

&#; Missouri River Rising; Horror Story Upon Horror Story in Syria's Refugee Camp; Pakistan Arrests CIA Informants; Fellow Democrat Says Weiner May Resign Soon; Boehner's Letter to Obama; Showdown over Libya; Royal Plans Revealed
&#; Pakistan Arrests Five CIA Informants; Horror Story Upon Horror Story in Syria; Showdown Looming Over Libya Between Boehner and Obama; Weiner Might Resign; Perry Weighs Presidential Run; Missouri River Rising; Casey Anthony Prosecution to Rest its Case; Workers Strike in Greece; Federal Court Backs Gay Judge's Ruling
&#; Showdown Over Libya; Canadian Post On Strike; Wisconsin's Anti- Union Law Upheld; Pandora Stock Begins Trading Today; In Support of Medical Marijuana; A Collection of Art

June 14,

&#; GOP Debate: Blasting Obama, Jobs, Health Care; Winners and Losers in GOP Debate; Did the GOP Candidates Connect?; Yemen: Transfer Of Power; Interview with Michele Bachmann; Obama Weighs in on Rep. Anthony Weiner
&#; Republicans Playing Nice at Last Night's Debate; No Attacks on Romney: Republicans Take Aim at Obama Instead; President Weighs in on Weiner Scandal; Progress Battling Arizona Wildfire; Missouri River Levees Fail
&#; "If It was Me, I Would Resign"; Air Canada Union Workers Strike; Greece Credit Rating Downgraded; Facebook I.P.O. Valued At $ Billion?; Rock Icon Overcomes Hearing Loss; Size Matters

June 13,

&#; Battleground New Hampshire; New Anthony Weiner Photos Published; Romney Leads in New Hampshire; First Pictures of Congresswoman Giffords Released; Interview with Rick Santorum, New Weiner Photos; Earthquakes Rock New Zealand; Trapped Campers Now Free
&#; Calls for Congressman Weiner to Resign After New Photos Surfaced; First Giffords Photos Released; Putting America Back to Work; Representative Cummings' Nephew Killed; Interview with Ron Paul; More Americans Renting than Buying Homes
&#; Battleground: New Hampshire; New Anthony Weiner Photos; Cyberattack At International Monetary Fund; Harvest Forecast Points to Higher Food Prices; Lundberg Survey: Gas Prices Dropping; Avoiding the Summer "Brain Drain"

June 10,

&#; Campaign Staff Exodus from Newt; NATO Now Targeting Gadhafi; Casey Anthony Murder Trial Ends Early; "30 Rock"-ing the Vote; New Syria Crackdown; What, Newt Worry?; Palin E-Mails Released; Wildfire Threatens Electrical Grid
&#; Twitter Finds a Place in the Classroom; Japan: Four New "Hot Spots"; Arizona Fire Threatens Power Lines; Casey Anthony Falls Ill, Ending Trial Day; Obama Re-Election Team; Gingrich Campaign Crisis; Palin E-mails Released; Blogojevich Jury Begins Deliberations; New Poll Backs Representative Weiner; "30 Rock"-ing The Vote; Detroit Power Outage Causes Evacuations; E. Coli Outbreak Traced to Bean Sprouts; Stocks Set to Open Lower; Down Goes
&#; Syria "Punishes" Border Town; A Cyber Pear Harbor?; Ford Launching Competitor To Chevy Volt; Cost Of Raising A Baby in ; Using Twitter In Class; Play it Forward

June 09,

&#; America's Covert War; Alleged Weiner Nude Photo Surfaces; Delta Backs Down on Bag Fees for Troops; 84 Searches for "Chloroform"; Arizona Wildfire: Evacuations Ordered; Panetta Confirmation Hearings; NYT: U.S. Ramping Up Airstrikes in Yemen
&#; NYT: Weiner's Wife is Pregnant; America's Covert War? Arizona Burning; ROTC Cadets Hit by Lightning; Dangerous Heat Hits East Coast; The Battle Over America's Debt Limit
&#; America's Covert War?; CitiGroup Data Breach; Senate Deals Blow To Banks; Most Annoying Bank Fees; What's Eating Your Child?; Experience the Ultimate Tailgate

June 08,

&#; Wildfire Scorches Eastern Arizona; Weiner Facing Calls to Resign; Explosions Rock Libya; No Bed of Roses; Dog Handler Testifies in Anthony Trial; Slow Economic Burn; Yemeni Rebels Capture Taiz; OSU's Pryor Ends College Career
&#;  A Wild Year for Weather; Rat Poison Banned; Protecting Kids From Concussions; Rebels Capture Key Yemen City; Slow Economic Burn; Suing to Stop School Closings
&#; Yemen's Opposition Seizes Taiz; "Mass Grave" Hoax In Texas?; Dog Handler Testifies In Anthony Trial; Mexican Drug Gangs Build Tanks; Unprepared for College; Kingpins

June 07,

&#; Weiner Apologizes after Admitting to Twitter Scandal; Couple Threatens Bank with Foreclosure; Fleeing the Fires; Yemen's President Badly Burned; NATO Denies Bombing Libyan TV Studios
&#; Congressman Anthony Weiner's Confession; Michele Bachmann in ?; Deadly Police Shooting Caught on Tape; "Full Meltdowns" at Japan's Nuke Plant; Explosions Rock Tripoli; Saleh Badly Burned; Arizona Wildfire Forces Evacuations; Ford's Plan to Expand
&#; Weiner Admits Sexting, Says He's Sorry; Courting Ohio; Libyan State TV: Gadhafi's Compound Hit; Saleh Suffers Burns To 40 Percent Of Body; Tough Times in Toledo; HIV/AIDS: 30 Years Later

June 06,

&#; Arizona Wildfires Burning Out of Control; Hackers Hit Nintendo; Yemen on Verge of Civil War; Turning Point in Libya?
&#; Anti-Government Demonstrations Continue in Yemen; Rafael Nadal wins sixth French Open; Wildfires Sweep Across Parts of Arizona; New Drugs to Treat Melanoma; U.S. Service Members Killed in Iraq; Country Star's Home Burns; Santorum Leaps in Today; Cain Climbing in Polls; It's the Economy; Fruits and Veggies Aren't as Expensive as You Think
&#; Five U.S. Service Members Killed in Iraq; Strauss-Kahn Arraignment; Yemen on the Brink of Civil War; Larry King Live -- at the Improv

June 03,

&#; Weiner Tries to End Twitter Talk; State of the Job Market; The Underemployment Problem; Yemen: All-Out Fight for Power
&#; May Jobs Reports To Come Out Shortly; Palin Stealing Romney's Thunder; Weiner's Twitter Trouble; Yemen's All-Out Fight for Power; Casey Anthony Murder Trial
&#; The Underemployment Problem; Edwards Expected to be Indicted Today; Yemen's Presidential Palace Under Attack; Disappointing May Jobs Report Raises Unemployment Level; Dr. Jack Kevorkian Dies; John Edwards Expected to be Indicted Today

June 02,

&#; Tornado Tears Through Springfield, Massachusetts; Congressman Weiner's Twitter Controversy; Downbeat Reports Send Stocks Tumbling; Shaq Retires after 19 Years; Mitt Romney Heads to New Hampshire; Is "Natural" Medicine Safer?; Deadly E. Coli Outbreak in Europe; Fake Gaga Doesn't Fool Students
&#; Romney in ; Regulating Radioactive Leaks; Google Blames China for Hack Attack; Brother versus Sister; Downbeat Reports Send Stocks Tumbling; Is Economy Recovery Losing Steam?
&#; Tornado Tears Through Springfield, Mass.; Downbeat Reports Send Stocks Tumbling; Regulating Radioactive Leaks; Why "Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth"; All Missing Accounted For In Joplin; Piper's Excellent Adventure

June 01,

&#; Endeavour Completes Final Mission; Safety Concerns Over Cell Phones; Representatives and Obama Discuss Borrowing; Congressman Twitter Scandal; WHO: Cell Phones Can Cause Cancer; Obama & GOP Talk Debt Ceiling; Street Value of Your Medicine Cabinet
&#; Congressman Weiner Snaps; Cell Phones Cause Cancer?; Casey Anthony Murder Trial; Endeavour Lands Safely in L.A.; Deadly Bus Crash due to Driver Fatigue; Hotel Maids: A Dangerous Job; Target: America's Pharmacies
&#; Endeavour Completes Final Mission; Lewd Photo Fallout; Making Science Sexy; Chef Turns Profits in Food for Poor

May 31,

&#; Mexican Teacher Displays Courage Under Fire; Palin's Rolling Pep Rally; Obama's Polls on the Rise; Protecting Your Private Information; Yemen Cease-Fire Breaks Down; Heat Vs. Mavs
&#; Teacher Honored for Keeping Students Safe; Pentagon: Cyber- Warfare is War; America, the Overdosed; Palin's Rolling Pep Rally; Gadhafi Meets with South African President; Obama's Approval Bounce; Protecting Your Private Information; Deadly Bus Crash on I in Virginia
&#; Business Travel Bad For Your Health; Fee For "Call Of Duty" Perks; Energy Drinks & Kids Don't Mix; Cyber War is War; The Fight Against Diabetes

May 30,

&#; Storms Pound the Midwest; Obama's Message of Hope to Joplin; Palin's One Nation Bus Tour Begins; Homes for our Troops; Women in Combat; "Hangover 2" Tops At Box Office
&#; Food Pyramid to be Replaced; Admiral Mullen's Swan Song; Obama to Visit Arlington National Cemetery; Helping Veterans Find Jobs; After Bin Laden: Relations with Pakistan; Endeavour Undocks from Space Station; Tens of Thousands Without Power in Michigan and Illinois; German to Close All Nuclear Power Plants by
&#; Honoring America's Fallen Heroes; Lockheed Martin Cyber Attack; PBS Hacked, Reports Tupac Alive; Saudi Prince Wants Lower Oil Prices; Helping Kids Succeed in School; Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

May 27,

&#; Search for the Missing; Identifying the Victims in Joplin; Accused Butcher of Bosnia Arrested; Bin Laden's Secrets; Lots of American Can't Drive; Clinton in Pakistan; Manhunt for Mladic Ends; CIA To Search Bin Laden's Compound; Patriot Act Extended; Pool Drain Recall
&#; Rescue Teams Search for Missing In Wake Of Tornado; Pakistan Officials Speaking Out Against U.S. Raid That Killed Bin Laden; Air France Flight Recorder Recovered; Palin to Launch Bus Tour; Search for Survivors in Joplin; Clinton in Pakistan; Bin Laden's Secrets; Accused "Butcher of Bosnia" Arrested; Drowning Risk Prompts Pool Drain Recall; Immigration Ruling
&#; Search For Survivors; Immigration Ruling; America's Oldest State; The GOP Presidential Field; Deen Brothers: Get Fired Up

May 26,

&#; Search for Tornado Victims in Joplin; Couple Relive the Tornado Nightmare; Loughner Unfit to Stand Trial; Edwards' Lawyer Slams Justice Department; Suspected Serbian Military Commander Arrested; Farewell, Oprah; Dominique Strauss-Kahn's New Digs

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the family jewel locate key fragment

: The family jewel locate key fragment

The family jewel locate key fragment
The family jewel locate key fragment
The family jewel locate key fragment
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Christian[edit edit source]

Eastern[edit edit source]

Pagan[edit edit source]

Many types of artifacts require the Monks and Mystics expansion.

Religious Artifacts[edit edit source]

DLC icon Monks and mynewextsetup.usHermetic Society[edit edit source]


watch the video

the family jewel locate key fragment

The family jewel locate key fragment -

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Many types of artifacts require the Monks and Mystics expansion.

Religious Artifacts[edit edit source]

Pagan[edit edit source]

These artifacts can be created by members of the Hermetic society.

Magnum Opus[edit edit source]

With DLC icon Reaper's mynewextsetup.usThe Reaper's Due, it is possible to get a prosthetic hand or leg. These artifacts are non-stacking and cannot be gifted or inherited.

DLC icon Monks and mynewextsetup.usMNM artifacts[edit edit source]


Inuyasha: The Final Act

Wikipedia list article

Season of television series

The episodes of the Japanese anime series Inuyasha: The Final Act (犬夜叉 完結編, Inuyasha Kanketsu-Hen) are based on the last twenty-one volumes of the Inuyashamanga series by Rumiko Takahashi, continuing where the first adaptation left off. The series follows the half dog-demon, half human named Inuyasha, the fifteen-year-old junior high school student Kagome Higurashi and their close companions Miroku, Sango, Shippo and Kirara as they search for the last fragments of the Sacred Jewel of Four Souls and approach their final battle with Naraku. Viz Media licensed the series as InuYasha: The Final Act. The original staff and cast from the first Inuyasha anime adaptation were brought back together for the new series. The series premiered on Yomiuri TV on October 3, where it ran for twenty-six episodes, concluding on March 29, It is the first series to be produced and broadcast in widescreen.

Viz Media licensed the new adaptation before it premiered and aired its English subtitled version online through Hulu, releasing episodes within a day of their original Japanese air dates. As of April 14, , the entire series remains available for free on Hulu in the United States.[1] As of episode 14, the English episode aired first.[1][2]Animax Asia aired the series with their own English subtitles, on its television stations and its online video service.[3]

Voice actress Kelly Sheridan was the first to announce through her Facebook fan page on May 11, that work on the English dub for The Final Act had begun.[4] However, many of the cast were laid off: Moneca Stori was replaced from her role of Kagome Higurashi by Kira Tozer, David Kaye was replaced as Sesshomaru by Michael Daingerfield, Pam Hyatt was replaced as Kaede by Linda Darlow, and Danny McKinnon was replaced as Kohaku by Aidan Drummond. Kirby Morrow, the voice of Miroku, said on Voiceprint with Trevor Devall and guests that Michael Daingerfield was able to mimic David Kaye near perfectly.[5] On December 17, , Paul Dobson announced on a podcast episode of Voiceprint with Trevor Devall and guests that he would be going back to the Ocean Productions studio for his final recording session of Inuyasha: The Final Act on December 23, [6]Viz Media released Inuyasha: The Final Act set 1 on Blu-ray and DVD on November 20, and set 2 was released February 12, [7][8]

The English dub, Inuyasha: The Final Act, began broadcasting in the United States and Canada on Viz Media's online network, Neon Alley, on October 2, [9] On October 24, , Adult Swim announced that Inuyasha: The Final Act would air on the Toonami programming block beginning Saturday, November 15, [10] Previously, on March 1, , Adult Swim announced they lost the broadcast rights to the original Inuyasha series.[11][12]

Four pieces of theme music were used, one opening and three endings. "Kimi ga Inai Mirai" by Do As Infinity was the opening theme song for the series, used throughout the series.[13] "With You" by AAA was the first ending from episode one to nine.[13] The second ending was "Diamond" by Alan from episode ten to seventeen.[14] The third and final ending theme was "Tōi Michi no Saki de" (遠い道の先で, "The Long Road Ahead") by Ai Takekawa from episode eighteen to twenty-six.[15]

Episode list[edit]


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Image Name Command Slot Quality Effects Acquisition
Plus2'+2' Axe loot_axe weapon 2 +2 martial

+5 Personal Combat Skill

(oddly enough, this is the only weapon wieldable by children, as it lacks the "adult" prequisite; most likely a bug)

Dlc icon the old mynewextsetup.usThe Old Gods, loot a holding.

Must not already have a '+2' Axe in your Treasury (if '+2' Axe is given away as a gift, you can quickly loot a new one).
AI characters will never get this through looting.
Can be given to an AI character as a gift and they can pass it on to other AI through inheritance.
Has a purple name by default. This colour can be changed when renaming the axe by doing the following: When renaming the axe, you can use backspace to remove the name, and then one more time when the name is already removed (and not more than that, or it won't work). This final backspace will remove an invisible letter. A new invisible letter can be written such as "W" for white, or "R" for red, or "P" to make it purple as it was originally (amongst other possibilities). After the invisible letter, you can write a name for the axe as you would do normally.

Strange mynewextsetup.usStrange Chest strange_chest Loot more to find a key (or a dynasty member may find a key for you).

Finding a key destroys the chest and grants gold, 10 gold, or nothing.

Dlc icon the old mynewextsetup.usThe Old Gods, loot a holding. Not for AI.

Must not already have a Strange Chest in your Treasury.

Book mynewextsetup.usThe Necronomicon necronomicon 4

-1 diplomacy
+5 learning
-2 Monthly Piety

Cursed and cannot be gifted

DLC icon Way of mynewextsetup.usBuild an observatory and study the weird
Gem mynewextsetup.usCursed Diamond cursed_diamond 3 +10% National Tax
+1 Monthly Prestige
Rajas of mynewextsetup.usRajas of India, capital in India, not AI, once per game

Begins a "curse" event chain when first found.

Cannot be destroyed, gifted, or inherited
Cursed diamond mynewextsetup.usCursed Diamond Crown cursed_diamond_crown crown 4 +3 stewardship
+1 Monthly Prestige
Saints mynewextsetup.usSkull trophy rival_skull 1 + Monthly Prestige DLC icon Reaper's mynewextsetup.usThe Reaper's Due, rob a rival's grave
Magnificent mynewextsetup.usMagnificent Painting magnificent_painting 1 + Monthly Prestige Rare events; more frequent for cultists
Magnificent painting mynewextsetup.usAvant Garde Painting avant_garde_painting 1 -1 diplomacy
+ Monthly Prestige
Saints bone mynewextsetup.usFinger of St. John finger_of_st_john 2

Only active for Christians

+1 learning
+ Monthly Prestige
+ Monthly Piety
Faster province conversion
May heal ill
May reduce revolt risk

Dlc icon sons of mynewextsetup.usSons of Abraham, adult Christian ruler

Rare events, more frequent if at war and leading troops; choices between obtaining at the cost of 10 gold, or becoming cynical .



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