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Games - Activators Patch

games  - Activators Patch

This window says that you have to activate your game manually but we don't have Don't worry I will guide you through the whole process of activation. Update: While EA didn't respond to our email, they did refute this one-time activation thing and said it's a mistake! Here's what they told. New content. Jeddah has been added to the game; Added option to enable or disable Pit Lane Tyre Temperature simulation so cars that box closer.

Many old PC games seem to work fine on Windows 10, but games using Microsoft’s failed Games for Windows LIVE (GFWL) platform are an exception. They’ll give you an error on Windows 10. You can remove GFWL from many games entirely, though, or just troubleshoot it and make it work properly.

Many games have abandoned GFWL, allowing you to redeem a non-GFWL copy or install a patch that removes GFWL. But not all of them have. For example, Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City still use GFWL, as does Bethesda’s Fallout 3. These games are regularly promoted on Steam sales, so gamers will be stumbling onto GFWL for years to come.

Get a Non-GFWL Copy of the Game

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Many games have migrated away from Microsoft’s PC gaming platform to Steam. If you purchased the game games - Activators Patch the past–whether you bought a physical retail copy, digital download, or even a copy from Microsoft’s Games for Windows Marketplace–you can often convert that old GFWL-tainted copy to a modern one that will work properly.

The following games allow you to redeem them on Steam if you have a retail key or one provided by GFWL itself. These are big-name, big-budget games, and that’s no accident. Publishers and developers haven’t bothered removing GFWL from many older games that didn’t do so well.

  • Batman: Arkham Asylum
  • Batman: Arkham City
  • Bioshock 2
  • Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition
  • Dead Rising 2
  • Dead Rising 2: Off the Record
  • DiRT 3
  • Resident Evil 5
  • Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition

If you have a code for games - Activators Patch of these games, you can redeem it on Steam. Install Steam and launch it. Click the “Games” menu, select “Activate a Product On Steam,” and enter the game’s product key to redeem it on Steam. The version Steam installs will be the latest one without GFWL.

Crack GFWL Out of the Game

Some of the bigger, more popular games have third-party tools that can effectively crack Games for Windows LIVE out of the game. These tools aren’t intended for piracy or cheating in multiplayer–in fact, they disable access to multiplayer if a game does contain multiplayer. They’re just intended for removing the hassle of GFWL. Such modifications aren’t available for every game–just particularly popular ones.

  • Fallout 3: The Games for Windows Games - Activators Patch Disabler from Nexus Mods will disable GFWL. FOSE, the Fallout Script Extender modding tool, also disables GFWL.
  • Grand Theft Auto IV: The XLiveLess modification will remove GFWL from the game and ensure save games function properly. It also disables access to multiplayer features.
  • Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City: XLiveLess functions for Episodes from Liberty City, too.
  • Halo 2: XLiveLess for Halo 2 promises to remove GFWL from from Microsoft’s second Halo game, which Microsoft no longer supports or even sells.
  • Red Faction: Guerilla: XLiveLess will also remove GFWL from the original version of this game. The latest versions of this game available on Steam no longer have GFWL, but old product keys for this game can’t be activated on Steam.

You may need a file extraction program like 7-Zip to extract these downloads. Follow the instructions in the download’s readme file to learn how to install whichever modification you downloaded and ensure it works properly.

Update Your GFWL Client Software

If you’re stuck playing a game that requires GFWL on modern versions of Windows and no alternative versions or cracks are available to help you disable them–or if you’d just like to use GFWL anyway–you can make GFWL function. Despite Windows 10’s assertion that Games for Windows LIVE isn’t compatible with modern versions of Windows, it can work.

The problem is that games that require GFWL include their own GFWL installers. When you install one of these games on a modern version of Windows, it installs an old version of GFWL that won’t function properly. Rather than attempting to update itself, GFWL will just fail to work properly without giving you any indication of what’s wrong and games won’t even launch or provide an error message.

To fix this problem, download the latest version of Games for Windows LIVE from Microsoft’s website and install it. After you install the latest version, GFWL-enabled games should launch and function. They may not work perfectly, of course. For example, we had to games - Activators Patch the keyboard to navigate the GFWL interface in one particular game on Windows 10, as the mouse didn’t work properly. The “Tab” and “Enter” keys were essential for navigating the interface.

Create a Local Profile

You can avoid online-connectivity and syncing problems that can interfere with your gameplay by creating a local profile (in other words, an offline profile) rather than an online profile in GFWL. This will work for most games, although you’ll have to create an online profile if you want to use multiplayer features. This will also allow you to play GFWL-enabled games if you’re outside one of the 42 supported countries where GFWL and Xbox services are available. You’ll know if you are, because GFWL will show you an error message.

To do this, open the GFWL interface by pressing the “Home” button on your keyboard while in any GFWL-enabled game and choose “Create New Profile.” Scroll down on the Create Gamer Profile screen, click “Create a Local Profile,” and enter the details you want to use.

You’ll lose any save files if you do this while playing a game. Those save files are associated with your online profile if you’re already using one of those, so you’ll have to switch back to the other profile to regain access to your saves. This is best done when setting up GFWL for the first time.

Fix Online Connectivity Problems

If you’re having issues connecting to other players in GFWL games, you may be in some trouble. Microsoft no longer actively maintains this stuff and there’s no guarantee you’ll have a good experience even if you can connect, so just bear that in mind. We’ve had a lot of problems.

However, you can make online connectivity work by messing with your firewall settings. Microsoft recommends three things:

  • Enable UPnP on your router. This allows GFWL to automatically forward the ports it requires to connect to other players. UPnP is a security concern, but you can always disable it when you’re done with the game.
  • Open the following ports for both inbound and outbound traffic, if you don’t want to enable UPnP. You’ll have to allow these ports in any advanced firewall software you’re running. However, for most people, you’ll just need to forward these ports on your router. We recommend just using UPnP, but here are the ports GFWL requires: TCP port 3074, UDP port 88, and UDP port 3074.
  • Allow the GFWL client through your firewall. If you’re using firewall software, ensure the GFWLClient.exe program found at C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games for Windows Live\Client is allowed to communicate with both inbound and outbound connections.

That’s a good place to start, and should solve most issues–at least most solvable ones. Microsoft also provides a long guide to troubleshooting GFWL connection problems. Consult the official guide if you need more help.

For more information, check the List of Games for Windows – LIVE games list on the PC Gaming Wiki website. It provides an exhaustive list of GFWL-enabled games and the state of their support.

If you’re experiencing other problems, the PC Gaming Wiki website also offers a good article on troubleshooting more obscure GFWL errors that may bite you.

Источник: https://www.howtogeek.com/245780/how-to-make-games-for-windows-live-games-playable-on-windows-10/

Free Fire Advance Server: OB31 APK link, activation key, opening and closing date details

Garena distributes Free Fire Advance Server prior to each patch, enabling users to test out new features and functionalities before integrating them into the game. The developers have released the Free Fire OB31 Advance Server in preparation for the upcoming update.

It features a new mystery character with an ability called Ice Iron, pet Yeti, SMG MAC-10, and an Akimbo Activator attachment. Players can try these by downloading the client from the official website and here is the guide for the same.

How to download Free Fire OB31 Advance Server

Users can follow the exact steps listed below to download and install the Free Fire OB31 Advance Server:

Step 1: Garena has a dedicated site for the Free Fire Advance Server, via which users can get the APK file. Players can visit it by tapping on this link.

Users will have to sign in to download the APK (Image via Free Fire)

Step 2: After reaching the webpage, users should navigate through it and click on the ‘Login Facebook’ option.

If the gamers are registering for the first time, they will have to fill in details such as their name, mobile number, and email ID. However, if they have previously registered, they will be redirected to the download page.

Note: Individuals are recommended to download the Advance Server only after they have received the Activation Code, as it is necessary to access the application.

Press "Download APK" (Image via Free Fire)

Step 3: Players need to click on the Download APK option to download the client. After the download is complete, they can install the file, but they must toggle on the ‘Install from Unknown Source’ setting.

Users will need 747 MB of space to download the client and further storage will be required to install the application.

Enter the Activation Code after opening Advance Server (Image via Free Fire)

Step 4: Players can boot up Free Fire and sign in as guests. Next, they will have to enter the Activation Code.

Free Fire OB31 Advance Server schedule

Free Fire OB31 Advance Server timeline (Image via Free Fire)
  • Server open date: 18 November 2021
  • Server closing date: 25 November 2021

Gamers can only access the application during this phase.

Activation Code

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Since the Free Fire Advance Server only holds a limited number of users, only selected players will receive the code. Players can only attain this code by registering for it ahead of time. Even after registration, players are not guaranteed to acquire it.

Edited by Rupak Kumar Jha
Источник: https://www.sportskeeda.com/free-fire/free-fire-advance-server-ob31-apk-link-activation-key-opening-closing-date-details

Product activation

Product activation is a license validation procedure required by some proprietary software programs. Product activation prevents unlimited free use of copied or replicated software. Unactivated software refuses to fully function until it determines whether it is authorized to fully function. Activation allows the software to stop blocking its use. An activation can last "forever", or it can have a time limit, requiring a renewal or re-activation for continued use.


In one form, games - Activators Patch activation refers to a method invented by Ric Richardson and patented (U.S. Patent 5,490,216) by Uniloc where a software application hashes hardware serial numbers and an ID number specific to the product's license (a product key) to generate a unique installation ID. This installation ID is sent to the manufacturer to verify the authenticity of the product key and to ensure that the product key is not being used for multiple installations.

Alternatively, the software vendor sends the user a unique product serial number. When the user installs the application it requests that the user enter their product serial number, and checks it with the vendor's systems over the Internet. The application obtains the license limits that apply to that user's license, such as a time limit or enabling of product features, from the vendor's system and optionally also locks the license to the user's system. Once activated the license continues working on the user's machine with no further games - Activators Patch required with the vendor's systems. Some activation systems also support activation on user systems without Internet connections; a common approach is to exchange encrypted files at an Internet terminal.

An early example of product activation was in the MS-DOS program D'Bridge Email System written by Chris Irwin, a commercial network system for BBS users and Fidonet. The program generated a unique serial number which then called the author's BBS via a dialup modem connection. Upon connection, the serial number was validated. A unique "key" was returned which allowed the program to continue for a trial period. If two D'Bridge systems communicated using the same key, the software deliberately crashed. The software has long since had the entire activation system removed and is now freeware by Nick J. Andre, Ltd.


Microsoft Product Activation was introduced in the Brazilian version of Microsoft Office 97 Small Business Edition[1] and Microsoft Word 97 sold in the Hungarian market. It broadened that successful pilot with the release of Microsoft Publisher 98 in the Brazilian market.[1] Microsoft then rolled out product activation in its flagship Microsoft Office 2000 product. All retail copies sold in Australia, Brazil, China, France, and New Zealand, and some sold in Canada and the United States, required the user to activate the product via the Internet.[1][2] However, all copies of Office 2000 do not require activation after April 15, 2003.[3] After its success, the product activation system was extended worldwide and incorporated into Windows XP and Office XP and all subsequent versions of Windows and Office. Despite independently developing its own technology, in April 2009 a jury found Microsoft to have willfully infringed Uniloc's patent. However, in September 2009, US District Judge William Smith "vacated" the jury's verdict and ruled in favour of Microsoft.[4] This ruling was subsequently overturned in 2011.


Software that has been installed but not activated does not perform its full functions, and/or imposes limits on file size or session time. Some software allows full functionality for a games - Activators Patch "trial" time before requiring activation. Unactivated software typically reminds the user to activate, at program startup or at intervals, and when the imposed size or time limits are reached. (Some unactivated software has taken disruptive actions such as crashing or vandalism, but this is rare.)

Some 'unactivated' products act as a time-limited trial until a product key—a number encoded as a sequence of alphanumeric characters—is purchased and used to activate the software. Some products allow licenses to be transferred from one machine to another using online tools, without having to call technical support to deactivate the copy on the old machine before reactivating it on the new machine.

Software verifies activation every time it starts up, and sometimes while it is running. Some software even "phones home", checking a central database (across the Internet or other means) to check whether the specific activation has been revoked. Some software might stop working or reduce functionality if it cannot connect to the central database.


  • It can enforce software license agreement restrictions that may be legally invalid. For example, a company may refuse to reactivate software on an upgraded or new PC, even if the user may have a legal right to use the product under such circumstances.[5]
  • If the company ceases to support a specific product (or declares bankruptcy), its purchased product may become unusable or incapable of being (re)installed unless an activation-free copy or final patch that removes or bypasses activation is released.[5]
  • Product activation where there is no straightforward way to transfer the license to another person to activate on their computer has been widely criticised as making second-hand sales of products, particularly games, very difficult. Some suspect companies such as EA to be using product activation to reduce second-hand sales of their games in order to increase sales of new copies.[5]
  • As the transfer of an activation request usually happens encrypted or at least obfuscated, the user cannot see or check if additional data from his/her machine gets transferred, creating privacy concerns.
  • Malfunction of the activating mechanism can delay users from getting started using newly-licensed software.
  • Malfunction of the verification mechanism can cause vital software to suddenly stop working until re-activated or patched. This can happen in response to detected changes of installed hardware, or other software, of the operating system.

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Источник: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Product_activation

Epic Games Account Linking

Share your Rocket League inventory, competitive rank, and Rocket Pass tier on any connected platform!

Log In

Sign in to your Epic Games account or create one

Set Primary

Choose your platform


Enjoy your rank, inventory, and progress on all linked platforms

Cross-Platform Progression

Share your Rocket League inventory, competitive rank, and Rocket Pass tier on any connected platform!

Cross-Platform Progression

Share your Rocket League inventory, competitive rank, and Rocket Pass tier on any connected platform!

New wheels for linking your account

Link a platform to your Epic Games Account and get the Chopper EG Wheel!

New wheels for linking your account

Link a platform to your Epic Games Account and get the Chopper EG Wheel!

  • What is an Epic Games Account?
  • An Epic Games Account is your login for games published or developed by Epic Games. You may have an Epic Games Account if you play Fortnite. You can use that same Epic Games Account when linking your Rocket League platform. Once linked, your Rocket League inventory, Competitive Rank, Rocket Pass Progress, and XP will be added to your Epic Games Account.

  • What is a Primary Platform?
  • The Primary Platform is your Epic Games Account's source for all of your progression in Rocket League (i.e. your Competitive Rank and Rocket Pass Tier). You should choose the platform where you've played Rocket League the most. Choose the platform where you have the highest Competitive Rank, the most Rocket Pass progress, and the most XP. That way, you'll be able to access that information on all of your linked platforms.

  • What happens to my inventory, Competitive Rank, and Rocket League progress once I set a Primary Platform?
  • Once your Primary Platform is set and your other platforms are linked, you'll be able to access your inventory, Competitive Rank, and Rocket League progress from your Primary Account on all connected platforms. Rocket League Branded DLC will be added to your Epic Games Account regardless of where it was purchased, and will also be accessible on all linked platforms.

  • What about Credits and Esports Tokens?
  • Credits and Esports Tokens will remain on the platform on which they were purchased. They will be a part of your Epic Games Account, but you will only be able to access and spend your Credits and Esports Token balances on the platform where you purchased them.

  • Do I get anything for linking Rocket League to my Epic Games Account?
  • Yes! You will unlock the Chopper EG Wheel as soon as you link a platform to your Epic Games Account. It winsnap full - Free Activators be added to your inventory automatically.

  • Are there any items that don't transfer to my Epic Games Account after choosing a Primary Platform?
  • Platform-exclusive items (Sweet Tooth, Hogsticker, Armadillo, Mario/Luigi NSR, Samus' Gunship, etc.) will not be accessible through your Epic Games Account, nor will DLC that is unlocked via retail disc. Platform-exclusive items will still be accessible on the platforms where they're available.

    Premium DLC Packs with licensed content purchased on the Nintendo Switch prior to Free To Play (Back To The Future, Jurassic World, DC Superheroes, Fast and the Furious, Ghostbusters, Knight Rider, etc.) will not be accessible through your Epic Games Account, but will still be accessible on the Nintendo Switch platform. We are working to make Premium DLC purchased on the Nintendo Switch accessible across all platforms.

  • What happens to my Rocket League progress on my non-primary platforms?
  • As long as your additional platforms are linked to a Primary Platform, you will not be able to access your Competitive Rank and Rocket Pass Progress on those platforms. Your Competitive Rank and Rocket Pass Progress from your Primary Account will be accessible on all of your linked platforms.

  • Will Account Linking affect my ability to games - Activators Patch Rocket League cross-platform?
  • Nope! Rocket League continues to offer full cross-platform play, whether you link your accounts or not.

  • Can I play Rocket League without an Epic Games Account?
  • No. An Epic Games Account is required to play Rocket League. Log into your existing account, or make a new one when you log into Rocket League. You can create a new account with one button press in-game with no additional information needed.

© 2021 Psyonix LLC. Rocket League, Psyonix, and all related marks and logos are registered trademarks or trademarks of Psyonix LLC. All rights reserved.

Источник: https://www.rocketleague.com/activate/

UPDATE: The problem has now been resolved!


Original story below…

Something seems to have gone wrong with the Epic Games Store version Star Wars Squadrons as those who are trying to install it are being shown a pop-up with the Origin store logo and a request for an activation key. This is a bug and should not be happening.

Many users on Twitter are reporting the issue.

Unfortunately this seems to be an issue with how the installation package has been assembled and there is no way to fix it yourself, you will have to wait until EA fix it.

Star Wars: Squadrons is out today, October 2nd, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC with full support for PSVR, Steam VR and Oculus Rift VR through the entire game. Our ‘in-progress’ review should be posted very shortly, so keep an eye out for that.

The story is set after the Battle of Endor and Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. You’ll jump back and forth between the the two sides as the New Republic rises and the Empire fights for survival, able to create and customise your own character on both sides. You’ll join the New Republic’s Vanguard Squadron and the Empire’s Titan Squadron, made up of original characters, though there will be some cameos from familiar faces as well.

There’s a lot in common with the classic X-Wing and Tie Fighter games, between missions as well, with classically styled briefings and interactions with others in your squad. Of course, all of that is now rendered in modern graphics and looks fantastic.

There’s eight ships in the game – a fighter, interceptor, support and bomber for both sides – each having a specific role in battle. You can unlock and customise them  with over 50 components to alter your ship’s loadout, and just having a cute bobble head in the cockpit.

Previously revealed about the 5v5 multiplayer, there’s a few different modes. Dogfight is your traditional deathmatch mode, but Fleet Battles are the signature mode. These are multi-stage battles, playable in both PvP and PvE, where you first fight to win the dogfight in the centre of the map before attacking or defending the capital ships, and finally taking it to the flagship to destroy or defend key components and win the battle. You’ll be battling around a mixture of familiar and new locations as well, with battles around the gas giant Yavin Prime and the shattered moon of Galitan.

Source: Twitter


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Источник: https://www.thesixthaxis.com/2020/10/02/star-wars-squadrons-epic-game-store-origin-activation-key-how-to-fix/

Time for the activation of the major Season 1 update

A major update is pending for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War: Treyarch is preparing the Season 1 Reloaded patch – the release will be on February 4th. In the meantime, a specific time for the activation of the update is known: The update is available as a download from 8 a.m. German time, like Treyarch via the Short message service Twitter notifies. The patch release is also the starting signal for the new games - Activators Patch that the developers have prepared for the Season 1 Reloaded update.

With FirebaseZ, for example, players can expect a new map for the popular Zombies mode. You can get a foretaste of the new area, which is teeming with the undead, with the trailer below this message. On Twitter, the developers add that the Easter Egg quest on FirebaseZ is initially deactivated until February 5th at 6 p.m., so that all players have the same conditions as possible at the start.

Also popular with PC games readersCall of Duty: Black Ops Cold War: This is what you can expect in the Season 1 Reloaded updatePcPS4XBO

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War: Update Season 1 Reloaded is coming – this is the new Zombies map

Treyarch is preparing the release of a new update for Call of Duty: Games - Activators Patch Ops Cold War – and shows a trailer for the new Zombies map.Call of Duty Black <i>Games - Activators Patch</i> Cold War: Preparation for New Update - Trailer for the new Zombies map todayPcPS4XBO

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War: Preparation for the big update – trailer for the new Zombies map today

Treyarch is preparing an update for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. The trailer for Firebase Z can be seen today to get in the mood.

In addition to the new Zombies map, Express is also an additional map in the multiplayer mode. Black Ops 2 players should already be familiar with the map: there are high-speed trains on the area; Narrow corridors and rooms await you – the menu is a little more open in the middle. Express is designed for 6v6 battles. There are also new playlists and additional Prop Hunt maps. The full patch notes with all changes and innovations should be around the release of the new update for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War (buy now € 53.99 ) be submitted later.

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War: Trailer for the new zombies map Firebase Z

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