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Birthday party ideas for 1st birthday boy

birthday party ideas for 1st birthday boy

Keep your kiddo's 1st birthday decor super simple — and super sweet — with a framed photo collage of all their firsts. Not only is it adorable decor for the. Put together a fun celebration the whole family will love with a few of these first birthday party ideas for themes, decor and more. 1. Apple orchards or pumpkin patches. first bday party place ideas · 2. Craft shops. bday party places for first birthdays · 3. Baby & Mom Yoga Classes · 4.
birthday party ideas for 1st birthday boy

You can watch a thematic video

Birthday Ideas for babies & toddlers Birthday Ideas for babies & toddlers

First Birthday Party Ideas for Quarantine Babies

5. Play Baby Bingo

If you’re looking for a fun virtual birthday game, baby bingo is a crowd-pleaser. Start by inviting your family and friends to join you for a Zoom party. Let them know that you’ll be emailing or mailing them baby bingo cards before the virtual party. You can find customizable blank bingo cards online or create your own.

Next, think of trivia to ask about your baby for the game. The answers will be the squares on the bingo card. In one row, for example, you can have the baby’s birth date, height, and weight at birth. Make one square their zodiac sign and another their favorite food. Come up with some funny squares, too, that tell guests unique facts about your baby they may not know.

First Birthday Party Ideas for Quarantine Babies: Hold a photo shoot and share pictures of baby

Do a 1st birthday photo shoot and then send a slideshow to family (and be sure to show baby, too).

6. Baby’s Birthday Photo Shoot Slideshow

If you don't want to throw an in-person party but are Zoomed out after the workweek, there are other ways to celebrate your baby's first year with family. Photos are a great way to celebrate the big moments in your little one’s life. Do it big this year with a first birthday photo shoot. Find a great local photographer and choose your favorite outside location (like the zoo, the beach, or a favorite playground). Or play photographer yourself! Even if you're not a pro, no one else can make your tot smile as bright!

After the shoot, you can send a slideshow for family and friends to enjoy. As a bonus, you can have some of the best pictures printed as a keepsake for your little one.

7. Costume Parties Go Virtual (or Outdoors)

Although the birthday boy or girl may not know what a costume party is, they will love seeing their parents and family dressed up. The sillier the better when it comes to costumes for a baby. To kick things off, invite guests to your virtual or small outdoor gathering. Tell guests to dress in a specific theme or in a costume of their choice. Virtual guests can wear their costumes on screen and sing Happy Birthday to the baby. 

If you’re opting for a small outdoor gathering, encourage guests to wear costumes with a mask or face covering. A superhero or a masked ball is a fun theme. Guests will have a little more fun wearing masks when a costume party is involved. And your baby will have great photos from their first party! 

First Birthday Party Ideas for Quarantine Babies: Baby birthday parade

Honk, honk! Birthday girl comin' through, here.

8. A Baby Birthday Parade

Birthday parades aren’t only for the big kids. What baby doesn’t love cars? If weather permits, decorate your front yard and host a birthday parade for your baby. If guests want to drive by or get out and say a socially distant "hi", you can decorate your baby’s birthday party ideas for 1st birthday boy to make it more festive and give them a safe place to watch. Party guests can also watch the birthday baby smash their cake from their cars or your front yard.

You can also decorate a baby Little Tikes car and let your baby take part in the parade, too. Your little one will love driving their car around the front yard and watching the parade. Deck it out with streamers, cans, a banner, and decals. Invite siblings and neighbors in their little cars as well for a sidewalk parade alongside the big car parade. 

9. Host a Birthday Bonfire with a Build-Your-Own S'more Bar

In warmer months, small backyard gatherings can often be done safely. If the weather permits, host a small outdoor gathering at home. If you’re worried an outdoor gathering will be too chilly, try hosting a backyard bonfire. You can serve casual BBQ food and spread guests around your campfire. To celebrate the baby of honor, consider ordering custom masks for party guests with your baby’s name or face on them. You can also customize mini hand sanitizer bottles for guests to take home or use in the yard. 

Since serving cake means plates, utensils, and passing food around, consider this dessert option: create a s’more bar. Put toothpicks in the marshmallows, use mini bars of chocolate, and give everyone their own sleeve of graham crackers—you've got a germ-free dessert! Of birthday party ideas for 1st birthday boy, baby still needs a cake to smash, so keep the theme going with a s’more smash cake.

First Birthday Party Ideas for Quarantine Babies: Party time in a swing

The birthday girl and all her friends will love being outside at the park, where everyone can see how big she's gotten.

Party in the Park 

If you’re hoping to host a small gathering, most public parks have reopened. These are perfect options for large, free, outdoor spaces where kids will get to play while adults have plenty of room to spread out and social distance. 

To keep things simple, you can cater or serve finger food to make eating with limited seating easier. Serve cupcakes or individually wrapped cookies for guests to grab and take with them.

All photos by the author, except the main photo which is courtesy of Kylie Najjar's Instagram


We all want our children to have the most memorable birthdays and their party is always the highlight of their year, so what do you do when your little one’s birthday falls within a global pandemic and nationwide lockdown? Don’t worry, as gifting experts we have put together a few ways to ensure your kid has the best birthday ever! 

Whether you feel like you’re missing out on the chance to celebrate that all important first birthday or your child has been planning their party for months, COVID is putting a stop to all fun birthday plans this year. Despite the fact you know you’re doing the right thing by staying home and ultimately keeping your family safe, you can’t birthday party ideas for 1st birthday boy but feel a little bit hard done by that it had to fall on your little one’s birthday. We understand, but we believe that we have some fun ideas for ensuring your child has a birthday to remember in lockdown! 

Virtual Birthday Party


None of us can deny how lucky we are to have the technology we do during the lockdown, and using our phones, tablets or laptops we can easily throw our little ones an epic birthday party from the comfort of your own home. 

Start by sending an invite by email or text with a link to your chosen video call provider to a selection of their best friends and family members (Be careful not to invite too many people as it birthday party ideas for 1st birthday boy be tricky to hear and can affect the internet connection). 

It simply isn’t a party without playing some games, and although pass the parcel may be out of the question there are still loads of fun child-friendly games that can be played on video chat including:  

  • Charades 
  • Bingo ( this will require you sending out some easy bingo cards ahead of time) 
  • A Disney quiz 
  • I spy 
  • Karaoke 
  • Alphabet scavenger hunt ( the first child to return with an item from the house starting with each letter wins the round) 

No party is complete without the singing of ‘Happy Birthday’ and the blowing of candles. At the end of the party encourage all of their friends to sing-a-long while you bring out a cake and let your little one enjoy the well known tradition. 

You may want to order some small gifts for all of the children who have ‘attended’ your party such as sweets or little games instead of a party bag, just be sure to get this delivered directly to their door or to drop off outside their homes yourself ahead of time, and be sure to adhere to all social distancing rules. 

Decorate the Home


Just because you’re not leaving the house doesn’t mean you can’t decorate and if anything this is the perfect excuse to go all out. Whether you decide that with all the extra time on your hands you’re going to be a Pinterest Mum and make your own or order them online, we recommend sticking to a theme. Maybe your little one loves dinosaurs and you want to make your Jurassic Park indoors or they’re a princess fan and will want their own palace, be creative and make the home fun and exciting for their special day. Don’t forget children love balloons so filling their ball pond with balloons or simply putting them all around the house is a guaranteed way to make them smile for minimal effort. 

Teddy Bear Picnic


You may feel sad that your child will be lonely on their birthday but you have to remember that their toys are real friends as far as they’re concerned. So at lunch time why not have a picnic in the garden or even in the home with all of your little one’s furry friends? The birthday boy/girl will enjoy chatting away to their beloved toys and feeding them their sandwiches. We know imaginative play can be difficult for some parents and that is ok, but if you can try and interact with the toys and ask them to wish your child happy birthday, your kid will love seeing you get involved and will feel like they’re having a real party. 

Get the Neighbours Involved


If there is one positive to come out of a crisis it is our ability to birthday party ideas for 1st birthday boy community spirit and this is the perfect time to ask your neighbours to help celebrate while remaining far apart. A few days before your little one’s birthday, pop a note through your neighbours doors asking them to go into their garden or to their front door at a set time on your little one’s birthday and join you in singing the Happy Birthday song. Most people will understand the difficulty you will be experiencing and happily come outside to join in on a song, and your little one will love hearing the street birthday party ideas for 1st birthday boy to him/her! 

Go Camping


These unprecedented times have also come with some pretty unprecedented weather conditions so make the most of the sunshine with a camping holiday birthday party ideas for 1st birthday boy the garden (if you have one). Set up a tent and some sleeping bags outside and enjoy a holiday in your own garden, try and make it as realistic as possible by not going in to use the cooker birthday party ideas for 1st birthday boy not BBQ instead?) and by wrapping up and birthday party ideas for 1st birthday boy stories under the stars? If it gets a little too chilly to sleep out you can go back home for bedtime, but they will love making the memories on the holiday at home. 

Go on a Scavenger Hunt


Let’s be honest sometimes when we bombard our children with presents they can seem a little ungrateful opening one after another without even a chance to look at what they just opened. Why not make the present opening last a little longer with a scavenger hunt? Simply hide their toys around the house and write clues to help your little one find them. Your little one will love playing the game and it’ll take a chunk of the day up. 

Get Dressed Up


Just because you’re at home this is no excuse to spend the day in your pjs, it’s a special occasion and you need to dress like it. If your little one is a fan of fancy dress all get dressed up at home as characters from their favourite show, or if they were excited to wear their sparkly tutu make sure you all put your most glamorous outfits on! The birthday boy or girl will love seeing everyone in the family making an effort and it’ll make the day feel extra special. 

Stick to their Plan (ish)


If your little one is of school age it’s likely they have been planning their party for a while and will be feeling disappointed not to be able to continue with their plans. Although you can’t head out to soft pay or invite their friends over it just means you need to find a creative way to bring their party to your home. If they had an afternoon at laser tag planned why not buy some water guns and have a water fight in the garden? Or if they were excited to have a trip to the cinema to see the new film &#; have a movie day complete with popcorn and a homemade slushie. 



As adults the benefit of having a birthday is having a day off from the mundane tasks such as cooking and organising the house, but remember little ones enjoy helping Mummy in the kitchen. Why not let them bake and decorate their own cake? Create easy homemade pizzas? They can even make their own party decorations and hang them all over the house… Kids will love getting involved and you will have used a chunk of the day. 

Take the Pressure off


Remember that we are in  completely unprecedented times and that putting extra pressure on yourself to throw the perfect birthday will only cause you to feel more stressed and your little one will know. Don&#;t compare the party you have thrown to someone else&#;s on Instagram. We have given you some tips to make the day extra special but all your little one will really need is your presence, time and their favourite tea. You are doing just great! 


Don’t forget that we are still delivering, so find the perfect personalised present online today



10 Great Places to Have a Birthday Party

First Birthday Party Ideas

Well that flew by - a whole year with your tiny human. Time to celebrate. Since they won’t remember their first birthday, it’s probably more a party for you to celebrate baby’s amazing progress in their first year of life. But it does make a great photo op and it’s a good excuse for all your friends and family to get together. Oh, and cake - it’s a wonderful excuse for cake.

Also, if you haven’t already received yours, now is a great time to claim your SMA® Baby Club Welcome Pack. It’s full of great information and fun cues to help you record and make the most of those first days.

To help inspire you we’ve got some fun first birthday party ideas and things to bear in mind when planning their birthday bash.

Location, location, location

This depends on the size of your guest list or it could just be down to personal preference. Most people either do something small at home or else they book somewhere bigger if first arkansas bank and trust jobs expecting lots of guests. The benefits of staying at home are that it’s manageable and cost-effective. Also, your baby can nap in familiar surroundings. But if the first birthday is a big deal in your family then a local hall or leisure centre might be better. As a bonus your furniture will be saved from any party food mishaps.

That’s entertainment

The contents of your music playlist will depend on how many other young ones are invited. If there are quite a few babies and very young kids then nursery rhymes could be fun for them. But if it’s mostly your adult friends and a toddler or two, the little guys probably won’t object to whatever gets you moving – even if it’s cheesy ‘80s pop.

If you’re having a bigger shindig and have the budget (or a talented friend) some people consider getting entertainers - like an acoustic guitar player singing songs. Music is always a safe bet as very young children won’t care for magic or Punch and Judy yet.

Balloons are a hit with both big and small people and your toddler will likely be mesmerised by them.

It’s a cliché, but for good reason – babies usually prefer the box or the wrapping paper so don’t expect them to be gracious when it comes to opening gifts in front of guests.

Party time. Excellent!

It’s lovely if the guest of honour is awake when people arrive, perhaps time the kick-off for when the birthday baby is likely to have birthday party ideas for 1st birthday boy from their morning or afternoon nap. If other very young guests are attending having a quiet zone set aside for naps is a great first birthday party idea.

The guest list

Your toddler probably hasn’t got loads of friends yet, but you may want to invite your closest friends and family. A small group is bound to be less overwhelming for a young one. After all they can’t read the invitations so they birthday party ideas for 1st birthday boy not even know the party is happening – and not everyone reacts well to surprises. If you do have a group of friends with children the same age you birthday party ideas for 1st birthday boy want to invite them too. Or else you could do a small gathering another day to celebrate with all the birthday girls and boys.

What’s on the menu?

Whether you’re preparing meals for toddlers or grown-ups you can’t go wrong with finger food like canapés, sandwiches, fruit, carrot sticks, hummus, potato wedges and yoghurt dip and some toddler snacks. It’s a good idea to have plenty of healthy snacks to start good eating habits early. Simple foods work well if there are any fussy eaters at the party. If there are older kids a few treats like ice cream or sweets are fine - as long as their parents don’t mind.

What about cake?

There are loads of fun options for themed or personalised cakes or cupcakes from bakeries, or else just grab a simple cake from down the shops. If you have the time and the inclination you could go for a homemade effort. Cake recipes tend to involve lots of sugar and other ingredients that you may not want to give your little one. If you’d prefer a low or zero-sugar cake, you can find lots of simple baby or toddler recipes online. Although baby probably won’t notice if (just for this year) they don’t get a slice… ssshh!

Once the cake is ready and the moment comes, grab the camera and snap quickly, not all babies like the spotlight or groups of people bursting into song. If they make it through the song some tots don’t yet have the skills or the puff to blow out their own candles, older children usual enjoy helping and you can add a little gust too.

Extra childproofing

Your toddler may not be quite toddling yet, but if other little children are present some extra childproofing is worth doing. With so many busy little hands to keep an eye on you might want to use some more plug socket protectors in the main rooms where the children will be. Any sharp or breakable objects should be put up high or locked away. It’s a good time to put up the stair gates for the more mobile ones, if you haven’t already. Finally, because some toddlers are good climbers make sure any balcony doors are locked.


Your toddler isn’t expecting a gift, but if you like the tradition it might be worth wrapping something that you already wanted to give them, like a new baby toothbrush, fluffy bath towel, their very own backpack, a swimsuit, or, depending on the season, a coat or something else they’ll be needing soon - rather than buying something grand.

Your friends may ask what your little one needs, in which case books, educational toys, or clothes in the next size up are always useful.

Capturing the day

Make sure someone is on photo and video duty. If you’ve got your hands full carrying a clingy one year old while playing host then ask a close relative to try and capture your toddler blowing out the candles and opening gifts. Smartphone cameras are good enough these days or else instant photo cameras make good keepsakes. If you’ve got some time make your own baby-friendly photo booth - here’s how to make a cute photo frame for everyone to pose inside.

Finally just remember it’s their party and they’ll cry if they want to.

Kid 1st Birthday Party Inspiration

10 Great Places to Have a Birthday Party

birthday party ideas for 1st birthday boy


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