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My UC Application. One application. Welcome to the University of California's application for undergraduate admissions and scholarships. We bring sales, service, marketing, commerce, and IT together on a single platform. When customers use more than one Customer app. With the ONE Home App, your residents can easily connect their devices to their secure personal network so you don't have to play the role of tech support.

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Business Manager uses a 2-layer permission system that makes sure each person has the access they need. The first level is where you add people to your Business Manager. You can assign them either admin or employee access. Then, use task-based permissions to grant access to your assets.

With the task-based permissions system, you can see the specific activities you allow each person to perform. Task-based permissions help you safeguard your Facebook information. We recommend that you share the least amount of access that still allows people to do their work. Learn more about how to view and edit permissions in Business Manager.

Add people to your Business Manager

When you add people to your Business Manager, assign them admin or employee access.

  • Employee access: We recommend you add people as employees. They can only work on assigned accounts and tools.

  • Admin access: Admins have full control over your business. They can edit settings, people, accounts and tools. Admins can also delete the business from the Business Manager.

You can also use advanced options to assign finance roles.

  • Finance analyst: They see financial details like transactions, invoices, account spend and payment methods.

  • Finance editor: They can edit business credit app one information and financial details like transactions, invoices, account spend and payment methods.

Grant people access to assets

After you&#;ve added people to your Business Manager, you can grant them permission to access your business&#;s assets in Business Settings. For example: ad accounts, Pages, Instagram accounts, pixels or catalogs.

For each person and asset, you can grant access to specific tasks. For example, you can add someone to your Business Manager as an employee, then grant them permission to create ads and view Page performance, but not publish to the Page. Tasks for each asset are divided into 2 categories:

  • Standard Access: Toggle on each task you&#;d like the person to perform.

  • Admin Access: In this section, you only have one option. Toggle on admin access to allow the person to manage the asset and perform all available tasks.

Note: Only Pages assigned to a Business Manager use task-based permissions. Pages not associated with a Business Manager use role-based permissions.

Learn more

View and Edit Permissions in Business Manager

Add an Instagram Account to Your Business Manager

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This simple change would make my Apple Watch way less annoying

There are plenty of ways to manage notifications on the iPhone and Apple Watch – methods range from simple permission boxes when you first open an iPhone app to more configurable features like Focus modes. However, there&#;s one workflow that Apple doesn&#;t offer yet which would greatly improve the Apple Watch experience.

The problem

The way notifications work between the iPhone and Apple Watch now, as the default, is fine. If you allow notifications from an app on your iPhone, the Apple Watch will suck up the alert without sounding on the iPhone. And people love the convenience of glancing at a notification on the Apple Watch instead of pulling out the iPhone!

But what happens if you decide you don&#;t want to use the Apple Watch for notifications? You can turn off notifications for each app, one at a time. The default is still to mirror notifications for every new app you install on your iPhone.

You can turn on Do Not Disturb or another Focus mode on the Apple Watch as a workaround, but I believe this will always be mirrored on your iPhone for right now, and either way, that&#;s only a workaround – not the fix.

The solution

Here&#;s what I want to see in a future update to the iPhone and Apple Watch:

  • A single toggle in the Watch app on iPhone to disable notifications from all apps that alert on iPhone
  • A new permission box on the iPhone when opening apps for the first time — just like iPhone notifications

My colleague and merch store attendant Parker Ortolani mocked up a simple example of how this could look:

The case for no notifications

Adding yet another permission request during app onboarding isn&#;t great, but I&#;m keeping app one requests modest today and not asking for a single box with toggles for each request. That said, I&#;m not finished with suggesting changes to how the Apple Watch works.

So why might someone want to keep notifications on the iPhone as if the Apple Watch were never introduced?

The simplest answer is that frequent notifications can be too much. A more complex reason is that some alerts are only useful for learning information rather than doing something with that information without the iPhone. Furthermore, if you still view your iPhone regularly throughout the day, dealing with notifications on two screens instead of one can add to the mental load, rather than reducing screentime as intended.


Those reasons are all rather subjective and are based on how you use your iPhone – a more objective argument involves sound. When reviewing the original Apple Watch insomething I mentioned was that notifications are limited to preset tones, and I naively assumed this would change within a year.

Use Messages or Mail notifications? Both ding with the same sound. Receive an alert from apps with their own tones like Spark or Tweetbot? Both ding with the same sound.

This doesn&#;t affect you if you keep your watch muted, but there&#;s no good reason that notification sounds haven&#;t changed in six years. (Apple did change the ringtone when Apple Watch Series 3 added cellular, but you can&#;t choose between the two different versions.)

One could argue that distinguishing notifications by sound isn&#;t as important for glanceable notifications, but I would counter that sound options isn&#;t a hard problem to solve. Maybe watchOS 9 and iOS 16 will save us!


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Give Residents the Ultimate App Experience

Today’s residents come to you with a long list of connectivity expectations. They want fast, secure, and easily accessible Wi-Fi everywhere on your property and they want it now. That’s where the Single Digits ONE Home App℠ comes in.

Using the app, your residents can seamlessly onboard and manage all their devices so they get connected the moment they move in. That means you don’t have to play the role of tech support on an already hectic day. Instead, you can focus on welcoming your residents and ensuring they have a positive experience throughout their stay at your property.

Request a Demo

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Key Features

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You’ve made a big investment in your Wi-Fi network. Showcase the amenities you offer and increase resident retention with the Single Digits ONE Home App℠. Now your residents can have an even more Connected Life ExperienceTM. Contact us today and request a free demonstration of our new resident app.

By submitting this form, I acknowledge the Single Digits privacy policy.


Security is now

oneSafe large logo
oneSafe provides advanced security for your passwords and confidential data.

It's Fort Knox in your pocket.

oneSafe is available from the App Store (oneSafe & oneSafe+), the Mac App Store and Google Play Store.
Looking for a secure vault for your secret pictures and private videos? get oneSafe Pix.

oneSafe iPhone Apple Watch Android iPad tablet

All your personal information in one safe place

Forgot your PIN? Can’t remember your frequent flyer number? Struggling to memorize an ever-increasing number of passwords? Relax.

With oneSafe, your problem’s solved! oneSafe lets you store all your personal information in one place with complete security. You’ll never get stressed about remembering passwords again. You’ll have them all at your fingertips with oneSafe! Plus, its well-organized system of categories, favorites and search features lets you find your stored information quickly and easily.

They ❤️ what we do

Editor's choice + "Apps We Love"

Apple App Store Team

Listed in top password managers

Joshua Rotter - Cnet

Wired review featuring of oneSafe

Wired Review Team featuring of oneSafe
A platform that shields essential data from prying eye

Adam West -

Allyson Kazmucha iMore review featuring of oneSafe
oneSafe is well built, robust, and easy to use

Marco Tabini - Macworld

NYC Kit Eaton New York Times featuring of oneSafe
oneSafe has cuter graphics than its rivals

Kit Eaton - New York Times


oneSafe in action

Fort Knox in your pocket. For everyone. 🚀

We believe in security for everyone. Not only for big corporations or governments. But for you, all.
And you will use oneSafe every day, so we made it simple app one beautiful.

Secure your digital life

Not only your passwords. You can secure everything. Scan a card. Import your photos, videos, documents. Well all what you want super secured.

Make it yours

oneSafe is customizable: change the tint, categories' icons or backgrounds, cards, etc. Just make it your own.

Fingerprint enabled

oneSafe is super easy to open, with your fingerprint. No Touch ID or fingerprint scan on your device? We have many other ways to secure your safe: TRI-PIN, Pattern

No hidden cost

Pay just one time, and have all features available to you. Unlike our competitors. On iOS, you have now 2 versions: oneSafe and oneSafe+ (with more features).

oneSafe is available from the App Store (oneSafe & oneSafe+), the Mac App Store and Google Play Store.
Looking for a secure vault for your secret pictures and private videos? get oneSafe Pix.

Quick tour - iPhone and Android

You will be safer 😘

Seriously, your privacy's worth it.
All the data you store in oneSafe is encrypted locally
on your device using App one Learn more.

TRI-PIN: the most secure PIN

oneSafe now comes with the new revolutionary TRI-PIN technology, making the storage of your most valuable information more secure than ever. Your password to open oneSafe can be ❤️ 9 ☯️ ⚫️. And the TRI-PIN keyboard changes each time you login, so that nobody can guess it. Learn more.


By default, your data are local, only. But if you want to synchronize your devices (iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Android), you can activate the synchronization in oneSafe's Settings. You can use iCloud or Dropbox. oneSafe encrypts everything before leaving your device. There is absolutely no data app one without encryption.

Many other features

You can activate a decoy safe, break-in attempts reports (with a photo of the intruder), the auto-lock, and the self-destruction mode.
On iOS, you will have an Apple Watch OS app, a fast search engine (integrated with iOS Spotlight search), new animated icons on categories, a step-by-step password reader (fullscreen, very convenient), a password safety audit, a "Most Recents" section, Siri Shortcuts, and more. Get all these features in oneSafe+, or upgrade from oneSafe to oneSafe+ with an in-app purchase.

oneSafe is available from the App Store (oneSafe & oneSafe+), the Mac App Store and Google Play Store.
Looking for a secure vault for your secret pictures and private videos? get oneSafe Pix.

oneSafe iPhone Apple <b>App one</b> Android iPad tablet

Never miss a moment with the Official F1® App

It’s everything you need for a full-on F1 race weekend

- Latest news and analysis
- Grand Prix schedules and results
- In-depth technical analysis from our experts
- Free leaderboard and lap-by-lap live blog updates from our expert writers
- Expert race commentary

What’s new (and improved)

- New Race hub – for the weekend’s need-to-know info
- New Video hub – for all the latest action
- Redesigned live timing experience with smarter telemetry data and easier-to-use driver tracker
- Expanded driver and team biographies
- Improved push notifications – so you never miss out

If you’re an F1 TV Access® subscriber, buckle up for exclusive content

- Live telemetry data and driver tracker for every session  (speed, throttle, gear, brake, DRS)
- Sector times and pitstop info
- Interactive driver tracking maps
- English audio commentary
- Best team radios and race control messages

Download today from iTunes or Google Play.


With the increasing number of apps chase bank customer support email for download from app stores, app developers & publishers need a meticulous marketing strategy to stand out in today’s app market. App monetization is a collection of techniques that create additional revenue within an app. It is about interacting with your users throughout the lifecycle- from when they first hear about your app to installing and becoming an active user. The need for an optimal app monetization platform is most requisite. In order to maximize in-app ad revenues, it pays to have the best app monetization platform in place. With ample options out there the question is, how to choose the best one for your app? How do you make sure a chosen platform will give you the best advertisers and optimal ad revenue?

Arpit Jain, Founder and CEO, GreedyGame, puts together for the readers ‘How app publishers can increase their ad revenue?’

1.    User Acquisition (Organic & Paid)

A right mix of strategies that are essential for growing a highly engaged user base is what any app publisher should focus on. There should be a balance between paid and organic user acquisition methods if any app publisher wants to improve the retention rate.

App Store Optimization (Organic)

Any app publisher can scale up their user acquisition process with ASO process:

●       Target the right keywords to ensure relevant search traffic on the app store

●       Understand the best practices from top apps in the respective category

●       A/B test all the store listing aspect

●       Coming up with creative screenshots

UAC Campaigns (Paid)

Universal app campaigns are one of the fastest ways to acquire the right users at optimized cost. It streamlines the entire process for app publishers, making it easy to promote apps across Google’s largest properties including Search, Google Play, YouTube, Discover on Google Search, and the Google Display Network. Add a few lines of f gallery by a train, a bid, some assets, and the rest is optimized by Google’s ML.

2.    Start App Monetization with Google Ad Exchange

Google Ad Exchange lets publishers connect to the premium advertisers. It ensures that app publishers can make higher ad revenue by providing app one higher fill rates with premium demand. Google AdX offers an ad exchange programmatically or with real-time bidding. AdX has the potential to generate more revenue to publishers. Although the entry barrier for indie app publishers to access Adx are so high. There is another way for aspiring app publishers to gain access to Adx and its premium demand, and that is to work with a Google Certified Publishing Partner.

 3.   Find the Best Ad Partner that Fits Your Needs

        It is important to find the best ad partner that will help maximise app’s revenue potential.

Performance measurement is one of the most important things to take care of when it comes to working with any ad network. eCPM is something app publishers must consider while selecting a suitable ad partner. Apart where can i load my cash app card with money this, technology also plays a crucial role in this. Before going ahead, app publishers need to ask these questions to themselves &#; How complex is the dashboard? How easy is it to integrate a new SDK?

This is one of crucial things in the app monetization journey.

4.    Start Monetizing with Native Ads

Native Ads blend with the rest of the content without distracting users from their activity on the app. Let’s say if an app publisher chooses another ad format that is intrusive and annoying then there are chances that he/she will lose users.

How SDK X helps increase ad revenue with Native Ad format?

  • SDK X lets you test different formats, placements and demand partners to identify the best fit for your app. This means you always have the best performing Ads with the right partners at the right placements to ensure maximum yield.
  • Make every impression count! Backfill other formats with Native app one increase fill rates.
  • Integrate SDK X to your app and create any format with ease. Move away from banners to adaptive Ad content that increases your click-through rates.
  • With dynamic App one templates, app developers can integrate native Ads and go live in a matter of minutes without taking the hassle of designing or testing Ad templates.
  • Native ads take different shapes and forms and do not have a fixed size, these have a higher CTR in general compared to the other fanduel sportsbook customer service number. They provide a better user experience for your visitors.

5.    Find new ad placements & formats

In order to boost app ad revenue from existing ad slots it is important to figure out new placements. App metrics like engagement rates, ARPDAU, and eCPM can be analyzed by the publishers to get actionable insights.

app one


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