How To Gift Fortnite V-Bucks
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Fortnite chapter 2 - Free Activators

fortnite chapter 2  - Free Activators

Fortnite: Activation of "Das Device" today – last live event before Season 3 start Fortnite: Battle Pass trailer of Chapter 2: Season 1. X Marks the SpotSeason 8 Season 8 of Fortnite: Battle Royale started on However, each activation of a lock worsened the condition of the volcano. MCKAY ADVERTISING + ACTIVATION. Fortnite Chapter 2 opens with a cinematic trailer that loads you right into a match after said trailer the. fortnite chapter 2  - Free Activators

Fortnite chapter 2 - Free Activators -

 Fortnite 2FA 

Fortnite is the biggest game of 2018, so if you know someone who games regularly, there’s a good chance they’re playing it. The game itself is free, but players need to use in-game V-Bucks to buy customizations.

While you can’t directly gift V-Bucks to another player, you have a couple of options to help them get their Fortnite fix: buy them a gift card for their platform of choice, or buy a bundle with specific content.

Buy a Gift Card for Their Platform of Choice

The first thing you need to do is figure out what platform your gamer usually plays on. Since there’s no such thing as a “Fortnite gift card,” you have to buy a card for the specific platform. For example:

  • PlayStation: If they play on PlayStation, a PlayStation Store gift card will do the trick.
  • Xbox: Xbox players will need, you guessed it, an Xbox Gift Card.
  • Switch: For Switch players, you’ll need to grab a Nintendo eShop gift card.
  • PC: There isn’t a specific store for PC gamers to buy Fornite stuff from, but you can get them a generic pre-paid Visa to use towards in-game currency.
  • Android: The same goes for Android players—since the game uses Epic’s own launcher (like the PC version), a pre-paid debit card is the way to go.
  • iOS: Since Fortnite is available from the iOS App Store, an iTunes gift card is the best answer here.

Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Amazon, and other retailers usually carry physical versions of platform-specific gift cards, which you can stick inside an envelope for your gamer to unwrap on their Winter Solstice holiday of practice. 

The player will need to redeem the gift or debit card on their own once they get back to their system, but after that, they can use that money to buy anything from those digital stores. That means they can buy another game, downloadable content, or Fortnite’s V-Bucks. What the player chooses to use the gift card for will be up to them—you have no way to “force” them to use it on V-Bucks.

Get Them Some Sweet In-Game Goods in Meatspace

If you want to make sure they get something they can use in-game, Fortnite also offers specific outfits as downloadable content (these are digital items you purchase in stores). For example, your gamer can get The Summit Striker Pack, which unlocks the Summit Striker outfit, the Top Notch Bling Pack and 600 V-Bucks.

Another option is the Deep Freeze Bundle. This costs $30 and unlocks the winter-themed Frostbite Outfit, Cold Front Glider, Chill-Axe Pickaxe, and 1,000 V-Bucks. If your gamer already has any of those cosmetic items, they will instead receive a comparable amount of V-Bucks. This bundle is available digitally, or in stores like Best Buy, so you still have something for your gamer to unwrap on the holidays.

Fortnite Starter Pack

I got a BA in journalism from Central Michigan University - though the best education I received there was from CM Life, its student-run newspaper. Long before that, I started pursuing my degree in video games by bugging my older brother to let me play Zelda on the Super Nintendo. I've previously been a news intern for GameSpot, a news writer for CVG, and now I'm a staff writer here at GamesRadar.

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Ariana Grande, BTS, and others rumored to have a concert in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8

The hype surrounding Ariana Grande in Fortnite doesn't seem to be slowing down. Following the Rift Tour last season, she returned to the island as an NPC to help fight monsters.

Now, based on the latest information provided by HYBE Labels and speculation from popular leakers, Ariana Grande is far from done with the game.

Ariana Grande is allegedly not done With Fortnite

During the recent HYBE Labels briefing, an official spokesperson mentioned that there are plans for further collaborations with Fortnite. This is what he had to say:

"While Ariana Grande does not have any plans to release music for the remainder of 2021, we will be working on an activation around Fortnite in the coming weeks."

Given that she's already an NPC on the island and has numerous cosmetics added in-game, what could "activation around Fortnite" mean? Even renowned leaker iFireMonkey doesn't seem to have a clue about the same.

While there is speculation regarding the possibility of another Rift Tour, how would it play into the storyline? Would it merely be a special event to bring in the festive season or something far more important - like a brand new reality? These are the questions posed by players on Twitter.

Will an Ariana Grande x Rift Tour 2.0 usher in the end of Chapter 2 Season 8?

As of now, there is no official information regarding an upcoming Rift Tour event. Even though there are files pertaining to an end-of-season storyline event, it's highly unlikely it will be another Rift Tour

While Epic Games does enjoy collaborating with artists, having back-to-back concerts with the same artists is not their standard operating procedure. Granted that the Rift Tour was a visual treat, the thought of having another one may not bode well.

For many players, the thought of another collaboration with Ariana Grande would be nothing short of a "cosmetic cash grab." While a few skins in-game get the crowd going, having too many snuff out the possibility of other collaborations.

Will BTS play a role in the upcoming activation event?

ALSO READArticle Continues below

Even though there are two BTS Icon Series emotes, it's not likely that the K-Pop band will have a full fledged concert in-game. Given that it may be the end of reality or at least the current one, this won't be a very good time to have new artists perform in Fortnite Season 8.

Q. Will there be another Rift Tour?

16 votes so far

Fortnite Starter Pack

I got a BA in journalism from Central Michigan University - though the best education I received there was from CM Life, its student-run newspaper. Long before that, I started pursuing my degree in video games by bugging my older brother to iobit uninstaller pro review me play Zelda on the Super Nintendo. I've previously been a news intern for GameSpot, a news writer fortnite chapter 2 - Free Activators CVG, and now I'm a staff writer here at GamesRadar.

Источник: Fortnite map   Fortnite new and unvaulted weapons

Fortnite's 'Operation: Sky Fire' fortnite chapter 2 - Free Activators just crashed a massive UFO mothership to end Chapter 2, Season 7

Fortnite's UFO-themed season ended with players bravely taking on a huge alien mothership that has been hovering over the island for weeks with explosive (and awesome) results.

Chapter 2, Season 7 ended Sunday (Sept. 17) with the spaceship appearing to break up into pieces and starting to crash into the island below, although participating players were literally left falling in mid-air before three words flashed on the screen: "To Be Continued." Chapter 2, Season 8 starts Monday at 4 a.m. EDT (0800 GMT).

Related: Fortnite flashback: Just how accurate was the black hole that launched Chapter 2?

When Season 8 starts fortnite chapter 2 - Free Activators tomorrow, it's not even clear if players will be invited back to play on the usual Fortnite island. During the mission to blow up the threatening ship with hidden bombs, Doctor Slone advised players that if all doesn't go well, she will not allow anyone back because the island needs to be protected.

The epic breakup of the alien spaceship was triggered by an event, "Operation: Sky Fire," which required players to invade the mothership to fortnite chapter 2 - Free Activators with any intruders. It wasn't an easy job, requiring fortnite chapter 2 - Free Activators to navigate around laser-firing aliens and to jump into various tubes Slone live videos wallpaper to open from her safe perch, at a distance.

Related:Here's how Fortnite's UFO-themed Chapter 2, Season 7 worked

Image 1 of 2
Image 2 of 2

We have no idea what's going to happen next when Fortnite once again is available to players Monday (Sept. 12). As of this writing, the official Fortnite Twitter said nothing about the finale's result, or what to expect for Season 8. 

For older players, the group mission had callbacks to the mothership invasion in 1997's "Independence Day", albeit with fewer jokes and a strange cube that players had to activate partway through the mission. Parts of the mothership also had deep bays that looked somewhat like the Death Star of "Star Wars." 

Unfortunately, Fortnite is not expected to allow players to replay this season finale, so you'll have to check out the video in this story to see what the experience was like. In my trio of players — including myself (Berlitza), editor-in-chief Tariq Malik (Hipponaut) and his 12-year-old daughter Zadie — it was Zadie who was first in our lobby group of 16 to figure fortnite chapter 2 - Free Activators the cube activation puzzle, Recovery Explorer Professional Crack the way.

Related: UFOs invaded Fortnite as the end neared for Chapter 2 Season 6

The finale caps a heavy alien-themed season fortnite chapter 2 - Free Activators included all sorts of space innovations for players. By season's end, it was possible to nab spaceships off the road, take your team along and beam up other players in impromptu abductions.  You could explore the mothership to grab special items, including powerful weapons to give you an advantage in the battle royale matches. 

Aliens also dotted the island, from little parasites that would attach on to your head to fortnite chapter 2 - Free Activators you a speed boost (at a cost to your health) to larger, more threatening beings who would attack you on sight if you approached zones ringed in purple.

Season 2, Chapter 7's revamped Battle Pass system, using stars instead of levels, included numerous allusions to space, such as a Spock emote, a flying saucer glider, "abduction" and black hole-themed "inversion" contrails, and a cute "unzipped" emote that evokes a common alien trope. If you picked up alien artifacts through the season, you could add new styles to a customizable alien skin called Kymera.

Off-screen, Fortnite maker Epic Games has been busy as well. In 2020, Epic protested against both Apple and Google over direct fortnite chapter 2 - Free Activators for mobile apps. A U.S. District court judge ruled in Epic's favor regarding its Apple lawsuit on Friday (Sept. 12), according to sister website TechRadar. 

That said, the ruling does not stipulate Apple needs to let Fortnite back in the App Store, and did not agree with Epic's allegation "that Apple is an antitrust monopolist in the submarket for mobile gaming transactions," according to the ruling statement. The lawsuit against Google has not been resolved yet.

Fortnite is a veteran of space-themed content long before this current season. For example, last year's Chapter 2 Season 3 included a lengthy ancient astronaut quest, spaceships and tiny rockets. Previous to that, a Millennium Falcon-shaped glider was available to all gamers for free, during December 2019's Winterfest. Fortnite usually releases "Star Wars" themed skins on May 4 ("Star Wars Day", or "May The Fourth Be With You"), although it skipped the opportunity in 2021.

Astronauts began appearing in 2018 during the Chapter 1 Season 3 Battle Pass. Live events in the game have also included a comet, asteroid impacts and even a huge black hole that swallowed the Fortnite map to close Chapter 1, in October 2019.

Follow Elizabeth Howell on Twitter @howellspace. Follow uson Twitter @Spacedotcomand on Facebook. 

Join our Space Forums to keep talking space on the latest missions, night sky and more! And if you have a news tip, correction or comment, let us know at:

Elizabeth Howell is a contributing writer for who is one of the few Canadian journalists to report regularly on space exploration. She is the author or co-author of several books on space exploration. Elizabeth holds a Ph.D. from the University of North Dakota in Space Studies, and an M.Sc. from the same department. She also holds a bachelor of journalism degree from Carleton University in Canada, where she began her space-writing career in 2004. Besides writing, Elizabeth teaches communications at the university and community college level, and for government training schools. To see her latest projects, follow Elizabeth on Twitter at @howellspace.

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  1. Gazing at the stars as medicated as I can be listening to my jam on repeat, thinking about Albert Einstein's experimental thought processes. Concentrating on one star, I beamed/zoomed my vision to a wheel that was spinning itself creating it's own electricity emmiting from this stationary rotating..... bearing?? Kinda.. except there were triangles involved, it was emmiting it's own energy from this self perpetuating rotating wheel type stationary... thing. It wasn't apart of anything it was just it's own energy from this self rotating wheel. It had pretty much every color emmiting from it and it had nothing fueling this wheel.

  2. i can't understand what you're talking about but what i did is to follow what you did in the video and it helps me to display the local D that i've been looking for. Since i brought a second pc. Thank you! More power for making videos!

  3. As soon as I heard shuffle my mind immediately shot to "I kissed a girl" 😂 this was never the way I planned...

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