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Sears warranty customer service

sears warranty customer service

Sears customer experiences months-long delay in refrigerator repair due to COVID pandemic "This is just getting ridiculous because each. Overall, based on its plan coverage and benefits, the company is still a solid home warranty provider. It covers a number of items in each. hours ago Sears Home Warranty is a great way to protect yourself from unexpected repair costs, but if you wish to cancel your home warranty.

: Sears warranty customer service

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Sears warranty customer service
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sears warranty customer service

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Sears warranty customer service -

Address: [redacted] Day Phone: [redacted]

Will Sears honor your appliance warranty during its bankruptcy?

It was America's retailer, long before Amazon. But now Searsis filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy and closing another stores — in addition to well over 1, stores the past five years.

While the company will remain in business, longtime customers are a bit nervous, wondering about warranties for all those appliances they bought, as well as Shop Your Way reward points and gift cards.

Sears shoppers like Cleo Pennington have a lot of questions about the bankruptcy.

"I'm very sad. Very, very sad," she said.

So we checked the fine print in the Sears announcement to get answers.

Q: Are all stores closing? 

A: Sears says no, and insists it plans to emerge from bankruptcy a stronger, leaner company.

Q: What if you have a gift card? 

A: They are still valid, but any time a store files for bankruptcy, you may want to use them as soon as possible, just to be safe.

Q: What about Shop Your Way rewards?  

A: They are still valid at remaining Sears and Kmart stores.

Q: Will appliance warranties be honored? 

A: Sears says it will honor them as long as it remains in business. That includes extended protection plans and full home warranties. However, Business Insider says if the chain decides to liquidate next year, then warranties could become worthless.

Q: Where can you still find Kenmore appliances?

A: In remaining Sears stores, at, and on Amazon. 

More than just an appliance store

But Sears wasn't just where moms and dads shopped. Tens of millions of children looked forward every Christmas to The Wish Book, filled with dozens and dozens of toys.

Cheryl Ayers remembers it well, "It was a big deal when that catalog would come in the mail every Christmas and we would go through it with a pen and circle what we wanted Santa to bring," she said.

Back in the s and s, Sears even sold houses, which today are still dotting neighborhoods across the country.

But the houses went away after World War II, while Amazon, Target, and Walmart took the toy business, and Best Buy, Home Depot, and Lowe's took the appliance business.

Sears will continue to sell Kenmore appliances in remaining stores and online, but Cheryl Ayers says it's not the same.

"This is the end of a dynasty and it's sad," she said.

Sears will still have stores remaining, and a website.

But with big-name brands like Whirlpool pulling out, no one is sure how much longer remaining stores can survive. Business Insider worries some prospective customers may now be afraid to purchase a major Sears appliance, wondering about the future.


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When Sears filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy last fall, we heard from readers wondering what would happen to the appliances they bought there—whether a warranty would still be in effect, and whether they could still order repairs from Sears Home Services. At the time, we reported that Sears will honor your appliance's warranty and that Sears Home Services would continue to exist.

When we called the Sears Home Services appointment number today, we were told, "Sears is closing, but our in-home services will be expanding. You will still have a technician in your area. And Sears is obligated to honor your warranty."

If you want to purchase a Kenmore appliance, they're available, too. "We're still open online. You can still buy at" Many Kenmore appliances are sold on Amazon, and Reviewed has rated some of them highly over the years.

For now, not much has changed. Your local Sears store is probably closed, but the appliances you purchased there will still be taken care of.


By Monica Laliberte, WRAL executive producer/consumer reporter

Complaints are piling up against a company once known as the go-to for home appliances. Sears – once known for quality products and service – is struggling with dissatisfied customers who complain about almost-new appliances that cease to work, weeks waiting for repairs and repairmen who just don't show.

A Raleigh woman's experience is just one example.

Wanda Brewington loved her new Kenmore Elite refrigerator from Sears, until it stopped cooling after less than 2 years.

"It was the Cadillac of refrigerators," she said. "I feel just, you know let down."

For more than two months, Brewington has had to use coolers to store milk, medicine and other essentials.

"We left our baby's little teething ring (in the refrigerator) in the hopes that she's still a baby whenever we get it fixed and she can use it," Brewington said.

Added to the insult is the fact that Brewington paid hundreds of dollars extra for a warranty through Sears Home Services.

When Brewington tried to schedule repairs, Sears kept delaying appointments. After 5 On Your Side called, a Sears technician came out, but two days later the fridge stopped cooling again.

In complaint after complaint online, customers criticize Sears' customer service.

Jim Gimeson, chief operating officer and general manager of Sears Home Services said, "We do fall short on occasion and have recently faced some staffing challenges in Raleigh." He blamed an "incredible demand for services."

He said the company has hired 55 technicians locally and is still hiring.

This year, Gimeson said, Sears has done more than 21, repairs locally and that "response time is typically under five days."

That wasn't the case for Brewington. After four failed repairs, 10 weeks without a refrigerator and help from 5 On Your Side, Sears replaced her fridge with a brand new one.

"I'm glad that there's somebody out there that's working for us, that I knew who to call," Brewington said of 5 On Your Side. "You all delivered. You got it done."

As for the bigger issue of repairs, a Sears spokesman told said customers should call their member solutions team at

Sears said they "have not seen any specific issues with any specific brand or appliance."


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> >Evening Phone: [redacted] State: OK

Sears Home Warranty operates under its parent company, Sears Holding Corporation, and its home warranty plans are underwritten by Cinch Home Services. The home warranty company offers a selection of three warranty plans that cover the cost of repairs or replacement for appliances and major home systems.

Sears is still offering home warranties since filing for bankruptcy in

Sears Home Warranty has a slightly higher-than-average monthly cost when matched to its competitors. However, plans include some extras such as a free heating and cooling maintenance check every year. We reviewed Sears Home Warranty based on cost, coverage, caps, and reviews.

Available Plans

Sears Home Warranty offers a choice of three plans where each plan has a $ trade service fee (TSF) that is paid at the time of service. In addition to the warranty coverage, the company offers some added benefits, such as a free yearly maintenance check on heating and air cooling systems, a discounted oil change and tire rotation, and discounts on repairs that aren’t covered under the warranty plan.

The company also allows you to purchase additional coverage for things like well pumps and stand-alone freezers. One of the other options is that you can purchase an Appliance plan and then add additional coverage for items off of the System plan, or vice versa. As an example, you could purchase the Appliance plan and then buy coverage for your central air conditioning system, or buy the System plan and then choose to cover your refrigerator as well.

Appliance PlanSystem PlanWhole Home Plan
Refrigerator with Icemaker
Built-in Dishwasher
Built-in Microwave
Range Exhaust Fan
Built-in Trash Compactor
Central Air Conditioner
Central Heating
Plumbing System
Water Heater
Water Softener
Faucets & Toilets
Garbage Disposal
Plumbing Stoppages
Electrical System
Ceiling Fans
Garage Door Opener
One Heating and Sears warranty customer service Cooling Preventive Maintenance Check Every YearIncludedIncludedIncluded
Discounts on Appliance RepairsN/A25%N/A
Discounts on HVAC and Water Heater RepairsSave 25%N/AN/A
Discounts on Appliance, HVAC and Water Heater Repairs during Day Waiting PeriodSave 25%Save 25%Save 25%
Discounted Oil Changes at Sears Auto CentersIncludedIncludedIncluded

Optional Coverage

Once you have enrolled in the plan of your choice, Sears Home Warranty allows you to add additional coverage. Prices are not available until after enrollment.

Optional CoverageAnnual Price
Pool or Spa with Heater$
Septic Tank with Pumping$60
Stand-alone Freezer$36
Sump Pump$60
Well Pump$90

Plan Pricing

Receiving a quote for a Sears Home Warranty plan is extremely easy. Simply click on “Select a Warranty Plan” then choose your state and the prices show immediately. Prices are the same in all states, and plans are available nationwide except for Arkansas. Warranty plans all have a $ trade service fee, payable when you call for service.

Sears Home WarrantyAppliance PlanSystems PlanWhole House Sears warranty customer service Fee$$$

Plan Exclusions

Sears Home Warranty covers appliances and systems regardless of age, brand, or where you bought them. These plans cover most breakdowns that may occur, however, there is a long list of exclusions on both appliances and major home systems, so you should thoroughly read your policy to understand what is not covered.

For example, electric baseboard units are covered, but only if they are your primary heat source. The valve on your refrigerator that leads to your ice maker and water dispenser is covered, but the line to the refrigerator is not; neither is the actual ice maker or water dispenser. These exclusions are not unusual and are considered standard for sears warranty customer service home warranty industry.

Payout Caps

Sears Home Warranty offers a generous payout cap of $10, per claim and an annual payout claim of $50, However, there are specific caps on specialized or commercial-grade items. This limit includes $1, per appliance per term for items that are “commercial-like or ultra-premium” and $1, per term for “systems that have been converted from coal-to-oil, coal-to-gas, or oil-to-gas; or for hot water or steam heating systems including radiators, vent pipes/lines, or oil-fired forced air systems.”

We recommend reading over the payout caps carefully to ensure that you understand the limits for your appliances and systems.

Repair Times

You are typically referred to a service technician within two hours when first federal midwest online banking claim is made during business hours. Requests made after business hours, on weekends, or holidays have a hour response time. This is a faster turnaround time when compared with the industry standard of 24 to 48 hours.

Sears will refer you to a service tech within two hours if you file a claim during business hours; 24 hours if you file outside normal business hours.

All repairs and replacements require approval in advance and Sears Home Warranty reserves the right to select the service provider that will make the repairs. The company does not specifically state that you cannot use your own service provider, although it does state in the contract that they will not pay for repairs unless you receive their prior express consent. If you wish to use someone outside of their network, it is advised that you discuss this option with them first to ensure that you will have coverage.

Customer Service and Claims

Support is available 24/7 and filing a claim is a relatively easy process that you can sears warranty customer service either by calling or by submitting a claim through their website at Once the claim is made, expect authorization in as little as two hours during regular business hours or within 24 hours if made during non-business hours.

Complaints and Third-Party Assessments

Since Sears Holding Corporation has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, it does not have a current rating with the Better Business Bureau—this applies to Sears Home Warranty as well. As the company is still operating, however, customers do have the ability to leave reviews for services they have received.

Of the reviews, we discovered that the majority of them are negative. Complaints range from issues with customer service representatives to service providers not showing up or taking too long to make repairs. Although the number of reviews received is below average for a home warranty company, the high number of negative reviews in proportion to good reviews is something to consider before you purchase.

Competition: Choice Home Warranty vs. Sears Home Warranty

We selected national provider Choice Home Warranty to compare with Sears Home Warranty because of its name recognition in the industry, plan prices, and exclusions. There are similarities in plan choices, but Sears Home Warranty has a choice of three plans while Choice Home Warranty has only two.

Sears Home Warranty Whole Home Plan is $ annually while the Choice Home Warranty Total Plan is $ annually. Both plans provide coverage for appliances and major home systems and they are equally matched in the type of coverage they provide.

While the plan prices for both companies are above average, Sears Home Warranty makes up for this by offering benefits, such as a free heating and air cooling check each year, discounted oil change and tire rotations, and discounts on non-covered repairs. Choice Home Warranty offsets its higher price by offering a sears warranty customer service price discount that nearly cancels out the $30 a month surcharge. This discount brings the monthly fee closer in line with its competition.

Since both companies have a long list of exclusions, we turned to the payout caps of each company to determine our winner. This is where Sears Home Warranty really has the edge. Although Choice Home Warranty has a $1, payout cap for heating systems and built-in wall units, and a $ payout sears warranty customer service for electrical systems, Sears Home Warranty takes the win by offering a payout cap of $10, per claim and an annual payout cap of $50,

Choice Home WarrantySears Home Warranty
Number of PlansTwoThree
Supporthour call center or make your claim onlinehour call center or make your claim online
Trade Service Fee$85$
National AvailabilityNot available in Walmart eye center mexico mo or WashingtonNot available in Arkansas

Although the name recognition of the Sears Warranty Company and its parent company tends to help offset a lot of the negative aspects of this company, the financial issues that it faces are a point of concern.

Since the company is operating under the supervision of a bankruptcy court, it doesn’t appear that the company will shut its doors anytime soon, but it does have a way to go to overcome this obstacle. Sears Home Warranty offers one of the highest payout caps on the market, allows you to choose and customize plans, and is reasonably priced. You can also benefit from the add-ons for maintenance and auto care. Despite the few hiccups Sears Home Warranty has had in the last couple of years, these positive features make this company worth considering for coverage.


During the review process, we use metrics from our home warranty review methodology to assess a company's plans. We not only look at the monthly and yearly cost you pay, we also take a look at the overall costs that may include service fees, price add-on, and above-limit costs. In addition, we evaluate exclusions to coverage, complaints filed, Better Business Bureau ratings, and how the company stacks up to the competition in terms of price, coverage, price caps, and overall customer satisfaction.

Investopedia requires writers to use primary sources to support their work. These include white papers, government data, original reporting, and interviews with industry experts. We also reference original research from other reputable publishers where appropriate. You can learn more about the standards we follow sears warranty customer service producing accurate, unbiased content in our editorial policy .

  1. Better Business Bureau. "Sears Sears warranty customer service Corporation." Accessed April 18,

City: Tulsa
> > Day Phone: [redacted] Zip: [redacted]

Consumer Alert: Home Warranties

You are receiving mailings or phone calls offering you a home warranty that will “eliminate all of your worries” about maintaining your home. Are they worth it? Every year, one of the most frequent complaints consumers make is about home warranty companies. These companies often promise a lot, but deliver very little. How can you tell whether it makes sense to purchase a home warranty? Below are tips you can follow to determine whether it really makes sense for you to purchase a warranty for your home.

What is a Home Warranty?

A home warranty is a one-year service agreement that covers the repair or replacement of some home system and appliances.

  • Home warranties are not insurance policies, they are service contracts. These are agreements for the company to pay for the repair, and possibly replacement, of specified items in your home.
  • A basic home warranty can be expensive, costing $ per year or more.

What items does a Home Warranty cover?

Home warranties probably do not cover as much as you may think they do.

  • Home warranties can have limited coverage, and might exclude kitchen appliances, water heaters, plumbing, furnaces, and other major appliances. Often consumers must make additional payments for coverage of such big-ticket items. Most home warranties do not cover structural defects, well pumps, septic tanks, or other home systems.
  • Warranties generally do not cover more expensive repairs, such as roofs, leaky windows, or chimney repairs.

What kinds of repairs and replacements does a Home Warranty's cover?

The repairs that a home warranty excludes from coverage sears warranty customer service often more detailed than what they actually sears warranty customer service may only repair, rather than replace, broken items.

  • Many contracts limit replacements to a specific brand and do not allow you to use the contractor of your choice.
  • Home warranties can also contain numerous other exclusions, such as repairs to problems caused by wear and tear, natural disasters, manufacturer defects, or failing to perform manufacturers’ recommendations for maintenance.
  • Warranty companies often require you to take multiple steps before they agree to make a repair.
  • What are the downsides of obtaining repairs under Home Warranties?

    Home warranties often do not deliver everything that those selling them may promise.

    • They have claim caps. For example, you may only get $1, to replace a $12, boiler. There also may be a deductible (an amount you must first pay before the home warranty company will pay your claim).
    • You may have trouble connecting with the company and getting a contractor out to your home. This time delay could cost you money or hardship. The delay also may lead you to find your own contractor and pay out of pocket. Other companies may charge you a service fee, typically $75 or more, each time you need a repair.
    • You do not get to choose sears warranty customer service own contractor. Homeowners often complain about the quality of service from warranty companies or attempts by contractors selected by warranty companies to upcharge the homeowners.
    • The warranty company may not guarantee all of the work performed by its contractors. For instance, if a contractor messes up the venting of your dryer while fixing a gas leak in the dryer, the warranty company may not pay to fix the venting.
    • Many of the repairs covered are not expensive and may cost less than the amount you pay for the home warranty.
    • Home warranty contracts often force customers to go to arbitration rather than court when the homeowner has a dispute with the company. Arbitration may not be the best forum for resolving your complaint.

    How do you avoid being scammed by a Home Warranty Company?

    Companies sell home warranties because they know that, more often than not, they will make more on the warranty than they will have to pay out. Before purchasing any home warranty, you should do the following:

    • Read contracts carefully to make sure you know what is covered and -- more importantly -- what is not covered. Don’t rely solely on what a salesperson tells you about the warranty.
    • Beware of exaggerated claims, such as the claim that your warranty is "comprehensive" or claims that warranties are like insurance.
    • Check with friends and neighbors to see if they have had any experience with the company.
    • Check with the D.C. Office of the Attorney General () or the Better Business Bureau to see if the home warranty company has had complaints lodged against it.
    • Ask yourself: is the cost of coverage really worth it?

    Still considering purchasing a Home Warranty?

    • Check to see if your appliances are already covered under a manufacturer’s warranty, builder’s warranty, or by your credit card, which may offer extended protection.
    • When considering whether a home warranty is a good financial sears warranty customer service, compare the age of each item covered by a home warranty with the item’s average life span. The International Association of Certified Home Inspectors offers a helpful chart:
    • If you are considering purchasing a home warranty, research the company using sources such as:
    sears warranty customer service


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