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Will there be a second stimulus check

will there be a second stimulus check

The IRS has confirmed a 2nd stimulus payment. Mailed payments will take longer to reach their recipients, however. Stimulus check phaseout. Similar to the last two relief payments, some people will get a smaller check if their income is above the income. Stimulus checks: Where do we stand on more payments? There was no timeline given on if and when the legislation would be considered or how.
will there be a second stimulus check

: Will there be a second stimulus check

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Will there be a second stimulus check
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It might seem unusual to complain about $1, showing up in your bank account. But the unfortunate truth is that the recent round of stimulus payments sent out to Americans impacted by COVID don’t go very far for people who were furloughed or laid off and are now struggling to get by. According to a recent survey by financial technology company SimplyWise, 63% of Americans will need another stimulus check within the next three months. Plus, some people are still waiting on their payments, while others learned that they don’t qualify for any money based on their income.

The disappointment leaves many wondering whether there will be a second round of government stimulus checks.

Members of Congress realize the need for additional relief payments, and several additional stimulus packages have been proposed. Most recently, House Democrats unveiled the Health and Economic Recovery Omnibus Emergency Solutions Act ― HEROES Act for short ― which includes a second round of $1, direct payments to U.S. households with more inclusive eligibility rules than the previous stimulus package.

However, it’s not the only proposal on the table, and the likelihood of it actually passing is still up in the air. Here’s a closer look at the possibility of a second stimulus check from the federal government.

It’s Not A Done Deal, Although

With economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic growing exponentially, several phases of stimulus funds were required. In fact, there have already been three different stimulus packages enacted, though only one included a round of payments sent directly to individuals. The $1, payment that qualifying adults received as a direct deposit was part of the larger CARES Act, an unprecedented stimulus package totaling $2 trillion.

As for whether there could be a “phase four” economic stimulus that includes a second round of payments, it’s possible, but not certain. Democratic leaders in the House of Representatives have signaled openness not only to another round of checks, but to a system of recurring monthly payments, and there is definitely some support for the idea within their caucus. In addition to direct payments, additional relief would include aid for state and local governments and free health care coverage for coronavirus patients.

Sixty-two members of Congress recently signed a letter arguing in favor of recurring monthly payments as “the most efficient mechanism for delivering economic relief to those most at-risk in this crisis.” Among the signers were Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) and Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.).

President Donald Trump had not ruled it out. “We could very well do a second round of direct (payments),” he said during a news conference on April 6. “It is absolutely under serious consideration.” However, on April 28, he expressed his preference for payroll tax cuts over a distribution of checks.

More Coronavirus Stimulus Plans Are In The Works

So, what could a potential second stimulus check program look like?

On May 12, House Democrats introduced the HEROES Act, which is the most recent proposal in the works. This stimulus plan includes a second round of $1, payments to individuals, in addition to expanded unemployment benefits, free COVID treatment and more.

More immigrants would be eligible for payments than before, and funds would be protected from garnishment by creditors. Additionally, the $ additional payment per dependent under the age of 17 would be bumped up to $1, with the total amount families could receive capped at $6,

The proposal also includes an extra $13 per hour in hazard pay for essential workers in health care, food retail, public safety and transportation.

The HEROES Act is just one of several stimulus plans that have been proposed within the past month.

In mid-April, Reps. Ro Khanna (D-Calif.) and Tim Ryan (D-Ohio) proposed the Emergency Money for the People Act, or EMPA, a bill that would provide a new round of stimulus payments of $2, per month to U.S. citizens and residents over the age of 16 who earn $, or less. After the first six months, the program could be renewed for an additional six months unless the employment-to-population ratio reaches a pre-COVID19 level of 60%.

That $2, per month figure would be adjusted for different types of tax filers (married filers who earn $, or less annually would get $4, per month, for example ―the rate for two individuals). Payments would phase out by 5% for each $1, over the threshold amount. Adults would receive an additional $ per month for every child dependent, up to a maximum of $1,

Similar to the CARES Act, payment eligibility what credit score you need for amazon credit card the EMPA would be determined by adjusted gross income from or tax returns. However, those who might not have submitted tax returns for those years because of no earnings or unemployment could submit their current income information under a special application process through the Treasury to verify eligibility.

“Importantly, the bill proposes greater inclusion and would include students and other groups currently claimed as dependents by others,” said Michael Sury, a lecturer in finance at the University of Texas at Austin and managing director for the Center for Analytics. “Moreover, the payments would not count as income, so other income-based benefits would be unaffected.”

Given the issues that the government has had with distributing funds under the CARES Act, this bill would allow funds to be distributed across a variety of channels, including by check, direct deposit and other payment platforms such as Venmo and PayPal. Sury noted that this could help thwart debt collection agencies that have garnished stimulus payments once they hit bank accounts.

On May 8, a similar bill was introduced by Sens. Harris, Sanders and Ed Markey (D-Mass.). The Monthly Economic Crisis Support Act would provide a monthly $2, check to every person with an income below $, for the duration of the pandemic and for three months after it officially ends.

This plan would also address some of the issues with the first round of stimulus checks; it would not limit payment to those with Social Security numbers, and it would bar debt collectors from seizing payments. It would also ensure that homeless people and foster children receive payments.

There are other stimulus proposals on the table as well, though they don’t actually involve direct payments to individuals.

For example, Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) proposes that the federal government cover 80% of wages for U.S. workers, up to the national median wage (that’s about $33, annually as of ) through payroll tax credits to businesses. Bonuses would also be paid out to businesses for rehiring laid-off workers. This program would stay in effect until the pandemic is over.

Similarly, the Paycheck Guarantee Act from Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.), would grant money to employers to pay wages and prevent layoffs rather than pay people directly.

Senate Democrats have also proposed a “heroes fund,” which would provide a $25, pay increase to essential workers through the rest of the year, as well as a $15, essential worker recruitment incentive.

Can A Second Stimulus Check Get Approved?

While existing direct payment bills have yet to gain much traction in Congress, there is a growing recognition that payments in addition to those provided under the CARES Act are going to be necessary, Sury said.

“Still, it is likely to face headwinds in the Senate ― while there is at and t customer service phone number appetite to provide additional support, there are growing concerns about the price tag,” he said.

An additional stimulus package in some form is likely to be supported by both sides of the aisle, but it’s a bit too early to say what it will look like exactly.

Arthur Delaney contributed highway service area near me story has been updated to include more recent information.

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4th stimulus check update – $1, will be sent THIS MONTH after ‘surprise payments of $ revealed in November


IRS stimulus check tool – how to track down your payment
How many stimulus checks have been issued?

  • ET, Dec 3
  • Updated: ET, Dec 3

STRUGGLING Americans could receive a $1, boost by the end of this year.

It comes as 36 million families received the cash earlier this week as households recover from the economic damage wreaked by the Covid pandemic.

News of the $1, 'stimulus' comes as some Americans can expect a "surprise" stimulus check of $ ahead of the holidays.

In Maine, the bonus stimulus money will go out to more thanresidents as a way to thank workers who kept essential businesses open during the early days of the Covid pandemic.

Maine's Department of Administrative and Financial Services began issuing those checks on November 15 and will continue sending them out through the end of the year.

Maine is not the only state that is sending out some extra cash ahead of the holidays this year, with California and Illinois also sending extra cash.

Read our stimulus check live blog for the latest news and updates

  • Jocelyn Cook


    President Biden publicly stated during his campaign that he supported up to $10, in forgiveness.

    However, the government has not yet forgiven debt for most borrowers, and the president has not recently shared any plan for it.

    Some Democrats in Congress are pushing for up to $50, of loan forgiveness for borrowers.

  • Jocelyn Cook


    For those who owe loans for college, the government froze all federal loans until January

    There have been five extensions of the freeze since Covid shut the country down in March

    The White House said that there will be no more freeze extensions, and borrowers should prepare to resume payments in January.

  • Jocelyn Cook


    Gov DeSantis asked for $million of the third round of Education Stabilization Funds to go to teachers back in March in Florida.

    The $1, bonus is being deposited in educators bank accounts – along with a poignant message of thanks from the governor, applauding their “devotion”.

    It reads: “This past year came with challenges that required an extraordinary level of determination and perseverance.”

  • Jocelyn Cook


    Teachers are also receiving additional payments from state governments.

    In Florida, teachers and school administrators are expected to receive a $1, payment. 

    In Georgia and Tennessee, school staff can also expect a $1, check, and part-time teachers will get $, and Michigan teachers received a $ hazard pay will there be a second stimulus check as well.

  • Jocelyn Cook


    Cassandra Kirby, a senior executive at wealth advisor Braun-Bostich & Associates in Pittsburgh, told the outlet: “Let’s say a married couple with one child had adjusted gross income of $, inand because their income was more than $, they are not eligible for any portion of the third payment.”

    “However, inthey had another child and their adjusted gross income dropped from $, to $,”

    That’s because they would will there be a second stimulus check within the $, to $, threshold with an additional dependent and would be eligible for $2, in stimulus money.

  • Jocelyn Cook


    Plus-up stimulus checks worth $1, could be coming to an end soon.

    The latest round of IRS stimulus payments are set to finish on December 31,

    The IRS is promising to pay out eligible recipients every week until the deadline, which was set in stone by Congress.

    The checks are up to $1, per adult whose income dipped inwhile dependents also eligible for the same amount.

    Plus-up payments are extra stimulus checks sent out to those who will there be a second stimulus check a stimulus check based on their tax return or information received from the Social Security Administration.

    According to US News, some tax-payers whose income was lower in than in are eligible.

  • Jocelyn Cook


    Months after Americans received their third economic stimulus check, President Joe Biden is under pressure to automate any future stimulus payments.

    No vote would be necessary for payments to go out.

    The payments would be triggered by financial indicators like rising unemployment rates.

    The program would sidestep the political battles that have prevented President Biden from successfully issuing a fourth check.

  • Jocelyn Cook


    The chances of a fourth federal stimulus payment are dimming.

    “Right now, a fourth stimulus check from the federal government is unlikely,” Local12 reported.

    But several states are doing their own versions of certain stimulus payments for all residents or certain workers like teachers.

  • Jocelyn Cook

    CHEROKEE NATION Will there be a second stimulus check CHECKS

    The second-largest Native American tribe previously approved a special stimulus for its citizens, as lawmakers continue to debate the likelihood of a fourth stimulus check for all Americans.

    The Cherokee Nation announced over the summer that its citizens will receive two $1, stimulus checks over a two-year period.

    This funding comes mainly from Biden’s American Rescue Plan, which gave states the freedom to spend their sums as they wish.

  • Jocelyn Cook


    The New Orleans program, in partnership with Mastercard, Mobility Capital Finance (MoCaFi), specifically looks to tackle the racial and wealth gap issue.

    The direct payments will be provided by Mobility Capital Finance via a loaded ATM card.

    Along with the age requirement, the funds will go out to those who are either unemployed or not in school.

    “My administration continues to identify innovative ways to serve and empower our residents and will make sure that the unbanked are banked and have access to financial education and other resources so that they can attend to basic needs and continue to invest in themselves,” New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell informed The Sun.

  • Jocelyn Cook


    As part of the state’s financial literacy program, several individuals of the Gen Z group will get $ in monthly payments.

    The new initiative by the state will impact New Orleans residents, who are between the ages 16 and

    The first stimulus payment will go out in December.

  • Jocelyn Cook


    The New York City Artist Corps (CAC) program handed out one-time grants to 1, artists, with the payments set to go out by the end of October.

    It was aimed at helping artists sustain their practice and to engage the public in what’s said to be thousands of cultural programs.

    The cash was given out to New York City-based artists who suffered financially during the coronavirus crisis.

  • Jocelyn Cook


    New York is also sending out payments to residents who didn’t qualify for federal aid, such as undocumented workers.

    To qualify for this payment in New York, you have to be a resident of the state and have made less than $26, last year.

  • Jocelyn Cook


    New York Gov. Kathy Hochul said at the time: “The Excluded Workers Fund is a critical lifeline to thousands of New Yorkers who were an integral part of keeping our state running during the worst moments of the pandemic.

    “This is an important first step – payments are going out ahead of schedule to provide these individuals with the financial relief they need and deserve.”

  • Jocelyn Cook


    A report outlining New York City’s recovery plan stated the measures are “just the beginning”.

    It said: “The City’s decisions to invest these funds now will help keep New Yorkers safe, restart the economy, rebuild the tax base, increase equity and enable greater economic growth in future years.”

    Officials are also investing $million in a bid to bring tourism back to pre-pandemic levels.

  • Jocelyn Cook


    More than $million has been allocated to support New York City’s homeless population.

    A report outlining New York City’s recovery plan stated the measures are “only the beginning”.

    It read: “The City’s decisions to invest these funds now will help keep New Yorkers safe, restart the economy, rebuild the tax base, increase equity, and enable greater economic growth in future years.”

  • Jocelyn Cook


    One twitter user shared a meme expressing their hopes for receiving an omicron stimulus check.

  • Jocelyn Cook


    As the Omicron variant of Covid is raising safety and economical concerns, President Joe Biden said that he does not see a need to lockdown the country again “for now… if people are vaccinated and wear their masks,” he said.

    With the country not planning a lockdown, it is less likely that additional payments will be issued.

    In recent months, the Biden Administration has not highlighted a need for a fourth stimulus check.

  • Jocelyn Cook


    On November 26, The World Health Organization designated Omicron as a Covid variant, and labeled it as a “very high” global risk.

    On November 30, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell warned Congress that the new variant could have a negative impact on the economy.

    “The recent rise in COVID cases and the emergence of the Omicron variant pose downside risks to employment and economic activity and increased uncertainty for inflation,” he wrote before testifying.

    “Greater concerns about the virus could reduce people’s willingness to work in person, which would slow progress in the labor market and intensify supply-chain disruptions.”

  • Jocelyn Cook


    In a March letter to President Joe Biden, 21 Democratic senators called for recurring stimulus payments until the pandemic ends.

    The letter did not specify how much the payments should be.

    However, a different effort by Democrats in January pushed for $2, monthly checks until the end of Covid

    Instead of authorizing the monthly $2, payments, the American Rescue Plan issued nonrecurring $1, checks for each qualifying adult and dependent.

  • Jocelyn Cook


    In order to qualify for the sum, applicants must meet some eligibility crescom bank routing number north carolina to BGR, a general rule would be not being able to afford your rent and/or your utility bills because of the pandemic.

    Potential applicants might either speak to their landlord about how to apply for aid from the federal Emergency Rental Assistance Program or apply on their own for grants of up to $25, 

    The US Treasury Department said: “There is still much further work to do to ensure tenants and landlords take advantage of the historic funding available to help cover rent, utilities, and other housing costs and keep people in their homes.

  • Jocelyn Cook


    Americans can now receive $25, in this stimulus program which is designed to assist renters who struggle during the pandemic.

    The rental assistance program is distributed to people in need across the country- here’s how you can apply.

    The emergency rental aid was approved by lawmakers back in June after passing the pandemic relief bill in December and the $billion Covid stimulus bill.

    A study conducted by the University of California, Berkeley estimated that around six million people owe approximately $20billion in back rent.

  • Jocelyn Cook


    Tax refunds could also be delayed or missed out on if you don’t update your address with the IRS.

    As of early June, average tax refunds were $2, according to data from an IRS filing.

    The final deadline to file federal tax returns is on October 15 and it applies to households who filed an extension ahead of the May 15 deadline.

    The only exceptions are for members of the military and others serving in a combat zone – they typically have days after they leave to file returns.

    Taxpayers in federally declared disaster areas who already have valid extensions also don’t need to comply with the October 15 deadline.

  • Jocelyn Cook


    Stimulus checks are also still going out as fresh payments and plus-up ones, with the latter applying if the IRS owes you more than it already paid.

    Just like with the child tax credits, these will typically go out as paper checks unless you’ve signed up for direct deposit payments.

    You’ll also want to make sure you get the IRS letter verifying when it sent your payment.

    This is important for anyone who may be eligible for a stimulus check but who experiences an unexpected holdup receiving their money.

    You can check how much you’ll get and how you’ll be paid by using the IRS’ Get My Payment tool.

  • Jocelyn Cook


    For every family earning $, or less, the child tax credit will cover 50 percent of qualifying expenses up to $8, associated with the care of a child under 13 or a spouse, parent or other dependent who is unable to care for themselves.

    If a family is caring for two or more eligible dependents, they can collect up to $16, in expenses.

    For families earning between $, and $, it will cover up to 20 percent, according to iHeart.



When Will Your Second Stimulus Check Arrive? It May Already Be On Its Way

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Amount of Your Second Stimulus Check

Your second stimulus check will be for $, plus $ for each child age 16 or younger. If your adjusted gross income is $75, or less for single filers and $, or less for married couples filing joint returns, you'll generally receive the full amount of your second stimulus check. For Americans with income above those amounts, the payment amount is reduced.

You will receive an IRS notice, or letter, after you receive a second stimulus payment telling you the amount of your payment. Keep the notice or letter for your tax records.

There was a bill in Congress – the CASH Act – that would have increased the amount to $2, for each eligible American, plus an extra $2, for each dependent. However, that bill died in the Senate. Additional stimulus check bills could be introduced in the new Congress – perhaps for $2, or some other amount. President-Elect Joe Biden has said he is in favor of additional direct payments.

Automatic Second Stimulus Payments

Second stimulus check payments are automatic for eligible taxpayers who filed a tax return. In addition, people who receive Social Security retirement, survivor or disability benefits (SSDI), Railroad Retirement benefits as well as Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Veterans Affairs beneficiaries who didn't file a tax return will also receive a second stimulus check automatically. For Social Security and other beneficiaries who received the first round of payments via Direct Express, they will receive this second payment the same way.

Payments are also automatic for anyone who successfully registered for a first-round stimulus check online at using the agency's Non-Filers tool by November 21,or who submitted a simplified tax return that has been processed by the IRS.

Tracking Your Second Stimulus Check

You can check the status of both your first and second stimulus checks using the IRS's online "Get My Payment" tool. The tool, which was used for first-round payments, was recently updated with new information regarding second-round payments. For more information on the tool, see Where's My Stimulus Check? Use the IRS's "Get My Payment" Portal to Get an Answer.

If You Don't Receive a Second Stimulus Check

Eligible Americans who don't receive a stimulus check this year – either the first or the second payment – will be able to claim it when they file their tax return (it will be due April 15, ). When you file your tax return, you may be able to claim a "recovery rebate" tax credit for stimulus check amount you should have received. (The IRS is expected to start accepting tax returns in late January or early February.)

For more information about the $ second stimulus checks, check out Your Second Stimulus Check: How Much? When? And Other FAQs.


Stimulus Check #2 Deposit: Where Is My $ Stimulus Payment?

President Donald Trump signed a pandemic relief bill in late December, which means a second round of Economic Impact Payments (aka stimulus checks) is rolling out to Americans. But like the CARES Act before it, the initial announcement that more stimulus payments are coming lacked some details about the nuts and bolts of getting that money from the Treasury Department into your bank account.

Here are some answers to questions you might have about this next round of stimulus payments—and a potential third stimulus check. If you have a question you don’t see answered here, tweet us @ForbesAdvisor. We’ll update this new york community bancorp as we get more information.

Update Dec 29, Treasury Says Some Stimulus Checks Will Reach Taxpayers This Week via Forbes

Update Dec 31, Many Americans Have Already Received Their $ Stimulus Payments—Have You?

How Much Money Will I Get?

Right now, stimulus checks for qualifying individuals are $ Qualifying couples will receive $1, and qualifying dependents get $

The size of your stimulus check is based will there be a second stimulus check your adjusted gross income (AGI), which is your total income minus adjustments like standard or itemized deductions. Adults with AGIs up to $75, per year and couples earning up to $, per year will receive $ per person. The income cap for heads of households to get the full $ is $,

Find Out How Much You&#;ll Get With The Forbes Advisor Stimulus Check Calculator

Your payment decreases by $5 per $ you make above the threshold. If you’re an individual who makes more than $87, you won’t get a payment. If you’re a couple with an adjusted gross income of $, or more, or a head of household making more than $, you won’t get any money.

And yes: Depending on your income, you could receive a stimulus check for as little as $5.

To determine your adjusted gross income (AGI) forlook at line 8b of Form on your U.S. Individual Income Tax Return.

Will there be a third stimulus check of $2,?

Maybe. The CASH Act bill, which included $2, stimulus checks for qualifying individuals, passed in the House in December but was blocked from reaching the Senate floor by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky).

But with Democrats almost certainly taking a slim majority in the Senate, a third stimulus check is back on the table. On Tuesday, Joe Biden said that if Democrats Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock won their respective Senate races in Georgia, he would send $2, checks to will there be a second stimulus check Americans. It’s unclear if this would be an additional $2, on top of the $ checks that have already been sent out, or that Americans would be sent the difference between the two amounts.

When Will I Get My Check?

Payment distribution began on December The Treasury Department and the IRS plan to distribute most payments to eligible taxpayers by Jan. On Jan. 5, the Wall Street Journal reported (paywall) that more than $ billion of second stimulus payments had already been sent.

You can check the status of your payment by first premier financial denver the IRS Get My Payment tool.

Will My Stimulus Check Be Taxed?

No. Similar to the CARES Act stimulus checks, this payment is an advance refundable tax credit, and is not taxable income.

How Can I Check My Stimulus Check Status?

If you want to estimate how much money you’ll be getting, you can use our second stimulus check calculator. If you want to find out the status of your check, you can use the IRS Get My Payment portal.

If I Owe Back Child Support, Will I Still Get a Payment?

Yes. If you owe back child support, your stimulus payment cannot be garnished to pay that debt. This is different from the CARES Act, which specified that if you owed back child support, your stimulus payment would be garnished.

Will I Get a Stimulus Check for My Children?

You’ll get an additional $ if your dependent child is younger than Some earlier proposals for a second round of stimulus checks included payments for dependent adults and college-age dependents, but those groups were excluded from the final package.

Are Inmates Still Eligible For The $ Stimulus Check?

The bill text doesn’t specify stimulus payment restrictions for people who are incarcerated so they likely are. When the CARES Act was passed, the IRS moved to block people in prison from receiving stimulus checks, but a judge ordered the Treasury and IRS to distribute payments to them.

Incarcerated people who filed a tax return in will likely receive a payment by mail or direct deposit. People who didn’t may need to work with their facility to complete a return and submit it to the IRS.

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The second stimulus check for a maximum of $2, per qualified adult isn't happening -- at least not before the new session of Congress is sworn in Sunday. Despite last-ditch efforts by President Donald Trump, House Democrats and a few outspoken Republicans to push through a change that would've raised the $ ceiling to $2, the Senate didn't pick up a vote on either of two bills that might've given the higher rate a chance. Neither bill was expected to garner enough support from both chambers to override the $ cap.

So where does that leave your second stimulus set up appointment with bank of america today, and what does it mean for a third stimulus check, which President-elect Joe Biden has already said he supports?

As with everything related to stimulus checks, it's complicated. We'll do our best to break down the biggest takeaways you should know about and why the next three weeks could hold the key to yet another stimulus bill, one with a third stimulus check that's larger than the current $ per person ceiling.

$ stimulus payments are going out now through Jan. 15

Since the $ billion stimulus bill that includes the second stimulus check won't be altered, the IRS and US Treasury will continue to deliver new payments through direct deposit, physical checks and EIP cards. Here's how to calculate your estimated total. Importantly, the bill includes a Jan. 15 cutoff, after which no more payments will be sent. Instead, you'll have to claim a Recovery Rebate Credit to claim your check.

Fate of two Senate seats could set the tone for a $2, third check

There's clearly support for a $2, check from all corners of the government, but as usual, politics are heavily involved. The results of a Georgia runoff election on Jan. 5 will determine which party controls the Senate, and a variety of important committees. That's expected to set the pace for more stimulus aid in  

Now playing:Watch this: Second stimulus will there be a second stimulus check Everything you need to know

If Republicans win one of the two contested seats, they'll maintain Senate dominance, and they're forecast to reel in spending and stymie Biden's agenda to pass a much larger stimulus bill. If Democrats win both seats, then they'll win the Senate by a razor-thin margin, increasing the chances of pushing through objectives like a larger check, more federal unemployment checks and funding for vaccine distribution.

A larger stimulus check amount has been picking up support on the Republican side, with Sens. David Purdue and Kelly Loeffler -- who are both on the ballot in the Georgia runoff will there be a second stimulus check -- reversing their previous positions and now tweeting their new support for $2, checks.

The House of Representatives passed the CASH Act (PDF) on Dec. 28 to authorize a $2, second stimulus payment for every qualifying adult and dependent, but it hasn't been picked up for a vote in the Senate. 

Biden has teed up a third stimulus check and new bill

Many in Washington see the current $ billion stimulus bill as a precursor to a larger relief package in that would expand and include provisions that Republicans and Democrats agreed to leave out this round to pass the critical deal.

"This bill is just the first step, a down payment, in addressing the crisis -- crises, more than one -- that we're in," Biden said on Dec. 22, emphasizing that he'd like to see a third stimulus check. Again, whether there'll be a larger bill or a smaller one, and if it happens quickly or slowly, could hinge on the outcome of Georgia's Senate runoff.


Could the increase to a $2, check still happen before Biden takes office?

There's a theoretical chance that the new Congress could bring up a bill to increase the $ second stimulus check to $2, during Trump's final days in office -- with the IRS and US Treasury making the adjustments after the fact. 

That's unlikely for several reasons:

  • On Jan. 3, the incoming Congress is sworn in.
  • Results from the Jan. 5 Georgia runoff could take days or even weeks to count. 
  • The Jan. 6 confirmation of Biden's presidency through electoral vote is expected to be the next political battleground, drawing focus.
  • The Jan. 15 IRS cutoff means any bill passed after that date would cause the IRS and Treasury to create a new process sending out the payment difference.
  • The new Congress may be unlikely to usher in a new bill days before a presidential switch.

Why didn't the December bill include a $1, or $2, second stimulus check?

A second stimulus check has had wide bipartisan support ever since the CARES Act passed. Over the last several months, everyone from Trump and Biden to members of Congress, economists and everyday people have advocated for another direct payment.

Trump has previously called for "more money than they're talking about" in stimulus checks, as large as $1, or $2, per person. Aides reportedly convinced him at the time that making such demands would jeopardize a stimulus bill, The Washington Post reported, and the White House offer was officially extended at $ tops.

Though many favor a $1, direct payment in theory, a second, smaller stimulus check has helped keep costs below the $1 trillion cutoff that Republican lawmakers have in the past said they'd support. 

Stimulus checks aren't cheap. The IRS said this summer that it had spent $ billion sending out million checks, and on Dec. 15, Sen. Mitt Romney, a Republican involved in crafting the bipartisan stimulus proposal, forecast a cost of $ billion if the checks were once again included for $1, per person. Republicans reportedly bridled at the cost.

For more information about stimulus checks, here's how soon you might get your second stimulus check now, what you should do to speed up the delivery of a potential second check and how the new stimulus bill compares to March's CARES Act.



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