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Azealia banks 212

azealia banks 212

'' music video by Azealia Banks. Directed by Vincent Tsang. Azealia banks - Overige artiesten: Lazy jay. [Verse 1] Hey I can be the answer. I'm ready to dance when the vamp up. And when I hit that dip. Azealia Banks: (Music Video ) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more.

Azealia banks 212 -

t(h I`m ‘bout to blew up too I`m the one today, I`m the new shit, boo, young Rapunzel Who are you b t(h become when her weave in I just wanna sip that punch with your peeps and Sit in that lunch if you`re treatin` Kick it with ya b KKK Azealia Banks". Canada: 7digital. Archived from the original on July 19, Retrieved February 8,
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    Radar Tip Of The Day Azealia Banks

    I love the fact that somebody, somewhere had to remove the word &#;cunt&#; out of Azealia Banks&#; new video &#;&#; about 40 times in order to make the clean version Radio 1 are currently wetting themselves over.

    Pic: Press

    She&#;s probably into it too, judging by the copy I just put through of a Radar interview she did with us for the mag soon. The New Yorker&#;s a total quote machine, and rightly so – she&#;s got a lot to talk about, having been signed and then dumped by XL a couple of years back. Her tale of Manhattan fuckery &#;&#; (aka the area code for the borough) is 3 minutes 25 seconds of pure filth-pop. Sample lyric: &#;I’mma ruin your cunt!&#;

    Although it&#;s actually been online a while, the video – linked here – is what&#;s kicking up a megafuss.

    I&#;d love to embed it here but it keeps getting banned from YouTube and Vimeo, and I&#;m fucked if I can find a decent copy anywhere. Why? Because Lazy Jay is going mental about the fact Banks didn&#;t get permission for sampling &#;Float My Boat&#; beforehand. Azealia&#;s people say they couldn&#;t get hold of Lazy Jay, hence them giving the track away for free. Whatever. Or, as the YouTube user underdog43 puts it here: &#;THIS TIT HAD AZEALIA&#;S VIDEO TAKEN DOWN &#;CAUSE HE&#;S A GIANT TWAT BURGER&#;


    All that means is you&#;re gonna have to go to this weird YouTube copycat site to watch it. Is all that text in Russian? I dunno.

    If you can&#;t see that console yourself with the song here, and a load of clips of Azealia messing around at some photo shoot recently.


    Azealia Banks -

    [Verse 1: Azealia Banks]
    Hey, I can be the answer
    I’m ready to dance when the vamp up
    And when I hit that dip, get your camera
    You could see I been that bitch since the Pamper
    And that I am that young sis, the beacon
    The bitch who wants to compete and
    I could freak a 'fit, that pump with the peep and
    You know what your bitch become when her weave in
    I just wanna sip that punch with your peeps and
    Sit in that lunch if you're treatin'
    Kick it with ya bitch who come from Parisian
    She know where I get mine from, and the season
    Now she wanna lick my plum in the evening
    And fit that ton-tongue d-deep in
    I guess that cunt getting eaten (4x)

    [Verse 2: Azealia Banks]
    I was in the
    On the uptown A, nigga you know what’s up or don’t you?
    Word to who made ya
    I’m a rude bitch, nigga, what are you made up of?
    I’m-a eat ya food up, boo
    I could bust your 8, I’m-a do one too, fuck ya gon' do?
    I want you to make bucks, I’m a look-right nigga, bet ya do want to fuck…
    Fuck him like ya do want to cum
    You're gay to get discovered in my two-one-deuce
    Cock-a-licking in the water by the blue bayou
    Caught the warm goo in your doo-rag too, son?
    Nigga you’re a Kool-Aid dude
    Plus your bitch might lick it, wonder who let you come to one-two
    With ya doo-doo crew son… fuck are you into, huh?
    Niggas better oooh-run-run
    You could get shot, homie, if ya do want to
    Put ya guns up, tell your crew don’t front
    I’m a hoodlum nigga, you know you were too once
    Bitch I’m 'bout to blew up too
    I’m the one today, I’m the new shit, boo, young Rapunzel
    Who are you, bitch, new lunch?
    I’m-a ruin you, cunt (4x)

    [Bridge: Azealia Banks]
    Ayo (ayo), I heard you're riding with the same tall, tall tale
    Telling them you made some (made some)
    Saying you're grinding but you ain't going nowhere
    Why you procrastinate girl? (-nate girl)
    You got a lot, but you just waste all yourself
    They'll forget your name soon (name soon)
    And won't nobody be to blame but yourself, yeah

    [Hook: Azealia Banks]
    What you gon' do when I appear?
    W-when-when I premiere?
    Bitch, the end of your lives are near
    This shit been mine, mine (x2)

    [Verse 3 - Azealia Banks]
    Bitch, I’m in the
    With the fifth cocked nigga, its the two-one-zoo
    Fuck you gon' do, when your goon sprayed up?
    Bet his bitch won't get him, betcha you won't do much
    See, even if you do want to bust
    Your bitch’ll get you cut and touch you crew up too, Pop
    You're playing with your butter like your boo won’t chew cock
    The gun, too -- where you do eat poon, hon?
    I’m fucking with you, cutie-q
    What’s your dick like homie, what are you into, what’s the run, dude?
    Where do you wake up? Tell your bitch keep hating, I’m the new one too, huh?
    See, I remember you when you were
    The young new face, but you do like to slumber, don’t you?
    Now your boo up too, hon
    I'm-a ruin you cunt


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    azealia banks 212

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