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Us bank home mortgage bill pay

us bank home mortgage bill pay

Clients can review their account balances and transactions and deposit checks through online banking and mobile banking apps for iPhone, iPad and Android. Feel free to mail your mortgage payment to the following address: U.S. Bank Home Mortgage PO Box St. Louis, MO Overnight Address. BB&T and SunTrust mortgages are transitioning to Truist. · Manage and pay your home mortgage. · BB&T mortgage payment options · Wherever you are in your mortgage.
us bank home mortgage bill pay

: Us bank home mortgage bill pay

Us bank home mortgage bill pay
us bank home mortgage bill pay

How to Make a US Bank Mortgage Payment

U.S. Bank is the No. 5 largest bank in the country, offering personal banking, business banking and wealth management services — and, of course, mortgages. If you have a us bank home mortgage bill pay loan from U.S. Bank, it’s important to understand how to make your payments so you don’t end up defaulting on your loan. Keep reading to learn about how to pay off your mortgage.

How to Make a US Bank Mortgage Payment by Mail

Once your mortgage loan is in U.S. Bank’s servicing system, you will receive a monthly payment statement similar to a credit card statement. This will show a payment address of St. Louis. Payments that are mailed should be sent to this address once the monthly statements are received. If you have not yet received a monthly statement, you can send your payment to:

U.S. Bank Home Mortgage
P.O. Box
Bedford, OH

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How to Make a US Bank Mortgage Payment by Phone

U.S. Bank mortgage borrowers can access customer service representatives Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. EST. The U.S. Bank home mortgage customer service number is A representative at the toll-free number can assist you with making your payment.

How to Make a US Bank Mortgage Payment Online

You can make your mortgage payments online simply by logging into your U.S. Bank account. You can also view a digital statement and manage your account options online.

How to Make a US Bank Mortgage Payment In Person

You also have the option of paying your mortgage bill in person at a U.S. Bank branch. You will need to have your loan number to complete this transaction. To find the nearest bank branch, visit

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US Bank Mortgage Repayment Options

Typically, mortgage payments are made monthly, but you can adjust your repayment plan to one that works for you via your online U.S. Bank account. You can also speak to a loan specialist at the U.S. Bank mortgage phone number,to explore your options if you are defaulting on payments.

If you have fallen behind on payments but want to retain your home, U.S. Bank offers several options:

  • Repayment plan: This allows you to pay your regular monthly payment plus additional funds that are applied to past-due amounts. Payments are spread out over an agreed-upon period of time. 
  • Hardship loan modification: This option allows you to roll interest and escrow shortage from delinquent payments into the existing loan. You could be qualified for a reduction in your loan interest rate to extend the loan.
  • Partial claim: With this option, funds are advanced to bring your mortgage current, and a second lien is held on your property in the amount of the advance. Your delinquent payments are due once the first mortgage ends.

It’s key you make your mortgage payments on time, so don’t let not knowing how to pay your U.S. Bank mortgage be the reason you’re late.

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U.S. Bank bill pay

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What is U.S. Bank bill pay?

U.S. Bank bill pay lets you manage and pay your bills in one place with one secure password, either through online banking, mobile app or SinglePoint® Essentials.

Online banking and bill pay

Online banking gives you easy options for paying us bank home mortgage bill pay or making direct payments.

Explore online banking and bill pay

Online banking and bill pay benefits

  • Log in anytime to pay bills in minutes, on your schedule, without writing checks or visiting multiple telephone number for overstock com websites
  • Schedule automatic payment of recurring bills, set up billers by entering a phone number and arrange for bills to be paid in advance
  • Ability to add mobile banking to pay bills from almost anywhere

SinglePoint® Essentials

Increase efficiency us bank home mortgage bill pay control with our online cash management suite.

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SinglePoint Essentials benefits

  • Enhanced functionality for paying bills, including domestic and international wire transfers from the convenience of your office
  • Integrates with QuickBooks®, Quicken® and Excel®
  • Pay on the go with Mobile SinglePoint®

Prefer to pay bills using your U.S. Bank Visa® Business Credit Card or debit Card? Simply set up ongoing payments and earn any associated rewards your card has to offer.1


Before you go, be sure you know:

Bank when and where you want.

With U.S. Bank mobile and online banking, convenient control of your money is always within reach.

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Need to deposit a check? Send money to a friend? Pay your bills on time? Explore additional account solutions? Our secure digital banking tools make managing your money fast and easy. In the U.S. Bank Mobile App or online, it's all at your fingertips – right here, right now.

Move money in and out with ease.

Deposit checks anywhere, anytime.

With free mobile check deposit3 in the U.S. Bank Mobile App, depositing checks is as simple as point, click, done.

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Master monthly bills.

Manage and pay bills in one place with one secure password. Taking control is easier than you think with U.S. Bank bill pay.

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Let us show you how.

New to digital banking or just need a little help with a particular feature? We’ve got you covered. The U.S. Bank Digital Explorer is packed with simple, interactive tutorials to help you get more familiar with banking on your mobile phone or computer.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes. Our online banking security uses advanced encryption and monitoring technology to ensure your money stays safe and secure. And to keep your personal information confidential, we have strict policies and procedures in place. Only you have access to your accounts with your username and password. We strongly suggest you do not share your username, password, PIN or account number with anyone. We’ll never request this type of information via email.

Our Digital Security Guarantee is another way we protect you from fraud loss. Our mobile and online banking is so secure that we'll cover any losses due to unauthorized use of your account, provided you notify us in a timely fashion when you notice any suspicious activity.

For mobile and online account access, you’ll need to complete a one-time enrollment process. To get started, gather your U.S. Bank card or account number and PIN along with your Social Security Number. If you don’t have a PIN or need a new one, please contact Hour Banking at USBANKS ().

If you’re enrolling in mobile and online banking to access your business accounts, you’ll need an ATM or debit card. You can apply for these at a branch and use your PIN to log in to mobile or online banking. Next, create a unique username and password to log in securely in the future. Just follow the instructions on the enrollment page.

You can change your password anytime. Select My Profile b of a online banking phone number Customer Service in the main menu at, then look for Password in the Login Preferences section.

In the U.S. Bank Mobile Us bank home mortgage bill pay, open the main menu and tap your name at the top of the list. This will bring you to the My profile screen, where you can change your password.

If you forget your username, password or the answers to your security td ameritrade network app, use the login assistance tool. You’ll also find links to help with username and password retrieval in the Log In section at

In the U.S. Bank Mobile App, tap Login help on the login screen.

Most account information is updated in real time as transactions are processed throughout the day. Mobile and online banking offers you the most current balance and transaction information available.

To set up account alerts, log in to and select My Alerts under Customer Service in the main menu. Open the Account Alerts tab and choose Add alerts at the right side of the page. Then you can select the account alerts that will best help you manage your accounts.

To set up account alerts in the U.S. Bank Mobile App, open the main menu and tap Notifications. Then, select Account to begin choosing the alerts you want.

These alerts will notify you, via email or text message,2 us bank home mortgage bill pay important account activity such as:

  • Low or negative checking account balances
  • Deposits or withdrawals
  • Online statement availability
  • Payments that are posted or due

You can delete, modify or change your alerts at any time.

Yes. Your U.S. Bank checking, savings, money market and U.S. Bancorp Investments brokerage accounts are eligible to send and receive external transfers.1 For more information, visit our transfers page.

Currently, you can make external transfers only in online banking. This feature will be added to the U.S. Bank Mobile App soon.



For when you need to mail a payment or need the information to set up bill pay with your bank, below is a list of our payment addresses. If you do not send your payment in with a coupon, be sure to include your account number on the Memo section of your check.

Consumer/business credit cards

Visa/Mastercard holders: 
If sending the payment via USPS or you need the address to use for your bill pay:

Cardmember Service
PO Box
St. Louis, MO

If sending the payment overnight delivery:

Cardmember Payments: Attn
N 11th St.
St. Louis, MO

American Express holders:
If sending the payment via USPS or you need the address to use for your bill pay:

Cardmember Service
PO Box
St. Louis, MO

If sending the payment overnight delivery:

Cardmember Payments Attn:
N 11th St.
St. Louis, MO

Home mortgage
If sending the payment via USPS or you need the address to use for your bill pay:

U.S. Bank Home Mortgage
PO Box
St Louis, MO

If sending the payment overnight delivery:

U.S. Bank Home Mortgage
Attn: Payment Processing
Frederica Street
Owensboro, KY

Consumer loans and lines of credit
If sending the payment via USPS or you need the address to use for your bill pay:

U.S. Bank Consumer Loan Servicing
PO Box
St Louis, MO

If sending the payment overnight delivery:

U.S. Bank Consumer Loan Servicing
Payment/Payoff Processing
Osborn Ave
Oshkosh, WI

Consumer lease

U.S. Bank Lease
PO Box
St Louis MO



We make it easy! Us bank home mortgage bill pay the best option below to make a payment on your account.

Online banking steps:

To get started, log into online banking and follow these steps:

  1. Select My Accounts at the top of the page, then us bank home mortgage bill pay your mortgage account to access the mortgage dashboard.
  2. In the upper left corner, select Payment.
  3. From the Payment Sources section, select Add account. Once the checking/savings us bank home mortgage bill pay is entered, it's saved merrick login file for the next time you want to make a payment. 
  4. From the Make a Payment section, choose one of the following options:
    • Select Monthly Payment to make the monthly payment due.
    • Select Other Payment to make an additional payment to escrow or principal, then enter the amount to pay.
  5. Choose the payment method and date, then select Confirm Payment.

U.S. Bank Mobile App steps:

For the best mobile banking experience, we recommend logging in or downloading the U.S. Bank mobile app.

  1. Select your mortgage account, then Make a payment.
  2. Choose the checking or savings account you're paying from.
  3. The payment amount due will display.
    • Enter an amount for additional principle or escrow, if desired. Then select Done.
    • To only pay principle or escrow, use the toggle next to the mortgage payment to choose not to pay the monthly payment due.

Can a US bank prevent you from making early payments to the principal on a home mortgage?

littleadv's first comment - check the note - is really the answer.

But your issue is twofold -

Every mortgage I've had (over 10 in my lifetime) allows early principal payments. The extra principal can only be applied at the same time as the regular payment. Us bank home mortgage bill pay of it this way - only at that moment is there no interest owed. If a week later you try to pay toward only principal, the system will not handle it. Pretty simple - extra principal with the payment due. In fact, any mortgage I've had that offered a monthly bill or coupon book will have that very line "extra principal." By coincidence, I just did this for a mortgage on my rental. I make these payments through my bank's billpay service. I noted the extra principal in the 'notes' section of the virtual check. But us bank home mortgage bill pay, the note will explicitly state if there's an issue with prepayments of principal.

The larger issue is that your friend wishes to treat the mortgage like a bi-weekly. The bank expects the full amount as a payment and likely, has no obligation to accept anything less than the full amount. Given my first comment above here is the plan for your friend to do 99% of what she wishes:

  1. Put aside 1/2 the payment when each paycheck comes.
  2. Make the regular payment if that's what's in the saved pile of cash each month.
  3. Twice per year, she will see an extra half payment, i.e. /2 times the needed money set aside.
  4. When (3) occurs, make the payment with additional principal equal to the 1/2 payment. This will happen twice a year, effectively making 13 full payments a year.

Tell her, there's nothing magic about bi-weekly, it's a budget-clever way to send the money, but over a year, it's simply paying % of the normal payment. If she wants to burn the mortgage faster, tell her to add what she wishes every month, even $10, it all adds up.

Final note - There are two schools of thought to either extreme, (a) pay the mortgage off as fast as you can, no debt is the goal and (b) the mortgage is the lowest rate you'll ever have on borrowed money, pay it as slow as you can, and invest any extra money. I accept and respect both views. For your friend, and first group, I'm compelled to add - Be sure to deposit to your retirement account's matched funds to gain the entire match. $1 can pay toward your 6% mortgage or be doubled on deposit to $2 in your (k), if available. And pay off all high interest debt first. This should stand to reason, but I've seen people keep their 18% card debt while prepaying their mortgage.


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